You can recover lost or deleted voice records on iPhone, Android phone, computer or real voice recorder with simple and safe method.

Voice Recorder Recovery Software – How to Recover Deleted Voice Record

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What is voice recording?

Voice recording means recording your voice with some software or devices. You can record your voice on phone or on any voice recorder. In the case of phone there can be two platforms. The iOS and Android platform. And many people use a voice recorder to record their voices and event such as journalist.

Recover Voice Recording

How can you lose your voice recordings?

You can face many situations where you may lose your voice recordings. Your phone or your voice recorder’s memory may get corrupted or you may have accidentally deleted the file. There can be many causes that can make you lose your voice recordings. However, it’s really bad to lose your voice recordings. But you can get back all your voice recordings through a modern software.

How to get back your deleted voice recordings?

With the help of a voice recorder recovery software, you can get back your lost recordings. Data recovery software can recover your lost recordings. This software uses deep scan technology to recover your lost files. The entire process of data recovery is given below.

How to recover voice recording from voice recorder with data recovery.

At first, you have to visit above link to download the software. There are two versions. One is free and another is the paid version. You can choose any of these versions. Install the software on your computer.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Then, connect your voice recorder to your computer (via USB). Or, if your recorder has TF card or SD card, you can take our the card and connect it to computer with a USB card reader. Now, open the software. After this you can select the new drive (it’s your voice recorder). and you should also select the voice recording file types on your computer.

Now, start the scanning process. After few moments, you can see the list of your lost files. Choose your audio recording files.

Then. there will be a Recover button. You should click it to recover your files.

How to recover voice recording from iPhone with iPhone data recovery (voice recorder app)

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 1 Download the data recovery software and install it on your computer.

Step 2 Now, with the help of an USB cable, you have to connect your iPhone with your computer.

Step 3 Your computer will detect the iPhone and you can see it on your computer. There will be an extra drive on your computer.

Step 4 After this, you have to open the FoneLab software. There you can see iTunes files (back up).

Step 5 Now, choose your backup files and begin the scanning process to recover your voice recordings.

Step 6 After some moments this software will show you the list of your back up files. You should choose your file types and then you can see a recovery button.

Step 7 You have to click on the recovery button to recover your voice recording files.

How to recover your voice recording from the android phone (Voice recorder app)

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 1 At first you have to visit the above link and download Android Data Recovery software on your computer.

Step 2 Then, you have to install it on your computer.

Step 3 After that, you have to connect your android phone with your computer (through USB).

Step 4 Android Data Recovery will detect your android phone.

Step 5 Here, you may have to start a mode for debugging.

Step 6 After finishing the debugging process, you can proceed. (click ok)

Step 7 Now, choose your voice recording file types. Then you can start the process for scanning.

Step 8 When the scan gets completed, you can see the list of files. You have to select your files and then you can see the Recover button. Click on this button to recover your voice recording files.

Data recovery is a wonderful software. It’s easy to use. Just visit the site to recover all types of voice recorded files.

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