How to Salvage Data from a Broken Hard Drive (Corrupted, crash, won’t boot, etc)

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Data loss can be a stressful experience in today’s digital world. It is one of the most unfortunate and frustrating circumstances that any of us can encounter without any prior notification. We should all be well aware that our important and valuable data is stored on hard drives, and just like every other piece of tech hard drives have their own life span. The lifetime of a hard drive may range anything between 1 to 5 years, and maybe up to 10 years if you are lucky, depending on the quality of production and the intensity of its usage.


Reasons That Cause Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive may reach a state of failure very quickly if it is misused or stored in wrong conditions, for example, excessive temperature or a very high degree of humidity will contribute to quick wear out of hard drives that will ultimately lead to data loss.


2 Methods to Salvage Data from Broken Hard Drive

So what if data loss occurs from a broken hard drive? Will it be possible to salvage data from broken hard drive? And the answer is yes!

If ever you happen to come across a situation where you have lost unexpectedly your data then the first thing is to make a health check of your CPU. This can be done simply by turning on your computer and navigating to the storage device, and check whether the hardware is discovered at all and if you have any kind of access to it. If the answer is negative then you need to look into further details for a technical or physical damage.


Method 1. Use a software tool to salvage data from broken hard drive

The foremost and easiest way to salvage data from broken hard drive is through professional software tools that are easily available in the market and which are specially designed to perform recovery tasks.

These software tools will help restore a complete file mechanism system and help salvage all types of lost data files that may include emails, pictures, documents, audio and video files, etc. Although these software are not freely accessible and usually are up for sale, they come with nice and a user-friendly interface to help its customers get the job done quickly and automatically through its built-in recovery wizard with simple easy to follow steps. Remember this fix is in the case of an undetectable or inaccessible hard drive on your computer.

Here are some of the most used tools that help to salvage data from a broken hard drive:

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data recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

You may also need:


Method 2. Check for any physical damage to the hard drive and salvage data from broken hard drive by a quick repair:

Another way to salvage data from a broken hard drive is by checking for any physical damage to the hard drive. Unplug and remove the broken hard drive from your system and diagnose the problem.

If the problem exists and the hard drive is physically damaged then don’t worry the data is still safe to salvage. This can be simply done by removing the data disk from the existing broken hard disk drive case and replacing it into a new healthy hard disk drive case. Make sure to start off with dismantling the new healthy hard disk drive case to get your hands on the whole process, this will prevent any further damage to the broken hard drive and the data disk. Also, make sure to carry the data disk with extra care as all the data that you want to salvage lies in that data disk.


Warning:  Hard drive is an essential and sensitive hardware component that can be easily damaged during the repair process. So, if the data that you are trying to recover is of utmost importance to you then do not perform the task as a beginner. If you cannot afford to lose that valuable data then it is always recommended to seek for professional assistance either by getting your hard drive repaired at a local computer shop or by hiring a qualified data recovery specialist to do it for you.


Tip:  To avoid losing your valuable data resulting from a hard drive crash and to prevent all the hassle to salvage data from broken hard drive, it is always recommended and better to back up your files on a regular basis that will definitely save you a great amount of time and money.


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