3 Best Ways – How to Restore iPhone without iTunes (2020 Update)

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“How do I restore iPhone?” That is a simple question to answer as long as you have backed up iPhone with iTunes or you have backed up iPhone to iCloud. But if you haven’t done that, to restore iPhone will be a tough job for you. To mention the importance of the data on your iPhone is unnecessary. Your everyday life relies on iPhone. I mean you are using it all the time, and you know it.

You need to restore iPhone for many reasons, such as iPhone loss, data deletion, data loss due to Jailbreak, iPhone factory settings, damaged or broken iPhone. Today, I will show you how to restore iPhone in many different circumstances. You can choose the method that suits your case.

#1 How to Restore iPhone without iTunes but with third-party tool

To restore iPhone with iTunes backup is super easy with simple clicks. You just need to connect your iPhone with computer and launch iTunes, you will get all detailed guides. Just follow the guide, you will have your iPhone restored.

However, what if you haven’t backed up your iPhone with iTunes? Or you just got no access to your computer that contains iTunes backup? In these cases, you will have to recover data from iPhone first. What you need is an iOS Data Recovery that will help you to recover all lost contact, message, photos, call log, note, calendar, voicemail, iMessage and more from iPhone, and you can extract over 18 types of data backup from iTunes backup and iCloud with it.

In our case, I am going to show you how to restore data on iPhone, from iTunes backup or from iCloud.

Download for Win Download for Mac Win Download Mac Download
Get Free Trial via Email for Later Download on Computer

After the completion of download, install the program on your computer, then launch the program(Make sure that iTunes is installed on the same computer already, iOS Data Recovery needs to access iPhone data via iTunes’ services). When you have done that, you are halfway.

How to Restore Data from iPhone

1 Connect your iPhone with Computer with an USB cable. Select Recover from iOS Device on the program interface, choose those data that you want to recover, Click Start Scan , Program start to scan iPhone all through and find back the loss data.

2 After scanning, you will find all data that found back are listed tidily in a table. You can preview them and select those you want to recover by click Recover to Device or Recover to Computer .

How to Restore iPhone from iCloud or iTunes backup

Besides recovering data from iPhone, you can recover data from iTunes and iCloud by scan backup files. To do that, you’d better make sure that you have backed up your iPhone previously with iTunes or iCloud.

1 After launch the program, Click Recover from iTunes Backup File or Recover from iCloud . If you choose to recover from iTunes, you will need to select a backup and click Start Scan , Then program will begin the analyze process. If you choose to recover from iCloud, you will have to sign in with your Apple ID then your iCloud backups are listed, select the one that you need, Click Start Scan either.

2 Preview and Recover.
After recovering all your data back to your computer, you need and iOS Transfer to copy data back to iPhone.

#2 How to Backup and Restore iPhone with iPhone Transfer

iPhone Transfer is an comprehensive solution to backup and restoring. It supports to transfer data likes contact, messages, playlist, photos, music, movies, TV shows and more between iPhones , iPhone to computer and computer to iPhone, which makes it an iPhone file Manager, iPhone Bakcup tool and iPhone Transfer.

iPhone Transfer is free to download as below, please install it to your computer before.

Win Download Mac Download
Win Download Mac Download
Get Free Trial via Email for Later Download on Computer

With iPhone Transfer, to backup and restore iPhone without iTunes are super easy.

How to backup iPhone with iPhone Transfer

1 launch iPhone Transfer, connect your iPhone with your computer, then, Click Backup your iPhone to computer , you will be lead to a backup page, then, program will start to scan all your data including contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, photos, music and video.

2 After the scan, a Start Transfer button will be valid, click over it. And your iPhone data will be saved to computer and the backup file is available for you to restore iPhone.

How to Restore iPhone from backup with iPhone Transfer

1 When you have a backup restore iPhone is super easy. Get your iPhone and computer connected with an USB cable.

2 Select Restore from Backups , select a backup file that you want. Tick those files that you want to restore to iPhone, then Start Transfer . Your iPhone will be restored in minutes.

#3 How to Restore iPhone with Phone to Phone copy

As said before, iPhone Transfer support to transfer data between iPhones, therefore, if you have two iPhones at hand, transferring data directly between two iPhones is a reason option for you. Let me show you how to get it done.

1 Get both iPhone connected to computer. Launch iPhone Transfer and go to Phone to Phone Transfer.

2 Flip to switch source iPhone and destination iPhone. Select content that you want to copy. Then Start Transfer .

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