How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy(2022 Update)

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Jason Ben

Problem: Samsung contacts disappeared

Hi, recently my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was broken and repaired later. But what upsets me is that I forget to keep a backup of my Samsung contacts and all of them disappeared. I really have to find a way to recover my contacts but I have no idea of how to do. Please, I really need Samsung contacts recovery!

Analysis: Recover Tool recommended

Samsung Galaxy phones are used widely now. Sometimes people would operate their phones wrongly so that some of their files disappeared. In this case, is there nothing else we can do? Of course, we can do something.

Even though without previous backup, there is a powerful data recovery tool named Samsung Data Recovery that can help you find your data back, such as contacts, photos, messages, music, etc. on your Samsung phone. It also applies to other Android brands such as LG, HTC, Sony, Google Nexus, etc.

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Solution:How to Recover Lost Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Now let’s see how to recover the deleted or lost contacts on Samsung Galaxy phone. But before starting, it should be kept in mind that you are not allowed to continue using your Samsung phone, restore factory settings and format the data once your contacts disappeared.

Step 1 Connect your phone to the computer

1. Download and install DataKit Android Data Recovery as above, Launch it and select Android Data Recovery module.

2. And then plug your phone into the computer with a USB cable.

3. After waiting seconds, you will find that your phone is detected by the tool on the computer. If fail to detect your android phone,please enable USB Debugging on your phone first as below.

Step 2 Enable USB debugging

1. Enable USB debugging on your device to make sure the successful recovery. Don’t be worried because it is safe and simple.

2. Don’t know how to enable USB debugging? Just follow the steps:

a: Find the app Settings app on your home screen.

b: Slide your screen to find the item Developer options and tap on it.

c: Switch on the button at the top of the interface. Then slide the screen to find the option USB debugging. Switch it on and confirm your action on the pop-up window.

Step 3 Check the box beside Contacts

If you want to recover more data, you can check more items from the table. And then click Next to start scanning.

Step 4 Ensure your phone to be Rooted

1. In order to make sure the process is fluent, The Tool requires your phone to be rooted. If your phone has not been rooted, it will provide an assistant app to help root your phone. Again, you don’t need to worry about the security of your phone because the app is safety.

2. Then, please Tap Allow/Grant/Authorize when a request appears on the phone screen. Click Retry if there is no response.

Step 5 Preview before Recovering Contacts from Samsung Galaxy

1. Please wait a while before the scan finishes. How long it takes depends on the number of your files on your phone.

2. After the scanning finishes, check whether the information is what you want.

3. And then select the contacts that you need to recover.

4. Then click Recover to save them on your computer as the format of HTML or XML.

5. Then you can import them into your Samsung.

Supported Samsung Phone models:

Galaxy SGalaxy NoteGalaxy Tab(all model)
Galaxy S2Galaxy Note2
Galaxy S3Galaxy Note3
Galaxy S4Galaxy Note4
Galaxy S5Galaxy Note5
Galaxy S6Galaxy Note6
Galaxy S7Galaxy Note7
Galaxy S8Galaxy Note8
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S8+
Galaxy S9+
and more…

Now, all the steps of recovering lost contacts data finish here. With Datakit Android Data Recovery, you can easily find your lost data back. It is a simple and safe process as well. But it would better to keep the habit of backing up your data. Next time your family or friend meet the same problem, I hope this will help them solve it.

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Recover Deleted SMS, Contact, Photos, Call Log, WhatsApp Chat, Videos and more.