The A-Z of Samsung Kies, Kies 3, Kies Air and Kies Mini

Download, Install on Windows 10, Fix Not Working, Alternative and More

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Part One – Samsung Kies Pedia

What’s Samsung Kie?

Samsung Kies, which is an official 3 in 1 file management software for Samsung Phone and Tablet, enables you to connect your Samsung handset to PC, making it easier and more intuitional to access Samsung data and install firmware updates on your Samsung device.

The A-Z of Samsung Kies, Kies 3, Kies Air and Kies Mini:Download, Install on Windows 10, Fix Not Working, Alternative and More

The Main Functions of Samsung Kies

The desktop software helps you in managing music, video clips and other multimedia content stored on your Samsung device. It is an essential application if you have a lot of files on your Samsung device and want to manage your data on the computer.

Key Functions of Samsung Kies:

  • Transfer Data from Samsung Phone/Tablet to PC.
  • Back up personal data on your Samsung devices, including photos, videos, messages, call logs, contacts, memos, and schedules to PC.
  • Restore Backup Data on PC.
  • Download and upgrade the firmware of a connected Samsung device to the latest version.

Bonus Feature

In addition to the above functions, you can also “Transfer backup data from a device made by a manufacturer other than Samsung Electronics, which is saved on a PC, to a Samsung device.” That means you can back up other Android Phone to PC and then use Samsung Kies to transfer data to Samsung Phone when you switch to a new Samsung from other Android phones.

However,  if you want to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung, you’d better give up Samsung Kies and choose Switch Mobile Transfer.

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What’s The Difference?

Since the application is continually updated to suit the most recent Samsung mobile devices, there are several versions and editions of Samsung Kies.

If you don’t want to use the wrong version and result in an error message, you’d better follow the detail below.

Feature Comparison Between Samsung Kies, Kies(Lite), Kies 3, Kies Air and Kies Mini

So, what exactly is the difference between Samsung Kies, Samsung Kies(Lite), Samsung Kies 3, Samsung Kies Air and Kies Mini? And which one should you download?

  • Kies and Kies 3:In a nutshell, Samsung Kies is a full-featured desktop program for Older Samsung device, while Kies3 is for the New Samsung with less library management function.
  • Kies and Kies(Lite):If you have already installed Samsung Kies on your pc, you can switch to Samsung Kies Lite mode. In fact, Samsung Kies Lite is just like a view option, bundling with Samsung Kies, without library management function.
  • Kies Air:If you don’t want to install Kies on PC or want to manage your data on a public computer, you can use Kies Air on your Samsung handset to connect to PC with a web browser.
  • Kies Mini:As to Kies Mini, you can take it as a Software-Upgrader, which can only be used to obtain a feature upgrade or update for your mobile phone, and support less mobile phones than the full version of Kies.  Here is an Official Tutorial: How to use Samsung Kies Mini: Mobile Phone Upgrade with Kies Mini and Mobile Phone Emergency Recovery

For more detail, read the Samsung Kies- Pedia table below to learn more.

Samsung Kies Series- Pedia
Category Function Kies (Kies Lite) Kies 3 Kies Air Kies Mini Kies Alternative
Sort Desktop Program Desktop Program App Desktop Program Desktop Program
Connectivity USB Connection
Wi-Fi Connection
File Management on PC (Add, View, Play, Edit and Delete) Photos and Videos
Back up & Restore Back up
Synchronize Photos and Videos
Schedule, contact, task sync with Outlook or iCal on Mac
Sync contacts with web accounts e.g., Google
Library Manage contacts saved in the library
import tracks from audio CD/Podcasts
Purchase music content or view additional music info
Import playlists from iTunes
Search for duplicate items
Software update Software Upgrade
Emergency software Recovery
Browser Functions View the Call log
View, delete, send Text Messages
View and Edit Ringtone
Set photo as homescreen wallpaper
Set music files as a ringtone

