[Solved]How to Reset Huawei Phone to Factory Settings

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Thanks to the open operation systems, Android smart phones are popular. However, one of the biggest problems of android-system devices is that they begin to lag as time goes by. Although Huawei phone uses self-developed mobile operating system EMUI , it is based on Android and can’t avoid the shortage of Android. In that case, people may want to learn how to soft reset a Huawei phone or hard reset a Huawei phone to factory setting to make it much more fluid. So, how to reset a Huawei phone? All you need to do is following the guide below.

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Backup Your Data with Android Data Backup & Restore

For most users, personal content such as photos are the most valuable parts of a mobile phone, while factory reset will wipe out all private data. Therefore, it is very important to back up your data before you start resetting. Here we suggest Android Data Backup & Restore to help you back up the data.

With simple operation, Android Data Backup & Restore is designed for all-aged users and offers user-friendly ways to backup data. No professional skills are needed, just a few easy steps can ensure the safety of your data before you reset a Huawei phone:

Step 1 Download and install Android Data Backup & Restore on your computer, then launch it.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Using a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC, select Trust if it asks.

Step 3 Select Android Data Backup & Restore, then click Device Data Backup.

Step 4 Click One-click Backup.

Step 5 Choose what you want to backup. If you want to add a passport, you can tick the box on the bottom to add one.

Step 6 Tap Start then click OK. Please note that do not disconnect your phone or use your phone during the process.

Steps of Huawei Soft Reset

After well preparing, you can try to speed up your Huawei phone by soft resetting with the steps below.

Press the Power/Lock Button for a few seconds > tap Turn off the phone on your screen> wait for a few seconds and turn your phone on.

Steps of Huawei Hard Reset via Setting

If the soft resetting doesn’t work, you can start to reset it to factory settings .There are more than a way to hard reset a Huawei phone. The most common way to reset a Huawei phone is operating in Settings menu. By this way, no third-party tools are needed, which means you can start the process directly following the guidance below.

Step 1 Open up the settings, then select Backup & reset.

Step 2 Find out the factory reset data and select it.

Step 3 A pop up will displayed to prompt you that the factory data reset will erase all data from your phone’s internal storage. If you are sure you have already backed up your data in Part 1, the final thing you need to do is tapping on the option Reset phone.

How to Hard Reset with Buttons when your Huawei Phone Dies

If your Huawei phone crashes, you will unable to operate soft reset. In that case, you have to have a hard reset.

Step 1 Switch off your phone.

Step 2 Press the following buttons at the same time: the power button, volume-up and home.

Step 3 After you see the Android Recovery Menu, find wipe data/factory reset by using volume up and down buttons.

Step 4 Select the option by pressing the power button.

Step 5 Wait for the following interface. Then select reboot system now. After the resetting process, your phone will be reset.

How to Reset a Huawei Phone that is locked

Although operating on Settings menu is the easiest way to reset a Huawei phone, if the phone is locked, you have to choose another way. If you have a Google account associated with your Huawei phone, you can use Android Device Manager to reset your phone without access.

Step 1 Visit Android Device Manager website.

Step 2 Sign in the Google account that's associated with your Huawei phone;

Step 3 After your phone displayed on the map, click the Erase option to factory reset your Huawei phone after you are ready.

Step 4 Read the warning message carefully and tap Erase again to trigger the factory reset process.

Above are the guidance to reset a Huawei phone. We hope that it can help you to solve the problem.

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