[Solved] How to Reset/Erase iPhone without Apple ID Even Find My iPhone is On

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by Joanna Lake

Resetting/Erasing iPhone will help to deal with a stubborn iPhone problem, like stuck iPhone, since it will remove all iPhone data and settings.

Generally, besides entering the passcode (the one that unlocks the screen), you will need to sign in to Apple ID (using iCloud, App Store) before erasing an iPhone. If you’ve forgotten the Apple ID, you will not be able to turn off Find My iPhone.

Find My iPhone is a feature that helps you find/lock the iPhone, which prevents others from using it. Even if they force reset the iPhone, the Activation lock will stop them from setting up the iPhone.

So, is it still capable of reset/erase iPhone without an Apple ID? Yes, this article will show you how to do it.

Reset iPhone without Apple ID

Part 1. Reset iPhone without Apple ID/Password When Find My iPhone is On

Normally, when Find My iPhone is on, it will be impossible to reset the iPhone without entering the Apple ID password. Unless you have already got a helper – iPhone unlocker, which is a reliable and user-friendly tool.

With this software, you can easily remove the Apple ID on your iPhone with a few clicks, then you will find the iPhone activation lock disappear. Once you get it, you won’t worry about forgetting passwords anymore.

Steps to Remove Apple ID with iPhone Unlocker:

Step 1: Download and Install the iPhone Unlocker.

4uKey - iPhone Unlocker (Win) 4uKey - iPhone Unlocker(Mac)
4uKey - iPhone Unlocker (Win) 4uKey - iPhone Unlocker (Mac)

Step 2: Make sure the iPhone and PC are connected. Open the program ⟶ Unlock Apple ID.
Click on Unlock Apple ID
Step 3: Then you need to ensure that the iPhone passcode has been set up and Two-Factor Authentication of Apple ID is on.
Set up Screen Lock

However, if you are using iOS11.4 or earlier, you will find the instruction to ask you to reset iPhone settings. Follow the instructions, after that, the software will start to reset your iPhone.
Remove Apple ID on iOS11.4 or Eariler Version

Step 4: The firmware (iOS file) is essential for removing Apple ID on iPhone, choose the Download button to download it. When it is ready, click the Start Remove button to remove Apple ID.

Step 5: It will end with the Hello screen on your iPhone, set up your iPhone right now. Touch Unlock with Passcode?/Use Device passcode on the Activation Lock screen, and enter the passcode. Now you have removed the Apple ID, and it’s able to erase the iPhone now.

Tip: How to Bypass the Activation Lock

If the iPhone is unactivated, then the iPhone unlocker won’t be able to remove the Apple ID for you, you may need to instantly bypass the activation lock with 4MeKey. An activation unlocker will help you retrieve a locked iPhone.

4MeKey will ask you to jailbreak the iPhone, then it will block the SIM service and iCloud services so as to disable the iCloud Activation lock.

After that, you can reach most iPhone functions like signing in to your Apple ID and downloading apps on the App Store, excluding the phone call, mobile data and iCloud services.

Step 1: Install the 4Mekey to your computer.

4MeKey - Activation Lock Blocker (Win) 4MeKey - Activation Lock Blocker (Mac)
4MeKey - Activation Lock Blocker (Win) 4MeKey - Activation Lock Blocker (Mac)

Step 2: Open 4Mekey and select Start RemoveStart, it will remind you to read the agreement, click the Next button.
The Interface of 4Mekey
Step 3: Then connect your iPhone and computer, and the program will automatically download the jailbreak file.

Step 4: Plug a blank usb drive to your desktop and go with the guide until you find “The jailbreak environment is burned successfully”, scan the QR code on the interface with a mobile phone/tablet.
Jailbreak Your iPhone
Step 5: Follow the tutorial to jailbreak your iPhone on your desktop. After that, restart your computer, and open the program, then select the Start Remove button. You will see information about this iPhone on the interface.

