Get Pictures off A Broken iPhone with/without Backup (Even It Won’t Turn on)

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Jack Robertson

There’s one thing that can turn heaven to hell - your iPhone is broken.

No matter sending it to repair or throwing it away, always remember to get your data out from this broken iPhone to avoid data loss and privacy leaks.

Be it the photos you take, the funny memes, some important screenshots, they’re in your iPhone’s Photos app now, get them off. And you can be relieved as they’re safe and sound.

You don’t have a backup for your iPhone photos? Don’t worry, I will show you methods that need no backup files. Read on and get your photos off this broken iPhone.

1. How to Recover Photos from Broken iPhone Without Backup

You don’t have any backup? Well, don’t worry, try this tool: echoshare iPhone Data Recovery.

What echoshare iPhone Data Recovery?

Being a perfect iPhone data saver, iPhone Data Recovery offers effective and handy data recovery services. With it, you can easily recover deleted or existing photos from your broken iPhone in seconds.

Can it recover Photos? Sure, screenshots, app photos, camera rolls, live photos, and even videos are supported. With barely a handful of clicks, you can get your precious photos off this broken iPhone without quality loss.

Useful as it is, now, let’s download it to your computer and get your photos off!

Recover with Win NOW Recover with Mac NOW Recover with Win NOW Recover with Mac NOW

Steps to Get Pictures Off a Broken iPhone

Step 1

Finish the download and installation, launch the app. Connect your iPhone to the computer Choose “Recover from iOS Device” and then tap on Start Scan.

Step 2

This scan is to find and display all the photos on your iPhone as well as other data. When it’s done, locate the Photos tab, there, you can find App Photos, Camera Roll, and Screenshots options. Tick all three of them and click Recover to get all iPhone photos off to your computer.

Or you can browse to select the exact photos you want to recover and leave the rest behind.


If you have made iTunes or iCloud backup before, this app can help you extract photos solely from the backup files. So, you don’t need to restore the whole backup file to another device.

2. How to Get Photos Off A Broken iPhone that Won’t Turn on

Let’s say you’re well prepared - always do a backup of your iPhone photos. In this case, you have nothing to worry about. Simply reset your broken iPhone to erase the current data. Then, send it to repair or get yourself a new iPhone.

When you have the iPhone back or the new iPhone is delivered, you can start to recover photos from your iTunes or iCloud backup to it. Check this out:

Step 1: Turn on the iPhone

Start the phone by pressing the Side Button and you will see the Hello screen.

Step 2: Activate this iPhone

While activating your iPhone, you will see a page - Apps & Data. And multiple options are on the screen. What you need to choose from are these two:

  • Restore from iCloud Backup;
  • Restore from Mac or PC.

Restore Photos from A Broken iPhone to Broken iPhone with iCloud

Choose Restore iCloud Backup. Log in to your iCloud account on this iPhone and select the exact iCloud backup file to restore to this iPhone.

Complete the process and your iPhone is loaded with all the photos you value.

Restore Photos from A Broken iPhone to Broken iPhone with iTunes

Choose Restore from iTunes Backup. Connect your iPhone to a computer, Mac or PC, that you make backup on.

Then, launch iTunes or Finder, choose Restore Backup. Browse and select the iTunes backup file you want to restore to this iPhone.

Finish the restore and you will have all the previous photos as well as other data on this iPhone.


Having a broken iPhone can be such torture as all the previous joy will be gone for a while. And worse still, without the correct methods, you may lose your precious data like the photos on this broken iPhone.

If you don’t want to say farewell to your photos and other important data, try the methods above and get your iPhone photos off.

By the way, if you plan to give this broken iPhone away or send it to repair, you must erase this device first. Otherwise, your data can easily browsed when the device is fixed.


1Can you back up an iPhone that won't turn on?

If your iPhone is completely dead, I’m sorry that there’s no available method to back it up. If you can manage to turn it on for even one minute, we can still back up the data on it completely.

So, how about you try to check the iPhone and make sure it’s not a serious hardware glitch?

Try these:

  • Check all the charging components, like the cable, the jack on your iPhone, the adapter, the wall socket, and the inductive charging pad. Make sure they all work well. If anyone of them is not working properly, change it and charge your iPhone.
  • Force restart your iPhone by pressing the Side button and the Volume Up button together for at least 10 seconds.
  • Is your iPhone water damaged? Try to fix it first.