How to Recover Photos From A Disabled iPhone Without Backup

Last Updated on February 11, 2022 by Jack Robertson

When an iPhone is disabled because of entering the wrong passcode for times, dropping into water, unresponsive screen, or unsuccessful update or jailbreak, it’s vital to recover photos from the disabled iPhone since fixing it may lead to data loss.

It’s pretty messed up if you’ve never made backup before, you cannot recover your photos from a previous backup file.

However, there are methods to recover photos from a disabled iPhone without backup. Check out the following contents and find yourself the most suitable solution for recovering your precious photos.

Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone Without Backup

Method 1 Recover photos from a disabled iPhone without backup via

As long as you’ve signed in an Apple ID and turned on iCloud on the disabled iPhone, your photos on the iPhone will be automatically synced to And you can easily recover your photos from there, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Log in

Find a computer or another handset/tablet, open a browser, visit, and log in with your account and password.

Step 2 Recover your photos

On, choose Photos from the listed icons. There, you can preview all the photos that are currently stored on your disabled iPhone.

iCloud Website Icon

You can select the photos you want to recover, and download them on a PC folder, or you can share them through email.

Method 2 Recover photos from disabled iPhone without backup via FoneLab

There are a lot of iOS data recovery tools on the market, here, you can try FoneLab to recover your photos from the disabled iPhone.

FoneLab is a professional iTunes alternative for iOS data managing and error fixing. You can use FoneLab to recover lost and hidden data from a disabled or normal iPhone and fix the disabled iPhone.

FoneLab 3 Modules

Step 1 Download FoneLab on your PC, launch it

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Connect your disabled iPhone to the PC

Use a USB cable to connect your device to the PC, make sure you have a stable connection during the process.

Step 3 Choose iOS Data Recovery

Three general modes are listed.

  • iPhone Data Recovery is to recover data from devices, iCloud & iTunes backup. 
  • iOS System Recovery is to fix iOS system errors on the device.
  • iOS Data Backup & Restore is to back up and restore data on a device.

Here, we will need iOS Data Recovery to recover photos from your disabled iPhone.

Step 4 Select the important photos and recover to the PC

On the interface, click Start Scan, FoneLab will get started to scan all the remaining data on the iPhone.

Recover From iOS Device Start Scan

Once the scan is completed, click on Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, and App Photo separately, all the photos on the disabled iPhone will be displayed under the 4 sections.

Select the photos you want to recover, you may choose to recover some other data as well, such as text messages, contacts, chatting history of some social media apps, etc.

Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone

Finish selecting the photos, click Recover, FoneLab will prompt you to choose a folder to store the photos or you can use the default one. Click OK to proceed, FoneLab will recover all the photos and transfer them to the folder.

After the process is complete, you can find those photos in the folder.

Method 3 Recover photos from a disabled iPhone via iTunes

If you’ve synced your disabled iPhone to iTunes before, you can try to back up your disabled iPhone with iTunes. After a successful backup, you can fix your disabled iPhone and restore the iTunes backup file to your iPhone, all the photos along with data will be recovered.

Step1 Connect your iPhone to the PC

Use a USB accessory and connect your device to the PC, iTunes will recognize your iPhone and launch automatically.

Step 2 Locate your disabled iPhone

On Devices, click the icon of your disabled iPhone, and get into Summary.

Step 3 Back up your iPhone

On the interface, go to Backups. Then, tick This Computer, iTunes will back up your data on your PC. Click Back Up Now, iTunes will start to save your data on this iPhone. Just wait for a while.

iTunes iPhone Backup Now

After the backup, you can send your device to repair. When it’s repaired, connect your iPhone to the PC and restore the date from the backup file. All the photos will be retrieved.

Method 4 Recover photos from a disabled iPhone via iCloud Auto Backup

If you’ve turned on iCloud Auto Backup on the disabled iPhone, then it will automatically back up all the data to iCloud when you charge, lock the iPhone, or connect it to WiFi.

In this case, you can choose to fix the disabled iPhone first, and then recover photos from an iCloud backup file.

Now, let’s try to fix the disabled iPhone.

When your iPhone is disabled for unsuccessful unlock or jailbreak, you can choose the fix your disabled iPhone with FoneLab. FoneLab can help you fix multiple iOS system errors and enable your iPhone.

Step 1 Launch FoneLab and connect your iPhone to the PC

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
Step 2 Choose iOS System Recovery

Here, to fix the error on the iPhone, we need to choose iOS System Recovery. Click Start to detect your iPhone.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery Detected

Step 3 Repair your iPhone

Once FoneLab detects the issue on your iPhone, you can click Fix to repair your iPhone. Two modes of repair are offered. Here, you need to choose the Advance mode to have a thorough repair.

Advanced Mode Download Firmware

On Advanced Mode, FoneLab will offer you some firmware for you to repair the device. Choose one, and click Fix, FoneLab will start to download the firmware and later fix your device.

Repairing iPhone Error

Step 4 Recover photos from a previous iCloud backup

When the repair is done, power on the iPhone and reactivate it. 

Follow all the onscreen instructions and reset up your iPhone, and when it comes to Apps & Data, choose Restore from iCloud Backup. Then, all the iCloud backup files will be listed, you can choose the latest one and restore it to the iPhone.

Apps And Data

Next, follow the instructions and finish the setup. After that, you can use your iPhone normally and the photos, as well as most data, will be recovered.

All the possible methods are listed for you, pick up one that is most suitable