Supported Devices

  • Kies (Kies Lite): Old Samsung Device: Feature phone, Smart Phone/Tablet before Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc) supports devices with Android 2.1 through 4.2
  • Kies 3: Smart Phone/Tablet from Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or over)
  • Kies Air: Samsung devices running Android version 2.2 to 4.1
  • Kies Mini: Only Samsung Vibrant, Galaxy S3, S4, Captivate or Infuse
  • Kies Alternative: All Samsung Device


  • Kies (Kies Lite): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 & MacOS X version 10.5 or later
  • Kies 3: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 & MacOS X version 10.5 or later
  • Kies Air: Android
  • Kies Mini: Windows 7, SP1/8/8.1 & Mac OS 10.6
  • Kies Alternative: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 & MacOS X version 10.5 or later

Tips: To verify your Kies software version: Run Kies on your Pc >Click ‘Help’/ ‘Information’ > ‘Kies Information


Free Download Samsung Kies for Windows 10/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1 And Mac

Due to the File management software come and go across the years, people may get in trouble when searching the Download Link of Samsung Kies in different versions and editions.

Here is a collection of Official download sites for Samsung Kies with Spare Download Link.

Download Kies for Windows and Mac
Kies For Win Kies Alternative For Win Kies For Mac Kies Alternative For Mac

Download Kies 3 for Windows
Kies 3 For Win Kies 3 Alternative For Win

Download Kies Mini for Windows
Kies Mini For Win Kies Mini Alternative For Win


How to Install Samsung Kies on Windows 10

If you have overcome the difficulty of picking the right version of Kies, you may now face the problem of installing Samsung Kies on Windows 10.

An error message “This publisher has been blocked from running software on your machine.” may pop up when you install Kies 3 on your Windows 10 machine.

To success in overriding the Blocked installation of Samsung Kies on Windows 10, you need to use the Command Prompt. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download Samsung Kies. exe for Windows 10, Right-Click the file and click “Copy as path” to copy the file path of the application.

Step 2: Access the Command Prompt from the “Start” menu.

Step 3: Paste the file path into the Command Prompt and hit Enter.

Step 4: Wait until the installation Samsung Kies complete.

Then you are all set.

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How to Use Samsung Kies/ Kies 3?

After following the instruction above and installing Samsung Kies/ Kies 3 successfully, you can now Manage, Back up and Restore Samsung data with it.


  1. Run Samsung Kies/ Kies 3 on your PC
  2. Connect your unlocked Samsung device to the PC with a USB cable. (As you can see from the table of Samsung Kies- Pedia above, Samsung Kies3 doesn’t support Wi-Fi connection. And some functions may not available if you connect Samsung Kies via Wi-Fi. )
  3. Change the connection mode to Media device (MTP) by tapping the “Use USB to” notification on the phone screen.


1. Managing Samsung Data with Samsung Kies

To import data from PC or an external storage device to Samsung phone with Kies/ Kies 3

  • Select a category under the connected device name at the top left of the Kies screen.
  • Click the Plus button “+” at the top.
  • Choose the desired files stored on PC or an external storage device and Click the “Open” button.
  • Then the files will be imported successfully.

To import data from PC or an external storage device to Samsung phone with Kies/ Kies 3

Tips – What types of data can be imported with Samsung Kise: Contacts, Schedule, Memo, Photos, Movies, music and more. (Source: Samsung Kies- Pedia)

To export data from Samsung device to PC with Kies/ Kies 3

  • Select “Import/ Export” at the top of the Kies screen.
  • Choose and click the data type you want to save on your PC.
  • Select a folder and click “Select Folder” button to save the selected data to PC.

To export data from Samsung device to PC with Kies/ Kies 3
Tips – What types of data can be exported with Samsung Kise: Contacts, To Do, Schedule, Message Photos, movies, music and more. ( Source: Samsung Kies- Pedia)


2. Backup Samsung to PC with Samsung Kies/ Kies 3

To Back Up Samsung Data to PC with Samsung Kies /Kies 3:

  • Navigate to the Backup/Restore tab on the top of the window and click “Data Backup”.
  • Select the data types you want to back up > Click the “Backup” button to start the backup process.
  • Wait for a few minutes until everything is done and click “OK” to finish.

