Recover Lost/Deleted iPhone Data

How to Recover Lost iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery (2017 Update)

With iPhone, we communicate with our friends, keep ourselves online and updated with the latest news. While data loss happens to you when your iPhone is damaged, stolen, jailbreak or upgraded without backup.

Then You really need something to help you out of it since you have a lot of important thing there.

Well, whatever people need, they invent it. So here it comes the iPhone Data Recovery Software. You can recover your photos, videos, contacts, messages, call log, voice memos, calendar, notes, reminders and bookmarks. Yes, almost everything that is in your iPhone.

Then, you will ask if iTunes could do the same thing and it belongs to apple after all.

Let me explain. Every time you connect iPhone with iTunes, it will back up your files including everything that is for sure. But what if you must recover the data that haven’t been stored to your backup files? What if you have your iPhone jailbreak and something goes wrong? And What if you just need to recover part of data? Due to those circumstances, you need a tool which can recover data directly from your iPhone device and with which you could preview the lost data and pick those that you want to recover from backup. Then you surely need our iPhone Data Recovery Software, which can recover data from iTunes backup files as well.

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In the following part, I will show you how to recover data from iPhone with this tool. First, Of course, you need to install the software. There are three recovery mode for choice, we will explain them respectively.

Guide List:

  1. Recover iPhone Data from Device
  2. Recover iPhone Data from iTunes Backup
  3. Recover iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

1 Recover iPhone Data from Device

With Mode Recover from iOS Device, you are entitled to recover iPhone data from iPhone device directly. The software will scan your iPhone to retrieve lost data that caused by accidental deletion or any other reasons.

Before we get start, please make sure that the latest iTunes is installed and it is not turned on.

Step 1 Launch dr.fone on your computer and plug your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap to trust this computer on your iPhone.

Step 3 Your iPhone will be detected automatically and if it is necessary your will see an enter DFU mode onscreen instructions, just follow the steps to get iPhone into DFU mode.

Step 4 Select to Recover from iOS Device and click over Start Scan, be patient when the scanning and analytics are proceeding.

Step 5 All iPhone data will be sorted out by categories and you will see a filetype list on the left. Select those items that you want to recover and click over Recover. Don’t forget to choose iPhone or Computer to which you want data recovered.

2 Recover iPhone Data from iTunes Backup

Restore iPhone with iTunes is an easy process as we mentioned above. If you don’t want your new data overridden by an elder backup or you just assure that one iTunes backup contains data that you just lost or deleted. Then you should try to Recover iPhone Data from iTunes. This recovery mode allows you to recover your previous data by extracting files from iTunes backup. You can apply this recover mode to find your previous data that you failed to directly recover from your device, or the case is that your iPhone is stolen.

Step 1 Launch dr.fone on your computer. (Verify that you have iTunes Backup on This computer and iTunes is installed and turned off.)

Step 2 Go to Recover from iTunes Backup File and select an iTunes backup that contains the data you want to scan.

Step 3 After the scanning, tick on those items that you want and click Recover.

3 Recover iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

Recover lost data from iCloud is a practical alternative to recover iPhone data. If you have backed up your iPhone with iCloud, you will get your data back by extracting data from iCloud Backup.

Step 1 Launch dr.fone and choose Recover (Recover data from your phone), Select Recover from iCloud Backup File.

Step 2 Sign In iCloud with your Apple ID. Please do not connect iPhone to your computer during the whole process.

Step 3 Download a proper iCloud Backup and start scan the backup file. (It will take minutes for downloading)

Step 4 Preview all items listed and select those needed to be recovered, Click Recover (if you have plugged in your iPhone, you can choose to Recover to Device).

Try dr.fone - Data Recover for FREE Now!

Recover Lost Messages, Photos, Contacts, iMessage & more.

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