How to Recover Deleted or Lost Call History on iPhone (2022 Update)

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Jason Ben

Call History on iPhone contains many useful information, such as the name, the date and time when the call happen, the duration, and the phone numbers of a contact. With a call log, you can read a lot under the record. You can’t imagine if iPhone don’t store call history.

And sometimes, you may find your call history lost or deleted due to iOS update, system error, or mistaken-deletion, and of course you want to get those call logs back, since call logs can value a lot, especially if those call are from our business cooperators. You surely don’t want to lose your job, right?

Recover Deleted iPhone Call History

So, can you retrieve those deleted Call History back to your iPhone? I have to say that the possibility of recovering lost call is quite high.

Can I Recover Lost Call History on iPhone?

There are so many ways that you can recover Call log on your iPhone and the ways to restore are depending on the specific situations that you are in. If you just deleted some call logs on your iPhone for privacy concern and now you want to get them back. I will suggestion you to recover those records with third-party call history recovery tools, in which way you don’t have to restore your whole iPhone before the moment that you deleted the records, and as you already know that restore the whole iPhone will lead to the loss of other new data that recent generated. While if the call history loss is caused by iOS update or iOS error, and all other data are removed simultaneously, the better option will be to restore your iPhone with a back up that you made with iTunes or iCloud.

In the following part, we will talk about the methods to recover deleted or lost Call History directly on your iPhone device.

Steps to Recover Deleted or Lost Call History Directly from iPhone Device

To directly retrieve those call logs on your iPhone device, you need to utilize a data recovery tool for iOS tool. Here in the article, I will show you how to use iPhone Data Recover to get your lost data including all deleted or lost call logs back. Please keep it mind that the recovered call logs will not be restored to your iPhone, but to your computer in a form of a txt or csv instead. Besides, you can also extract those lost call history from an iTunes or iCloud Backup that you made before.

Let’s get into the detailed procedure.

Step 1 Install our iPhone Data Recovery on your Computer, you have Windows and macOS versions available.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Make sure that your iPhone has enough power and connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. Your iPhone will be detected and display on the interface of the program, Click Start Scan.

UtlData Select Call History to Recover from iPhone

Step 3 After the data analysis, all the found lost call records will list. Just select Call History category in the left menu column. Now you can preview all the found call history including those deleted and those exist. Simply choose the Show Deleted Only option, you can only browse those are deleted.

Step 4 Select those call logs that you want to recover and click Recover button on the right-bottom.

Besides, you can also retrieve lost call logs from backups with iCloud or iTunes.

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Call History by Extracting from iCloud Backup

It will be so lucky of you to have the habit to back up your iPhone with iCloud. Thus, you can try to recover deleted iPhone Call History by extracting those lost Call history from your iCloud Backup files, or you can even restore all those call logs back to your iPhone.

Here, we will talk about extracting deleted call history from iCloud backup for viewing not back to your iPhone device, since restore iCloud Backup will overwrite all content on your iPhone.

Let’s see how we can do it with the same tool that we mentioned above.

Step 1 Launch the program on your computer.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 On the interface of the program, navigate to Recover from iCloud.

UtlData for iOS - Recover from iCloud

Step 3 Log into your iCloud account. And you have no need to worry about your personal privacy, since your account will not be recorded and will be used to sign into iCloud service only. After you type in your account, you might be asked to enter the verification code of Two-Factor Authentication.

UtlData for iOS - Sign in iCloud Verification Code

Step 4 On the data recovery source options page, choose iCloud Backup, you will see all the backups that you have created, pick one that contains the call logs that you need to recover. And start to download.

Step 5 After the downloading, the program will automatically start to analyze the backup file. And then all data in the backup will be extracted and listed in types.

Step 6 Move to Call History and select those deleted call log that you need and click to recover.

You will have those deleted or lost call records in text. Just read it and find out the call log that you are looking for. Well, there is still a chance that you are not able to recover call history on your iPhone. The good news is almost all cellular carriers keep calling records on their ends and you can view those calling histories online.


Why my Old Call History disappear automatically?

Apple set the call history showing limit to the last 100 records, which means when you have 100 call logs, every time you have a new call, the oldest one will be deleted automatically.

Can I set the Call History Limit over 100 or disable the auto-deletion?

No, you can’t. There are no options available for you to modify this setting. While there is still a little trick for you to show couple records right before the last call log that you can see. This trick is very easy, since the limit is 100, you can delete some logs that you don’t need, then some elder record will appear to fill up the list. It is a good way when you just want to see the call history that is just hidden. If you want to see those older call histories, you can try to use the iPhone data recovery tool that told in this article.

Why my iPhone is not showing recent Calls?

There are many reasons can cause Call History not showing recent calls. Such as iOS upgrade error and restoring error from iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup. Accordingly, you can have some solutions that you can try to fix the problem, such as, enable Set Automatically option in Date&Time, reboot your iPhone, turn Airplane Mode on and off, reset Network Settings, free-up Memory Space, or restore your device.