Step 6: Click the Start button, and the program will begin to remove the activation lock. Leave it for a while, then the Hello screen will show. Click the Done button and you have successfully reset your iPhone without Apple ID!
Successfully Remove Activation Lock

To use your iPhone, you will have to set it up. When you see the Activation Lock screen, touch Forgot password, and you will skip it.

Once you have set up the iPhone, you will be able to use the iPhone with Wi-Fi, even normally sign in to your Apple ID on the App Store.

Part 2. Reset iPhone without Apple ID/Password When Find My iPhone is Off

It‘s pretty simple to factory reset an iPhone when Find My iPhone is off, you can directly erase all the data via iPhone Settings, DFU mode/Recovery mode.

1. How to Reset iPhone via iPhone Settings

Go to SettingsGeneralTransfer or Reset iPhoneErase All Content and Settings, enter the passcode to confirm, then you will see the Apple icon and a progress bar. A few minutes later, you will get a brand new iPhone.
Erase All the Contents on iPhone

Note: When it asks you to enter the Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPhone, you should stop and remove Apple ID first especially if you have forgotten it. Because the Activation lock will show even if you have successfully forced the device to erase data.

2. How to Reset iPhone with Recovery Mode

Without using your iPhone passcode, you may reset your device using iTunes. For this method, please read the guidelines down below. (Before that, please ensure that your Find My iPhone is disabled)

Step 1. Launch iTunes and Attach the Device

To reset the iPhone using iTunes, you will need to access your device by connecting it to your computer.

For this, please make sure that you will be using a suitable USB cable to prevent future glitches.

Step 2. Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone

You can manually enter the recovery mode by pressing the specific buttons on your iPhone.

iPhone modelsThe Buttons to Boost recovery mode 
iPhone 8 or later (including iPhone SE 2nd)Press and release the Volume up button, then press and release the volume down, and keep pressing the power buttonDon’t release the buttons until the connecting to iTunes/computer sign shows on the screen
iPhone 7Keep pressing the Volume down and power button at the same time
iPhone 6s or earlier (including iPhone SE1st)Keep pressing the Home button and power button together

Recovery Mode on iPhone
When you see the Apple logo disappear, it means that you have successfully put your iPhone into DFU mode. Click to learn more about how to enter DFU Mode here.


However, if you find the above-mentioned process too complicated, there is another option that you can try.

iOS System Recoverythe World’s No. 1 Free iOS Recovery Mode Tool can put your iPhone into Recovery Mode in just one click.

Step 3. Reset iPhone

On your computer, iTunes will display a notice when it detects that your device is in recovery mode.

Then, you can reset your iPhone. To continue, click OKSummaryRestore iPhone.
Restore iPhone iTunes

You will be notified once the reset is complete, and your iPhone will automatically restart.

Now you’re all set to erase your iPhone without an Apple ID, no matter if Find My iPhone is on or off. After that, you will be able to reuse the iPhone again.


1How to Know if Find My iPhone is on or not?

Open Settings app, tap your name, and you will find the Apple ID account. Then touch Find My and you will know the status of iCloud activation lock.

Check the Status of Find My iPhone
2How to Reset Apple ID?

Open the Apple ID site from your web browser. Then enter your information like, your first name, last name, and the email address that is associated with your Apple ID.

Next, you can choose to “Recover by Email” or “Answer security questions”. Then you can reset your Apple ID and password. And TA-dah! You have successfully reset your Apple ID.

Here are more other methods to help you do so. Please check “If you forgot your Apple ID” from Apple Support.

3How to Reset Apple Password?

Go to appleid.apple.com then click the Forgot Apple ID or Password? under the Manage your Apple account section.

From the new page, you should Enter your Apple ID to get started. Then select the options to reset your password and choose to “Answer security questions".

Follow the step by step instruction to reset your password. If you can’t recall the answer to the security questions, there are other options, like reset by getting an email or reset password with a Recovery Key.

For more information, you can check "If you forgot your Apple ID password" here.