To Back Up Samsung Data to PC with Samsung Kies /Kies 3:

Tips – What types of data can be backed up with Samsung Kise: Contacts, S Memo, S Planner, Call log, Message, Photos, movies, music and more.

Tips – How to deleted Samsung Kies backup files to free up space?

  • At the top menu bar, Click Tools > Preferences> open the Device tab.
  • Select a certain file from the list of backup files > click “Delete Backup”.

For more information: How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S Phone Data


3. Restore Samsung with Samsung Kies/ Kies 3

To restore Samsung data from PC with Samsung Kies/ Kies3:

  • At the top right of the Kies screen, click the “Back up/Restore” tab and click “Restore Data”.
  • Review the list of Backup file, check the device name and backup date of the backup file and choose the most related one to restore.
  • Click the “Restore” button and wait until everything is finished.

To restore Samsung data from PC with Samsung Kies/ Kies3:

Tips – The restoration is irreversible, so a recovered device cannot be reverted to a previous state.

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How to Update/ Upgrade Android with Samsung Kies

If there is something wrong with the system of your Samsung phone/ tablet, or you just want to improve the performance and capacity of your Samsung Device, you can easily achieve it by upgrading the Samsung to the latest version with the Samsung Kies. (Note: An upgrade can only be allowed by using firmware authorized by Samsung.)

What You Should Do Before Upgrading The Firmware Of Samsung Device?

  1. Choose the right version of Kies, download and Run Samsung Kies/ Kies 3 on your PC.
  2. Connect your unlocked Samsung device to the PC with a USB cable. (As you can see from the table of Samsung Kies- Pedia above, Samsung Kies3 doesn’t support Wi-Fi connection. And firmware upgrades may not available if you connect Samsung Kies via Wi-Fi. )
  3. Change the connection mode to USB Mass Storage (MSC) mode (also known as Windows Media Sync mode or Kies mode on some phones) by tapping the “Use USB to” notification on the phone screen.
  4. Backup your Samsung first, in case of any data loss during the firmware upgrade process.
  5. Charge the battery of your Samsung Phone/Tablet to 80% or more.
  6. Download the latest firmware beforehand: At the top of the Kies screen, go to “Tool”> “Firmware upgrade settings” > check the “Latest firmware auto-download” > from “Auto-download firmware for:” select a device and click “OK”.

Steps to upgrade the firmware of Samsung Device with Samsung Kies:

upgrade the firmware of Samsung Device with Samsung Kies

  1. View “Firmware information”: Choose a device name under “Connected devices” > Click “Basic information” tab, and check the “Latest firmware version” by clicking the “View upgrade information
  2. Click the “Firmware upgrade” button and click “Skip” to skip the backup process.
  3. Keep the device connected and power on during the firmware upgrade.

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How to Connect Samsung Galaxy to Kies via Wi-Fi

Precaution: What You Should Know Before Connecting Samsung Device To Kies Via Wi-Fi?

  • Don’t confound Samsung Kies3 with Samsung Kies. Just because Samsung Kies3 does not support Wi-Fi connection. That means Smart Phone/Tablet from Galaxy Note III that runs Android OS 4.3 or over cannot be connected to Kies via Wi-Fi. (Source: Samsung Kies- Pedia)
  • You cannot upgrade firmware nor transfer DRM content when you connect Samsung Galaxy to Kies via Wi-Fi.
  • If your Samsung device doesn’t support the “Kies Wi-Fi menu”, you cannot connect your Samsung Galaxy to Kies via Wi-Fi.

Steps to Connect Samsung Galaxy to Kies via Wi-Fi

  1. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  2. On your Samsung Galaxy, go to “Setting”> “More Setting”> “Kies via Wi-Fi”.
  3. After the handset detecting the PC, tap the name of your PC on your phone screen and you will see the confirmation code.
  4. On your PC, click “Yes” when the “Wi-Fi connection request” pops up.
  5. Enter the confirmation code shown on your phone screen on your PC and wait until your device name appears under the “Connected devices” on the top left of the Kies screen.

Then you can Sync, Backup and Restore your Samsung Galaxy with the Samsung Kies wirelessly now.

