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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger with 4 Methods

Last Updated on September 28, 2023 by Jason Ben

People delete Messages on Facebook Messenger for many reasons, for instance, to spare some storage on phone, to prevent other's reading some confidential messages, to remove some conversations that they think useless, to delete some text from someone you don't like.

As for me, I remember when someone bothered me so much that I just deleted our whole conversation on Facebook Messenger. Things have gotten more messy and distressing for some people thought I was not telling the truth about how a guy bugged me so much, which made me so upset. They told me to post screen-shots of his perverted messages to testify and so other people would be warned, too. I told them it would not be possible anymore for I have deleted the whole conversation already. Everyone heaved a deep sigh of hopelessness because no one knew how to recover deleted FB messages. We all thought that once it’s gone, it’s forever gone.

After a long-time investigation, I have found some approach to recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger. Let's read these guides and get back your facebook messages.

#1 Ask for the Person in the conversation to Send a Copy of Messages to You

Deleting a message or conversation in the Facebook Messenger app is a permanent and irreversible action designed for protecting your privacy by facebook inc. So, if you have a good relationship with the person who was included in the conversation that you deleted then just appeal to him/her for a copy of the messages. Well, I know you would have done that if you can do that. I just want to give you a reminder in case you don't realize there is such an easy way to recover deleted Messenger text.

#2 Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger with Facebook service

Facebook (Or META) has developed a bunch of features and services to back up the data of Facebook. Some will help us recover the deleted messages from Facebook Messenger. Compared to third-party solutions, these Facebook services are 100% free. However, they're not bound to be helpful. Some are demanding.

Anyway, they are worth a try. . You may sign into your Facebook on a computer or phone to test the recovery methods below.

1 Read Deleted Messenger Messages with Facebook Messenger Notification

Once enabled, Facebook will send notifications of Messenger messages to your email or SMS. Though the probability of reading deleted Facebook messages in the emails or SMS is rather low.

The Messaging under Facebook Notification feature must be turned on. Also, you were not using Facebook or Messenger when the message was sent. In these specific cases, you would get a copy of those messages in your Email or SMS inbox which is associated with your Messenger account.

You may check on your email or SMS inbox now. Look for any items that are sent from Facebook. Or you can activate this Facebook Notification feature now to make a backup of your Facebook messages.

Open Facebook.com with a web browser, go to Settings - Notifications. There, locate two tabs " Email" and "SMS". Depending on how you want to receive the notification, select the related tab to proceed.

Facebook Notification Settings

Take Facebook email notification as an example:

You need to select an Email Frequency.

  • If you want to be notified of everything that happens to your Facebook, tick All.
  • Just the Messages, tick Suggested. Then scroll down and make sure the Messaging option is on. Then, you can turn off other options if you don't want to receive notifications about them like Comments or Tags.
  • Tick Required notifications, Facebook will only send you the information about security, privacy, and other necessary issues. Messaging is excluded. This option is not suggested
Facebook Message Information Setup

2 View Deleted Messenger Messages by Download Facebook Data

Facebook provides an information download service that gives you to chance to have a copy of your Facebook data including DMs of Messenger. However, this download will only import the data that are currently saved or archived on your Facebook account.

Despite all this, you still have a chance to view deleted messenger messages since Facebook keeps deleted messages for an incognizable time. So, if you are lucky then you may be able to find those deleted Facebook Messenger messages in the downloaded Facebook information package.

Step 1

Login your Facebook account with a web browser, go to Settings - Your Facebook Information, select "Download Your Information". Then, a pop-up appears, hit Request a download to proceed.

Step 2

In the request box, you need to go through a series of setup. To begin with, select the target Facebook account that you want to download information from. Hit Next.

Then, decide the type of information to download. Browse on the information list and select Messages. Follow the instructions and complete the reset.

Step 3

Before you submit the request, select a time from the Date range option to make sure the messages you need will be copied. Hit Submit Request. Then, wait for a few hours or days (4 days at most). Then, Facebook will send you an HTML (a website). Access the website and download the information. Unzip the file and find the deleted Facebook messages.

Submit Request to Download Facebook Information

3 View Deleted Messenger Messages in Archived conversation

If the messages on Facebook are not deleted but archived, we can easily unarchieve the messages and make them display on Facebook again.

View Archived Messages on Android/iPhone: Launch the Messenger app and select Archived chats (To find this on Android Messenger, you need to hit Menu or Settings). Then, locate one archived conversation and hold it to tap Unarchive.

#3 Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger with iPhone Data Recovery

When the default solutions of Facebook fail to recover the deleted Facebook Messenger messages, you may consider turning to third-party recovery tools for help.

To recover deleted Facebook messages with iPhone Data Recovery is the most reliable way. This Facebook recovery tool will restore deleted data from the storage hardware instead of from the app itself.

Let me explain it in detail, when you are texting with your friends on Messenger on your iPhone, a file will be created to store those messages and will be saved in the storage hardware of your iPhone. When some messages are deleted, the files will be deleted by the system, while the files are still taking the space if no more space is needed by the system, so we can recover deleted Messenger messages by restoring those files from the hardware. And the best one to do this job is iPhone Data Recovery.

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#4 Recover Deleted (SMS/WhatsApp) Messages with Android Data Recovery

Yes, there are no tools out there that can assist you to recover deleted Facebook messages from Android devices directly. I will keep seeking and pay attention to some android data recovery updates, if Messenger messages are supported by them, You will be the first one to know. Now I want to introduce some article that you might be interested in: