Forget iPhone Screen Time Passcode? Reset it Now!

Last Updated on September 25, 2023 by Joanna Lake

Screen Time is a very considerate iOS feature, iOS users can use it to view the weekly report and set a time limit for using the applications like Facebook or Instagram.

Once it reaches the limits, you'll be unable to use the applications except for entering the Screen Time Passcode.

If you forget it, you will encounter multiple problems, like you can’t open the apps that you’ve limited and you cannot disable the Downtime when you’re in urgent need of using the iPhone.

In this article, we listed four ways to remove the screen time passcode on your iPhone, and you will soon be able to turn off/change the screen time passcode.

Method 1. Reset Screen Time Passcode with Settings

After iOS 13.4 or later, Apple users are able to change/turn off Screen Time passcode on iPhone. However, the child’s Screen Time passcode needs to be reset on the parent’s device.

Tip: How to Know the iOS Version on Your iPhone

Go to SettingsGeneralAbout, and look at Software Version, then you will know which iOS is on your iPhone

If you’re unable to update iOS now, then you may have to try other methods, iPhone unlocker is another useful tool that you remove Screen Time Passcode without any data loss.

Reset Your Screen Time Passcode

Go to SettingsScreen TimeChange Screen Time Passcode, touch Forgot Passcode?, then enter your Apple ID and password. After a second, you can change the passcode.

Reset Child’s Screen Time Passcode

Unlock your iPhone, open the Settings app, and select Screen Time. Swipe down and tap your child’s name.

Then touch Change Screen Time Passcode/Turn off Screen Time Passcode twice. And you may need to check your identity with Face ID/Touch ID or enter the iPhone passcode.

Method 2. Reset Screen Time Passcode with iPhone Unlocker

If you are not able to reset the Screen Time Passcode with settings, you can directly remove the screen time passcode with a professional unlocking tool.

iPhone unlocker is designed to help users effortlessly unlock their device including reset the screen time passcode. So, you can use it to reset Screen Time Passcode, and you will be able to use the restricted app that has reached the time limits.

Furthermore, it is able to reset screen time passcode without blocking any services, so you can get full access to the features of the iPhone like you always do.

Due to iPhone Unlocker’s user-friendly design, you can reset the screen time passcode with a few clicks.

Steps to Reset Screen Time Passcode with iPhone Unlocker:

Step 1: Download and Install the iPhone Unlocker to Your Computer.

4uKey - iPhone Passcode Unlocker (Win) 4uKey - iPhone Passcode Unlocker(Mac) 4uKey - iPhone Passcode Unlocker (Win) 4uKey - iPhone Passcode Unlocker (Mac)

Step 2: Open the program ⟶ Remove Screen Time Passcode. Then connect your iPhone and PC and allow it to trust the computer.

Step 3: Click the Start Remove button, then turn off Find My iPhone and choose the OK button.

Step 4: When you find the Hello screen on iPhone, that means your screen time passcode has been removed.

If you want to keep your data, remember to choose Don’t Transfer Apps & Data. Plus, when it asks you to set up the screen time, tap Set Up Later in Settings.

Method 3. Reset Screen Time Passcode by Erasing Your iPhone

For sure, erasing your iPhone will also remove all the settings and data including the Screen Time Passcode. So you can try to reset your Screen Time Passcode by erasing the iPhone:

Go to SettingsGeneralTransfer or Reset iPhoneErase All Content and Settings, then enter the passcode and turn off Find My iPhone. Your iPhone data will be deleted in a second. Then set up your iPhone and skip setting screen time.

Method 4. Reset Screen Time Passcode with iOS System Recovery

Unable to open the Settings app? Here is still a way to eliminate the Screen Time Passcode.

iOS System Recovery is a comprehensive iOS problem solver, which will be able to reset your iPhone without losing data. Thus it’s helpful to reset your Screen Time Passcode and keep iPhone data.

Step 1: Click the button below to Download and Install iOS System Recovery to your Computer

iOS System Recovery (Win) iOS System Recovery (Mac) iOS System Recovery (Win) iOS System Recovery (Mac)

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer with a stable cable. Open the FoneLabiOS System Recovery.

Tip: Suppose your iPhone is not connected to the computer. Boost Recovery Mode on your iPhone.

First: Shut Down Your iPhone

Second: Boost Recovery Mode on Your iPhone

Keep pressing the specific button on your device, then connect your iPhone and PC with a cable. Release it when you see the recovery sign on the screen.

Model Buttons
iPhone 8 or later (including iPhone SE 2nd) Side button
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Volume down button
iPhone 6s or earlier (including iPhone SE 1st) Home button

Step 3: Select StartFixConfirmNext, after that, the program will first download the firmware and reset your iPhone, which may take for 5 minutes or more. The removal process will immediately start when the iOS file is downloaded.

Step 4: Leave it for a while, it will reset the Screen Time Passcode on your iPhone in a few minutes, and you will need to set up your iPhone from the Hello screen.

With these methods above, you will be able to reset the Screen Time Passcode on your iPhone. If there is any problem with Changing Screen Time Passcode, contact Apple Support for help.

Which is Your Best Solution to Reset Screen Time Passcode?

With this comparison of each method, you will know which one you want.

Method Data loss Require Apple ID Compatible with
Settings N Y iOS 13.4 or later
iPhone Unlocker N Y All iOS
Erasing iPhone Y Y All iOS
iOS System Recovery N N All iOS


Screen Time, a helpful time management feature, aims to stop users from endless scrolling the screen. For those who forget the passcode, it will also keep them from the apps that they really need.

So, if you’ve forgotten the Screen Time Passcode, reset it right now. With 4 methods above, you will quickly remove the passcode and reset a new one. Once you remove it, you can use those apps on your iPhone.