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Part Two – Fix Samsung Kies, Kies 3, Kies Air and Kies Mini Not Working


Buggy Kies: A Good Helper Gone Bad

Despite having many intriguing features, Samsung Kies can sometimes tend unreliably. In some instances, the application can be prolonged, experience difficulties in synchronization, and fails to detect connections between Samsung devices.
The application seems like a work in progress, and it doesn’t ease the pressure in managing content on your phone.


What are some of the hurdles experienced while using Kies, Kies3, Kies Air or Kies Mini? What are their solutions?

Samsung Kies series has become a favorite application series for data management. However, it is gradually losing its fame as it is full of hurdles in operation.
In this section, you will learn all the possible reasons causing your application to fail. Also, you will access all the possible solutions to solve your mystery while working with this application.
Many of the application users are continually identifying problems related to Kies application. The following are some of the common problems experienced by the application users and with solutions.

1. The application won’t install.

This error completely bars you from using the Samsung Kies application let alone working correctly in the future. There could be several reasons for this problem to occur.
First, the installation failure could be caused by having a distorted version of the software installer.
Moreover, your antivirus could be the one restricting the application installation based on specific safety issues.
Lastly, running an outdated version of the operating system and or having a network problem while installing the application could also cause an installation error.

Solution: First, ensure that you have established a fast and reliable internet connection to initiate the installation process. Once the first step is OK, check your antivirus restrictions on software installations in the device settings. These settings could also be the problem behind the application installation error. The last option if the others don’t work is to match the application system requirements with your Samsung’s.

2. Unsupported device alert.

On this point, it is vital to know that Kies 2.6 supports devices with Android 4.2 or lower. However, your device must have an Android version of 4.3 and above to enjoy the services of Kies 3.0. Once these requirements are absent, then you can’t use the application either way. Hence the unsupported device alert will keep on popping.

Solution: You should first check whether your phone model supports the Kies versions. Secondly, you can always contact customer support in case your device meets the software requirements but fails to work.

3. The application can’t synchronize properly.

Synchronizing your phonebook, calendar, and other files are one of the fantastic features of Kies. However, at times, synchronizing fails and a message pinpointing the error known as “unknown error” pops-up.

Solution: In case this error occurs, then you have to inspect both the device and application preferences. Ensure that all the items on the “Initialize system Log” are highlighted.

4. Application forever stuck on connecting.

This is one of the most common problems facing Samsung Kies users. After establishing a connection, the application Kies fails to recognize the device. The connection problem can be caused by incompatible software, a damaged USB port, or a bad software update.

Solution: This error happens when the application fails to detect your Samsung device. For you to resolve this error open the Kies Troubleshooting option for connection errors, then follow all the presented prompts carefully.


Part Three: Samsung Kies Alternative – Plan B to Synchronize Data between Samsung device and PC

In conclusion, in the case that Samsung Kies persistently incurs the above errors or completely fails to function, then feel free to switch to Android Transfer.

Android Transfer offers the one-click Samsung to PC transfers and does not encounter as many issues as Kies does.
Android Transfer For Win Android Transfer For Mac

The software provides the following amazing features:

1.Import / Export with a simplified click-through process.

Transfer Data Between:

Computer ⇔ Android Devices

iTunes ⇔ Android Devices

Android Devices ⇔ Android Devices

2.File Management on Windows/Mac

Search, Add, View, Play, Delete, DeDuplicate and Edit Android Data /SD card file on Computer with Simple Interface.

3.Supported Data Types

Transfer Photos, Contacts, Music, Messages, Videos, Playlist and more on your Android Handset.

4.Apps Management on PC

Install, Uninstall and Backup Applications on PC.

5.Ringtone Maker

Edit Local Music or Device Music to make ringtone on your Android Phone.

6.Fully Compatible with:

Android 8.1 or lower

Works perfectly with ZTE, Motorola, HUAWEI, Google, Sony, LG, HTC, Samsung, Apple, and more tablets and smartphones.

The application is fully compatible with top providers like T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.

As a perfect Alterative of Samsung Kies, Android Transfer enables you to share transfer and manage Samsung data on desktop easily.