How to Restore iPhone Text Messages from iCloud

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

To restore all iCloud text messages is super easy by restore the entire iPhone with all current data overwritten. So how to restore those message that you want with the current data kept? You need to retrieve text messages from iCloud backup.

Apple iCloud doesn’t just back up your text message, it store all most all data on your iPhone including your text messages which means you can restore those text messages that existed on iPhone when iCloud backup was build, but you have no access to anything that had been deleted already prior to the backup. So please make sure that you have backup messages to iCloud.

Unfortunately, iPhone iCloud backup is an integrated encrypted file that is unreadable. And it is impossible to view text messages on iCloud. As I have already said it is not easy to retrieve only specific data from an iCloud backup with iTunes or iPhone. Restore text messages from iCloud is easy buy you will be lead to restoring the entire backup onto your iOS devices with all current data erased.

Before you start to restore text message from iCloud, it will be a good choose for you to   create a new backup of your iPhone using iTunes prior to wiping it and restoring it from iCloud. In this way, you will be able to return you iPhone back to the current sate once you need to do so in future.

Download and install iOS Data Recovery

Download for Win Download for Mac Win Download Mac Download

Now let’s get down to business.

How to retrieve text messages from iCloud

1 Select to Recover from iCloud Backup File , then sign in iCloud with your Apple ID.

3 Download iCloud message backup. Select an iCloud backup file for your iOS device from the list to scan, then put a tick on option message only to download. The download process will take a few minutes. After downloading, the program will start to scan the backup file.

3 Select those message that you need and click Recover to Computer or Recover to iOS device .