Safari Restore: See and Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks & History on iDevices

Last Updated on April 23, 2023 by Jack Robertson

Recover Safari History and Safari Bookmark

For Apple users, Safari is just like the 7-11 at street corners, always there, simple, and helpful. This built-in browser of Apple can get the world’s resources to you with one search.

For funny or useful websites, add them to Safari Bookmarks and visit them without redoing the search. Forget to add them to Bookmarks? Don’t worry, find the Safari history and access them again.

Everything seems perfect until either the Safari Bookmarks or history disappears because of wrong deletion or system bugs. You may never visit those websites again if you forget the URLs. You can try to search for the websites again if you can endure the endless scroll.

To help you get the deleted Safari data - including both Bookmarks and history, in this article, we will provide you with multiple methods. Continue the reading and pick up a method to retrieve deleted Safari bookmarks or history on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Safari Bookmarks or History Restore:

Part 1: How to Restore Safari Bookmarks/History on iPhone & iPad

Part 2: How to Restore Safari Bookmarks/History on Mac

Part 1: How to Restore Safari Bookmarks/History on iPhone & iPad

Before we start, there’s one thing you need to confirm - whether you’ve backed up your Safari before. If you’ve backed up Safari data before with iTunes or iCloud, we can simply recover the deleted bookmarks or history via the backup files.

Still, if you have any backup, don’t worry, we can recover your Safari data directly from the iPhone or iPad!

Not sure about it? Click here to find out whether you’ve backed Safari before.

Method 1: Recover Safari Bookmarks or History from iPhone/iPad without Backup

For the first method, we will use a Safari data recovery tool for iPhone and iPad, echoshare iOS Data Recovery. It can help you retrieve multiple data you delete or hide on your iPhone and iPad.

For the Safari bookmarks and history, echoshare will scan your iPhone/iPad, find the correct names and addresses of all the websites you've visited and added. With one simple click, you can recover them all back to your iDevice easily without the concern of losing them!

Apart from the Safari restore, it can recover other deleted data as well, including iMessages, Calls, Contacts, WhatsApp chats & attachments, etc. No matter what you delete, use the program and recover them all.

Now, let’s start to recover your deleted Safari bookmarks and history on iPhone/iPad.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Safari Data via echoshare iOS Data Recovery

Step 1

Download iOS data recovery on your computer and run it. Connect your iPhone to Computer. On its interface, click iPhone Data Recovery.

Download on Win Download on Mac Download on Win Download on Mac

Step 2

Now, click Start Scan and let it scan through your iPhone for the deleted Safari bookmarks and history.

Step 3

Wait for a while as the software will analyse your phone.When it's done, tick Safari Bookmark or Safari History option as you need. Then, on the right panel, all the deleted Safari Bookmarks/history will be displayed in red with a trash bin placed at the front.

Browse and tick the items you need, click Recovery the restoration will begin.

Method 2: Recover Safari Bookmarks or History with iCloud

Next, let’s see how to recover the disappeared Safari bookmarks and history on iPhone and iPad when iCloud has saved them in advance.

Here, we will use echoshare iOS Data Recovery, a professional iCloud backup extractor, as it can easily extract specific data from the iCloud backup files without resetting. For Safari bookmarks or history, you can simply choose the ones you need from the list of the scan result.

We don’t recommend you to follow the official method of Apple that needs you to reset the device first and then restore the whole backup file. That’s really time-consuming. Instead of it, we use the echoshare kit that extracts Safari bookmarks and history separately and you don’t need any reset at all!

Steps to Recover Safari Bookmarks or History with iCloud

Step 1

Download and launch the program on your PC.

Download on Win NOW Download on Mac NOW Download on Win NOW Download on Mac NOW

Step 2

On the program's interface, choose the mode Recover from iCloud. Next, you should log into your iCloud with your ID and passwords.

Step 3

Then you could see a list of backup files, select the one that you believe the important bookmarks may be included, and then click Download.

Step 4

After the scanning, you will have a preview of the detected data and select the bookmark you want to recover. When you click on Recover, the restoration, which may last a few times, will begin.

Tip: Find Deleted Safari Bookmarks/History on iCloud

On your iPhone or iPad, tap the Settings app, then your Apple ID tab. Choose iCloud.

Scroll down and you will see a list of the data that iCloud will back up from your device. Locate the Safari option, if it’s on, then congratulation, iCloud backs up your Safari data. You can recover the bookmarks or history with it.

Method 3: Recover Safari Bookmarks or History with iTunes Backup

If you have been used to iTunes, you can recover your lost bookmarks or Safari history with iOS Data Recovery as well, the powerful iTunes backup cracker.

By default, if you want to recover data from an iTunes backup, you have to reset the phone first and then restore via a computer, which takes you so much time. However, using this echoshare kit, you don’t need to go through any reset, simply scan and recover the specific Safari bookmarks and history you need!

