SDHC Card Recovery Software on Windows and Mac

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Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards are indispensable for many electronic devices, like digital camera, GoPro, drone or phone. This is because SDHC card has a big space for data storing and a high data transfer speed, is reliable and portable. They’re advanced forms of memory cards with a capacity range of between 4GB to 32GB. 32GB is not enough for many people so now we have SDXC card which offers you up to 2TB storage capacity with much higher transfer speed. And in about couple years, SDUC cards will be listed markedly in every shop online and offline. With SDUC card, you can store up to 128TB files in one tiny little card that just look like the same as every normal SD card. And in this post, we will focus on the SDHC card.

SDHC Card Recovery Software

These cards are excellent in storing high definition (HD) videos (even 4K video), high-resolution images or any other data files. They’re usually used in camcorders, cameras, or any other device that needs high capacity and storage space. Thus, it can be disappointing and frustrating when you lose the stored data on these cards.

Possible Situations That Could Lead to SDHC Card Data Loss

Since SDHC cards boast high capacity, they have a unique security capability in storing files. This may influence many people not to back up their data to other places since some people back up data with SD cards why they should back up those data to another place, SD card IS indeed the place they back up data.

However, various situations can cause data loss in an SDHC card. They include:

  1. Deleting files accidentally from an SDHC when it’s connected with a PC. When such data are erased, they’ll not be stored in the Recycle Bin.
  2. An abrupt eject of the card from a computer can corrupt the files, leading to data loss.
  3. SDHC file system errors can also corrupt the files in the card which will make data inaccessible.
  4. Using one card on multiple devices.
  5. Another common reason for SDHC data loss is accidentally formatting the card when connected to the PC.

There are advanced SDHC card recovery software tools such as Recoverit that can help you retrieve any deleted file on SDHC Card. While, here I would like to recommend you with DataKit Data Recovery, which I have used for one year and work well with me, and I think you will like it.

Best SDHC Card Recovery Software – DataKit Data Recovery

DataKit Data Recovery program is a professional data retrieval tool. It can help you recover almost all erased files, including documents, emails, videos, audio, and other data formats from an SDHC card. Whether the data was lost through accidental deletion, corrupt system or other issues, you can retrieve all files with this tool.

Features of Data Recovery Software

How to Recover SDHC Card Data Using Data Recovery

Step 1. Launch Data Recovery Tool

Download the application on your Mac or Windows computer, and then install it. On the Mac system, you need to disable System Integrity Protection for the software to work.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2. Connect SDHC Card to Your Computer

To be able to retrieve files from SDHC, connect the card to your PC using a memory card reader. Data Recovery will detect the card, and thus allow scanning of the device.

Step 3. Select the Data Type and the SDHC card

The program will allow you to recover popular data types such as images, audios, videos, documents and more. On its dashboard, select the file and the device where you wish to retrieve it from.

Step 4. Scan Data

There’re two scanning options available. You can either choose “Deep Scan” or “Quick Scan”, and both ways will recover your data.

Step 5. Choose Data

After you scan, the deleted files will display on the software’s dashboard. Click “Filter” to locate the exact data you want.

Step 6. Recover Data

Click the “Recover” button. All the selected files will be retrieved into your Windows or Mac system.

Last Word

This “SDHC Card Recover Software” we mention here is actually an all-mighty data recovery that is available on Windows and macOS, you can recover data from computer, hard drive, pen drive, and kinds of SD card and more.

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