Virtual Hard Disk Recovery: How to Recover VHD File with ease

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A Virtual Hard Disk abbreviated as VHD is a crucial file of a computer system used by Microsoft virtual personal computers.

VHD is a file format while Microsoft virtual PC is a way of representing the VHD. The VHD file content is a hard disk drive that has been formatted. It also has elements such as computer partitions, the file system, and the booting record.

The VHD can also be described as a hard drive that is virtually created by a backup software for a PC.

Virtual Hard Disk Recovery

Some of the potential problems that may lead to loss of the VHD include attacks by virus, failure of the media used for storage, a malfunctioning of the software or a shutdown of the system in an improper way.

However, when any of the above happens, you do not have to be stressed as you can recover VHD file. The recovery process can follow the procedure outlined below:

The Process of VHD Recovery for a Deleted File

Download a third party data recovery tool. In this tutorial. We are going to download and use Data recovery. After you download, you will discover that it has quick and deep modes of scanning files. You can opt for the quick scan for this tutorial.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Once you have the data recovery tool installed in your computer, follow the below process carefully to recover the deleted, corrupted or damaged VHD file successfully.

  • Select the exact location where the VHD file was deleted. It can be removable storage or a local disk drive in your computer.
  • Click on the location of the exact file and command the Scan button.
  • Do the scanning for the entire device for storage to allow the data recovery tool to search the lost data thoroughly.
  • You will get a result indicating deleted files. The file contains all the files which have been deleted.
  • Have a preview of the files in the folder and find the files you want to recover by making a follow-up on their paths.
  • In our case, find the VHD file and click on the Recover button.
  • If there is any other file you are interested in recovering, you can select it and retrieve it here.

If the quick scanning mode fails to work, try the deep mode of the data recovery tool.

The Process of Recovering Damaged or Corrupted VHD Files

If the file still exists on the computer, but it is not working, the chances are that it is corrupted or damaged. In this case, you can opt to follow any of the following processes involving different software to repair and recover the VHD file.

1. VHD Recovery through Creating Virtual Machines

Follow the procedure below to come up with a virtual machine:

  1. Establish a new server and add a fresh disc on it.
  2. Click settings and then choose the drive you have created.
  3. Surf it to the VHD file that needs repair.
  4. Open wizard of the virtual disc and chose a compact option.
  5. Convert it to the fixed size alternative.
  6. Save it afresh.
  7. After the compacting, then attach the new file to the initial server.

2. Recovery through Microsoft Tool for VHD

To recover the VHD through the Microsoft tool for VHD, follow the below process:

  1. Download executable Microsoft Virtual Hard Disc file.
  2. Run that file as the new admin.
  3. Run the execution line of command.
  4. The Microsoft tool automatically runs the VHD through a scanning process to repair it.

3. Windows Powershell Recovery

The recovery works through checking the VHD file integrity. It happens by use of a Windows Powershell. It helps you to attach your VHD file in its root folder and thereafter running the CHKDSK command.

  1. Run the check disk command using the Powershell.
  2. Change details to suit your need.
  3. Select the VHD file you wish to mount on PowerShell.
  4. Mount the file.
  5. Run the check disc command, and this checks the file integrity.

These are the significant ways in which the Virtual Hard Disc can be recovered. It does not matter whether it was deleted, attacked by a virus, destroyed through malfunctioning of the system or the failure of the media used for its storage.

You only need to follow the above simple steps to get back your important files. In case you experience some difficulty in programming commands for some of the execution commands, nothing should worry you. There are better alternatives above that do not use the commands.

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