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 1

Choose the recovery mode Recover from iTunes Backup File. Now, choose the exact iTunes backup from which you want to recover the data and then click on Start to run a scan on the target backup file.

Step 2

When the scanning is finished, you can have a preview of the details and select the lost bookmarks and history as well as any other data you want.

Tip: Find Deleted Safari Bookmarks/History on iTunes backup

Launch your computer, and go to the destination of the iTunes backup file: This PC - Users - (username) - Appdata - Roaming - Apple Computer - MobileSync - Backup.

If you can’t find the AppData folder, locate the View tab of the window, tick Hidden items.

In the Backup folder, if you find the file of iTunes backup, you can simply restore Safari data via it as iTunes backs up everything on your device.

Short Summary

We never doubt the power of iTunes and iCloud, however, when you try to use them to restore something, you must go through a factory reset.

Luckily, as time goes by, there’re so many iTunes and iCloud data extractors on the internet. And echoshare iOS Data Recovery is no doubt one of the best you can find. Now, download it and use this three-in-one iPhone/iPad data recovery tool!

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Part 2: How to Restore Safari Bookmarks/History on Mac

If you ever used Time Machine on your Mac to back up data, then the Safari data recovery is just a piece of cake, you can do it within minutes. Don’t worry if you haven’t backed up your Mac before, as we provide you a direct way to restore Safari bookmarks or history directly from the computer.

Method 1: Recover Safari Bookmarks or History on Mac with Time Machine

  1. Open the new Finder window by pressing Command+N on the keyboard.
  2. Click on Go then Library while holding down the Option key.
  3. In the Library option, click to open the Safari folder. Inside the folder, there is a Bookmarks.plist file that contains all the Safari bookmarks.
  4. Open the Time Machine and click on Enter Time Machine.
  5. The Time Machine will run in the Safari window and will give you a chance to go back to the time when you deleted the bookmarks.
  6. Click on Restore when you reach the time you deleted the Safari bookmarks.
  7. After clicking on Restore, you will be prompted to either keep your original bookmarks or retain both.
  8. Select your preferred option, and your deleted bookmarks will be recovered to your Safari browser.

Method 2: Recover Safari Bookmarks or History on Mac without Backup

No backup? No worries! We have you covered, use echoshare Mac Data Recover and get your deleted Safari bookmarks and history back in minutes.

echoshare Mac Data Recovery, a handy data recovery tool for Mac computers, helps you recover all the deleted Safari data, including search history, browsing history, bookmarks, the files you download on Safari, etc.

With it, you can restore not only the Safari data but also all the deleted data on your Mac computer, even if they’re erased from the trash bin. So, you don’t have to worry if your data is permanently deleted. By the way, you can also recover the lost data from external drives as well!

Steps to Restore Safari Bookmarks or History on Mac

Download the echoshare Mac Data Recovery program for Mac. Install it on your Mac computer.

Launch the recovery program. From the home interface, select the disk location that contained the lost Safari bookmark(s) - the system disk. Click on the Scan to initiate the scanning operation.

The program will scan the selected drive and display the scan results for you to see on the left-hand side of the interface.

Browse the results of the scan to identify the bookmarks, which are saved as Bookmarks.plist. Or type in "bookmarks.plist" into the search box and click filter to locate the data. Select the file and click on Recover Now to complete the backup.

Tip: If you can find the file, take it easy, click on Deep Scan to run a even more complete detection on your Mac hard drive. It will show this time.

Once the Safari Bookmarks.plist file has been restored, copy them back to their original location (~/Users/*User name*/Library/Safari) and save the new changes. The bookmarks will be seen in the Safari browser during the next launch.

Alternatively, the bookmarks can be restored to the Safari browser through the File - Import From - Bookmarks HTML File.


1Why Did My Favourites Disappear on iPhone?

There are multiple reasons that will cause your Safari Favourites to disappear, one of them is that you may have erased the Safari data via Settings.

The second one is that your iPhone is having a serious bug that deletes all Favourites. In this case, either you fix the bug or you recover them via some tools.

2How to Delete Bookmarks and History on iPhone?

There’re multiple ways of doing it:

Method 1 Delete Bookmarks and History on iPhone via Safari

To delete bookmarks on your iPhone, launch Safari and tap on the Bookmark icon. Tap Edit and then locate the Bookmarks you want to delete, tap on the red reduce button to complete.

As for history, tap on the Clock icon and tap Clear to decide what history you want to delete.

Method 2 Delete Bookmarks and History on iPhone via Settings

On your iPhone, go to Settings, scroll down and find Safari, tap on it and scroll down, tap on Clear History and Website Data to complete.

3How to Back Up Safari Bookmarks?

There’re multiple ways to backup Safari bookmarks, including using iCloud, iTunes, and third-party apps. Here, we will use iCloud.

On your iPhone, launch Settings - [Apple ID] - iCloud, scroll down and find the Safari option, keep it on. Then, find the iCloud Backup option and turn it on.