How to Recover WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Galaxy Phone

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

Have you ever deleted your WhatsApp messages by mistake? WhatsApp, as one of the most popular application in the social platforms, is getting more and more important in our daily communication, but sometimes, we might delete WhatsApp messages by mistake when we use our Samsung Galaxy Phone. So, if you have this problem, don’t worry, the following passage on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Samsung Galaxy Phone may figure out your problem.

Before introducing the method of recovering WhatsApp deleted messages, I would like to recommend you a kind of software called Android Data Recovery which is known as Samsung Data Recovery on helping you recover your deleted WhatsApp messages from your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

You may also want to know how to recover WhatsApp Messages on Android.

Android Data Recovery is a kind of fast, powerful and easy software to recover lost files in Android phone. You are able to recover all the lost deleted contacts, messages, messaging attachment, call history, gallery, picture library, music, video, document on Android phones. What’s more, no matter how broken your Android device is, Android Data Recovery can recover various lost files from it as long as it can be detected. With Android Data Recovery, you can recover all your lost files and deleted messages in a few minutes. That’s what Android Data Recovery can do. So, let’s go into our topic on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Samsung Galaxy Phone with it.

Step 1 You should download and install the software on your computer, and then launch the software.

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Step 2 Plug your Samsung Galaxy Phone into PC via USB cable, and choose Android Data Recovery from the interface.

Step 3 You need to open USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy Phone before the Android Data Recovery works to recover lost data. Then, a pop-up message box will appear, showing you how to open the USB debugging mode, and you just need to follow the instructions according to the pop-up message. After that, press OK on your computer.

Step 4 Android Data Recovery can detect all types of files from your Samsung Galaxy Phone. You can choose any files of WhatsApp that you'd like or what you want to recover, and then, press the Next button.

Step 5 Android Data Recovery needs to get privilege to scan files from your phone, so you should click Allow and make sure the request has been remembered forever when a pop-up message shows on your Samsung Galaxy Phone. If there is no such a pop-up message box appears, press Retry, then another pop-up message box will appear and ask you to install another app to help get access to your phone.

Step 6 After waiting a few minutes, Android Data Recovery will list the detail of your selected file type on the left. Press Recover button to save the WhatsApp messages you want on your computer. The selected files and messages will be retrieved and restored on your computer. Then, there will be pop-up folders which contains your restored files. So, remember the place where you restore your files on your computer, and you could check your messages whenever you want.

With Android Data Recovery, you can recover your deleted massages easily and almost all Samsung phone models are supported by it, including Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy C and Galaxy A. Moreover, this method of recovering WhatsApp messages can be not only used in Samsung Galaxy Phone, it is also suitable for HTC, LG and other Android phones. So, don’t hesitate to share this passage with your friends if you like this software, and let more and more people know this software if they have the same problem!

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