3 Methods on How to Factory Reset LG Phone in 1 Minute

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Jack Robertson

Though LG has decided to quit making new phones, for LG users, it’s still too early to switch to another phone brand.

After all, the phone has been there for months and years. It may run a bit slow and has some bugs sometimes, which is very normal. For any phone, the cache produced by daily usage slows the phone down certainly. So, to get your LG phone to run as fast as before, let’s try to reset your LG phone.

By resetting your LG phone, you can erase everything on the phone, including all settings, data, cache, apps, bugs, and malware. The things that slow your LG phone down are all gone. You can enjoy it with all its features again!

Or, you’re holding the opposite idea that you’ve made up your mind to sell the LG phone out and switch to a new phone, resetting it helps protect your privacy.

Now, let’s see how to reset your LG phone and start to do it right away.

Tip: Back Up Your Data before Resetting Your LG Phone

Before resetting, you need to back up all your personal data on your LG.

Since a factory reset will erase all the data on your LG phone and you’re less likely to recover them, backing up your LG data is so important.

You may choose to save data from your LG phone to the cloud (LG Android Backup, Google, Dropbox), a computer, or another phone. As long as the data is safe and you can restore them back to your LG phone after the reset, it doesn’t matter where the destination is.


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Method 1: How to Factory Reset LG Phone on Settings

If your phone runs properly, you can do a factory reset on your LG’s Settings app.

Do this if your LG is running Android 4.0--10.0:

Launch the Settings app, find the Backup & reset option, tap on it. Next, hit Factory data reset. Proceed with Reset phone. You may need to enter the password of the LG or Google account to confirm the reset. Tap OK to start.

For LG that runs Android 12 and higher:

Open the Settings app and hit the System option. There, hit Advanded then Reset options. Tap Erase all data (factory reset) to proceed.

Then, confirm twice by tapping RESET PHONE & ERASE EVERYTHING. And enter the prompted password the system asks to complete the factory reset.

It will take a minute or a bit longer to reset your LG phone. When it’s done, restart the phone and restore the data back to it.

Method 2: How to Reset LG Phone with Buttons

There’s a hard reset option on the LG phone that can be activated through the buttons on the phone. So, you don’t really need to tap a thing on the phone screen. Such an option is a perfect way out when your LG phone is not working properly or you forget the passcode to unlock it.

Let’s cut to the chase and start to factory reset your LG phone now.

Step 1

Turn off your LG phone first by pressing the side button.


To increase the success rate on some models, you may need to remove the battery and plug it in again when your device allows you to.

Step 2

Keep your LG phone off, press the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

Step 3

Release the buttons when you see the LG logo on the screen. Now, you’ve done a soft reset to the phone.

Step 4

Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons again. This time, release when you see a pop-up named Factory Rest.

Step 5

To complete the factory reset, use the Volume Down key and locate the Yes option. Press the Power button to proceed.

Step 6

A prompt appears, asking whether you want to perform a hard reset on this LG phone. Press the Power button again to confirm one last time.

After finishing all these, your LG phone will be reset in minutes. Launch the phone after the process is complete.

Method 3: How to Reset LG Phone with Android Unlocker Program

There’re chances that the default hard reset is not working for undefined reasons. In this very situation, all we can do to factory reset your LG phone is to ask for help from a third-party Android unlocking program.

This kind of program can easily remove the screen lock of the phone and then give you access to the phone again. Moreover, those leading ones in the industry can also conduct a complete reset while unlocking the device. So you can apply to an Android unlocker and factory reset your LG phone without touching anything on the screen.

To do that, let’s download one of the leading icons - the 4uKey for Android. Being a perfect Android unlocker, it can surely give you a fast and efficient unlock as well as a factory reset. You will have a clean and fast LG phone back in minutes.

Steps to Reset LG Phone with Android Unlocker Program

Step 1: Download 4uKey for Android on your computer 

Click on the related button below and get it on your computer. Install and launch it afterward.  (This program only works on your Windows PC or Mac)

Download on Win Now! Download on Mac Now!
Download on Win Now! Download on Mac Now

Step 2: Connect the LG phone to 4uKey for Android

Take out a USB cable and connect the LG phone to this computer. On the initial screen on the program, choose Remove Screen Lock to start.

Step 3: Start to reset the LG phone

On the program, you can see two modes.

  • One is Remove Screen Lock (This does a factory reset on your LG),
  • And Remove Screen Lock without Data Loss (This unlocks the phone without resetting).

Choose Remove Screen Lock to proceed. Next, click Start.

Then, the program will prompt you to put the LG phone into Recovery Mode, do it as the program suggests. Don’t worry, there’s a tutorial on the screen. Follow it and get your LG into Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Factory reset the LG phone

Lastly, click Yes to confirm the reset. When it’s done, click Done and exit the program. Restart the LG phone, it should be completely wiped now.


Though LG Electronics has stopped releasing any new phones, for the past decade, they’d really given us so many amazing devices and new experiences. Some of the phones are so great that we just won’t give them up. However, all phones get laggy and bugged, to make our LG phone run fast like it was before, let’s reset it!


1How do you factory reset a phone that is locked?

You can use the Power and Volume Down buttons on your LG phone to factory reset your LG even if it's locked.

Press the two keys together to restart your LG.

Press them again and release them when you see a new screen of Factory data reset.

Use the Volume Down key and select the YES option on the screen. Press Power to confirm.

2What is the master code to unlock any phone password and is it helpful?
To be honest, there's not this kind of master code to unlock your LG phone when you forget the passcode. You can try either a third-party solution or recovery mode instead.