How to Recover Deleted Safari Bookmark on Mac 2019(With/Without Time Machine) 

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

restore Safari bookmarks


Safari bookmarks are very important because they save us the time we take to access specific websites online. The bookmarks help us organize and group related websites and online sites so that we can access them faster and easier. The bookmarks can be lost as a result of accidental deletion, malware or virus infection, and through the removal of accounts that were connected to those bookmarks. Sometimes we need to restore Safari bookmarks that have been deleted accidentally because of the importance of the bookmarks.


Apple devices use the Safari browser as their default browser. Therefore, mastering how to restore Safari bookmarks is very significant if you are an Apple or Mac user. When you accidentally delete and lose your Safari bookmarks from your computer, do not panic because the following pro tips will help you restore Safari bookmarks with less hustle.


Method 1- Restoring Safari Bookmarks Using the Time Machine

Mac computers have a powerful inbuilt program known as the Time Machine which can be used to retrieve the lost bookmarks as explained below:

  1. Open the new Finder window by pressing Command+N.
  2. Click on Gothen Library while holding down the Option key.
  3. In the Library option, click to open the Safari folder. Inside the folder, there is a Bookmarks.plist file that contains all the Safari bookmarks.
  4. Open the Time Machine and click on Enter Time Machine.
  5. The Time Machine will run in the Safari window and will give you a chance to go back to the time when you deleted the bookmarks.
  6. Click on Restore when you reach the time you deleted the Safari bookmarks.
  7. After clicking on Restore, you will be prompted to either keep your original bookmarks or retain both.
  8. Select your preferred option, and your deleted bookmarks will be recovered to your Safari browser.


Method 2- Restoring Bookmarks Using Aiseesoft Data Recovery Tool

The Aiseesoft Data Recovery program is an effective tool for restoring deleted safari bookmarks.

  1. Download the Aiseesoft Data Recovery program for Mac.
  2. Mac Download Mac Download
  3. Install it on your Mac computer.
  4. Launch the recovery program.Interface of Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery
  5. From the home interface, select the disk location that contained the lost Safari bookmark(s). In this case, select the system disk.
  6. Click on the Scan to initiate the scanning operation.Select Recover Data from Mac Internal Hard Drive
  7. The Aiseesoft Data Recovery program will scan the selected drive and display the scan results for you to see on the left-hand side of the interface.
  8. Browse the results of the scan to identify the bookmarks, which is saved as Bookmarks.plist, you want to retrieve then click on Recover Now.
  9. Once the Safari Bookmarks.plist file have been restored, copy them back to their original location (~/Users/*User name*/Library/Safari) and save the new changes. The bookmarks will be seen in the Safari browser during the next launch.safari-bookmark-original-location
  10. Alternatively, the bookmarks can be restored to the Safari browser through the File>Import From> Bookmarks HTML File.safari import from bookmarks


The striking advantage of the Aiseesoft Data Recovery tool is that besides restoring the bookmarks, it repairs damaged and broken bookmarks. The Time Machine cannot recover bookmarks that are corrupted or damaged, and this makes the Aiseesoft Data Recovery tool the better option when the Time Machine encounters technical problems.


In conclusion, understanding how to restore Safari bookmarks is critical in ensuring that the bookmarks can be retrieved and restored any time they are accidentally lost or corrupted by malware infection.