How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy (from Galaxy 5/6 to S22 Series)

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Jack Robertson

Problem: Samsung contacts disappeared

Hi, recently my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra had a bug and was repaired later. But what upsets me is that I forgot to keep a backup of my Samsung contacts and all of them disappeared due to a factory reset. Please, I really need the contacts on my Samsung. Tell me how to restore my contacts on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

John Doe

Applicable Methods for Samsung Contacts Recovery

  • Sometimes, people would tap on the wrong buttons on their Galaxy phone and make contacts files invisible or disappear.
  • Also, your Samsung phone may have bugs that will make some or all of your contacts deleted on the phone.

Either of this happens on your Samsung phone, you may worry about losing the contacts forever. Actually, if you’ve enabled Google backup or Samsung Cloud on your Samsung phone, your contacts may be automatically backed up. So, you may get them from the auto backup file!

Also, don’t worry if you haven’t enabled any backup service on your Samsung phone. We can recover your contacts directly from the internal storage. Read on.

Part 1: How to Get My Contacts Back to Samsung from Backup

Backup services like Google backup and Samsung Cloud will automatically save your contacts to the cloud once it’s on. Even if you say “I didn’t back up my Samsung”, don’t worry, they’re actually backed up already.

Below, I will show you methods to get the contacts back from your Google backup or Samsung Cloud. Of course, if you use any other backup services, go to the official website for the tutorial then.

Method 1:Restore Samsung Contacts from Google Backup

It’s very easy to get contacts back from Google backup, try this:

Step 1:

On your Samsung, go to Settings - Google - Set up and Restore - Restore Contacts.

Step 2:

Next, Google will show you several options - the contacts that you can recover from all devices that are registered to this Google account.

Choose Current device. Tap Restore.

All done, wait for a while and all contacts from this backup will be restored to your Samsung Contacts app.

Another Option to Recover Samsung Contacts from Google

Besides this, you can also visit Google Contacts. Locate the Trash folder from the left panel. Restore the deleted contacts from the trash folder then.

Or, the contacts you need are not in the Trash folder. Locate the Settings button, choose to Undo Change. Then, choose a time when the contacts are still in your phone. Choose to restore the Contacts app to the selected time.

Method 2:Restore Samsung Contacts from Samsung Cloud

Besides Google backup, a lot of Samsung users will apply to the default backup service of Samsung, the Cloud.

Try this:

Step 1

On your Samsung, go to Settings - Account and backup - Samsung Cloud - Restore data.

Step 2

Next, choose your Samsung phone from the list. Select Contacts and tap Restore to complete.

Part 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Contacts from Phone Memory

Bad things happen. If the Google backup or Samsung Cloud doesn’t include the contacts you want, don’t worry. We can try to recover the contacts directly from Samsung via a Samsung data retriever - UltData for Android.

This is a handy and all-rounded data recovery tool for all Android phones, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, Motorola, Pixel, you name it. From the old Samsung S5/6/7 to the latest Galaxy S22 (S22+/Ultra) and A53 5G, UltData covers them all and helps you get deleted contacts back in minutes.

With UltData, you can scan through your Samsung, get the traces of the deleted contacts, and finally recover them back to your Samsung. No need for a complex operation at all! All you need is to follow the intuitive interface of UltData for Android and get what you need.

Download the program and let’s start to restore your deleted contacts on Samsung.

Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Contacts from Phone Memory

Step 1 : Connect your Samsung to the contact recovery tool

On your computer, launch UltData for Android then connect the Samsung to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2 : Locate the deleted contacts

On UltData’s interface, click Recover Lost Data. Next, the program may ask you to enable USB Debugging. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish it.

After that, UltData will give you several data types to choose from. Uncheck all the others and leave only Contacts. Click Start.

Step 3 : Restore contacts back to Samsung

UltData will start to scan the deleted contacts on your Samsung Now. When it’s done, browse and locate the deleted contacts you want. Click Recover to get them back to your Samsung phone.

Exit the program, plug out your Samsung and launch Contacts. Find your contacts there.


1How do I access my contacts on my Samsung Cloud?
Sign into Samsung Cloud web. After that, click on Other Synced Data. Then, all the contacts and other data saved on Samsung Cloud will be listed. Click on Contacts and find all your contacts there.
2How do I export my contacts from my Samsung Galaxy?

Step 1:

On your Samsung, launch the Contacts app. At the top-right corner, tap on the three-line button. Choose Manage Contacts - Import/Export contacts. Choose to Export.

Step 2

Connect the Samsung to a computer. On your phone, choose to Export to USB Storage. In this way, all the Samsung contacts will be exported to the computer in VCF format.

On the computer, launch This PC. Find a folder that's named after your Samsung device. Find the VCF file there. Drag and drop it to any spot on your computer to finish the transfer.