(New Update)How to Root Android Phone and Tablet with iRoot

Last Updated on April 7, 2023 by Jason Ben

You are here in this portal because you are probably going to root a device right? So I would like to recommend iRoot as a tool in rooting your phone with or without PC.

Why Choose iRoot?

Let me describe the Application first. iRoot was called vRoot before and was created by Shenzhen (Mgyun.com developer). This rooting tool is very easy to use because it allows the rooting of a phone as easy as one click.

iRoot for Android is one of the most used rooting tools and receives a lot of good feedback from the users. In fact, iRoot already supports more than 7,000 Android phones and tablets. Aside from one-click rooting feature of this application, it also offers recovery mode root. If your device has difficulty in rooting in normal mode, iRoot will automatically reboot your device and root your phone in recovery mode. Besides, whenever you try to root an Android phone using this application it will also automatically install “System Cleaner” and a “Chinese App Store” which can be removed later on.

This rooting tool allows rooting with or without the help of computers. If you are worrying using iRoot will cause any damage to your device, then nothing to worry about because this app has no complaints about bricking while rooting. It is very safe to use than any other rooting tools.

iRoot can also unroot Android device if you want to. You don’t need to install a different app to just unroot your device, rooting and unrooting in one device in short. It is compatible with bunches of brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Acer, Google and more.

After the introduction of the app, now let’s start rooting your phone for you to enjoy it much better than before. Like what I’ve mentioned above, iRoot roots phone easily, so you don’t need any techy person to assist you in doing that. You just need to follow the instruction to be provided below. So without further ado, let the rooting begin.

How to Root Using iRoot for PC

Steps in rooting your Android phone using iRoot with a computer:

Step 1 You firstly need to download the software on your computer.

Step 2 Then after downloading, run the program by double-clicking the icon.

Step 3 Connect your Android phone to your Windows computer using a USB cable. Enable USB debugging mode on your device if unrecognized.

Step 4 After that, you may now click the Root button that will root your device.

How to Root Android without PC

If you can not root your Android phone because you don’t have a personal computer. Don’t worry! iRoot can also root your phone even without the aid of computers.
Here are the steps in rooting an Android phone without a computer.

Step 1 Download the iRoot APK on your Android device.

Step 2 To start the process, you should set your device to allow the unknown source app. In order to do it, navigate to Settings of the device, find the Security option, and check the box before the unknown source app.

Step 3 Then install it with the downloaded APK files and agree on the pop-up request to allow the application to perform.

Step 4 Make sure you have an internet for iRoot to download required files.

Step 5 Click on the Get Root Access to start rooting. Once it is done, the app will tell that the device was successfully rooted.

If you’ve successfully rooted your Android phone, then you can use its full potential and enjoy your faster phone. You now have the “Super User” permission which will give you an access to customizing your Android phone. You can also custom your ROM if you like. You will really enjoy your device because the battery life of it is lengthened after rooted.

I hope that I helped you in rooting your Android device using iRoot and you are already experiencing a new level of your device.