View and Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone (2022 Update)

Last Updated on October 25, 2022 by Jason Ben

Call History on iPhone contains many useful information, such as the name, the date and time when the call happen, the duration, and the phone numbers of a contact. With a call log, you can read a lot under the record. You can’t imagine if iPhone don’t store call history. Another thing that you may want to know is how to hear wife's call without her knowing.

Recover Deleted iPhone Call History

How to View iPhone Call History

Knowing how to view call history on your iPhone is important as well as how to recover lost call history on iPhone, since sometimes you thought you lost them while in fact you just can't find them. To check all your iPhone call log, just tab on the Phone app, then select Recent tab at the bottom. You will see that all call records for single number are merged together, if you want to view the details just tap on the info icon to learn more.

How Many Call Log iPhone Stores for you

iPhone can save up to 1000 call logs for you into the device. "No, I don't that many records". Yes, indeed, you can't view those all 1000 call logs since iPhone only display the last 100 call logs. This setting is stipulated from iPhone 3G and mofidication is forbiden. You can consider it as a weird stipulation while you don't know what to do with it.

The good news is you still have a trick to view those undisplaying call logs on your iPhone. The secret is to delete some call history of numbers that you don't need, and the most recent hidden ones will be listed out, in which way you can get back some "lost" call logs, although it is exhausting.

Can I Recover those iPhone Call History that Deleted Intentionally

Sometimes, some iPhone call logs are deleted on purpose, and of course you want to get those call logs back, since call logs can value a lot. Especially, when you want to find out if your husband is cheating on you and deleting those phone call with mistress. Besides, you may need to read cheating spouse text messages.

With the official way to restore deleted call logs on your iPhone, you have to opportunely have an backup file that contains those deleted call logs and you have to restore your whole iPhone to the backup. I would say it is completely not a feasible way. To recover those deleted call logs on iPhone, the best way is to use a third-party recovery tool,with which you don't want to restore your iPhone.

To retrieve deleted call logs on your iPhone device, I will show you how to use iPhone Data Recover to get deleted or lost call logs back. Please keep it mind that the recovered call logs will not be restored to your iPhone, but to your computer in a form of a txt or csv instead. Besides, you can also extract those lost call history from an iTunes or iCloud Backup that you made before.

This tool is very easy to use, first you need to install the application with the download buttons as below. Then launch the program and follow the on-screen instruction to connect your iPhone device. Then you can choose to recover call history from the device, iCloud or iTunes. In majority of cases, no valid backup is available, so just select to recover from device and follow the steps to get things back.

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The sooner you start to use this tool, the most possibility you can get back iPhone call history, since the storage can be overwritten. So Recover now!

Another Way to View Lost iPhone Call History

Besides you iPhone, another one that will surely have full records of your call logs is the mobile service provider. Carriers like AT&T and Metro PCS in US, they offer the access to customer's long-term call logs and even SMS records. So you could just turn to your provider and see if they offer a simple way for you to view your complete call logs. I assure you that most mobile carriers have similar service. You may want to read: view Sprint call logs, view T-Mobile call history, view Metro PCS call history.

FAQsThis is the title

1Why my Old Call History disappear automatically?
Apple set the call history showing limit to the last 100 records, which means when you have 100 call logs, every time you have a new call, the oldest one will be deleted automatically.
2Can I set the Call History Limit over 100 or disable the auto-deletion?
No, you can’t. There are no options available for you to modify this setting. While there is still a little trick for you to show couple records right before the last call log that you can see. This trick is very easy, since the limit is 100, you can delete some logs that you don’t need, then some elder record will appear to fill up the list. It is a good way when you just want to see the call history that is just hidden. If you want to see those older call histories, you can try to use the iPhone data recovery tool that told in this article.
3Why my iPhone is not showing recent Calls?
There are many reasons can cause Call History not showing recent calls. Such as iOS upgrade error and restoring error from iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup. Accordingly, you can have some solutions that you can try to fix the problem, such as, enable Set Automatically option in Date&Time, reboot your iPhone, turn Airplane Mode on and off, reset Network Settings, free-up Memory Space, or restore your device.