How to Recover Permanently Deleted Videos on Android (Samsung Included)

Last Updated on February 6, 2023 by Jack Robertson

We store videos on our Android phones. It may be the beautiful views that you record, the remarkable moments that you don’t want to let go, the interesting videos you shoot for TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter. Not just the videos we take with the camera, but it can also be the funny videos we download from YouTube and TikTok or receive from friends.

With them stored on the Android Gallery app, we can watch them whenever we want. Just launch the app, tap on the exact video and stream it.

While videos take larger space in your Android internal storage, you may always delete those videos that you don’t want. Note that if you accidentally delete some previous videos, don’t worry. You can recover them from the Recently Deleted folder on the Gallery app.

Even though you empty the Recently Deleted folder, there’re still chances to get your videos back. It may take some effort, but you will restore your deleted videos back to your Android! Continue the reading and let’s get to know more.

Discussion: Can You Recover Deleted Videos on Android (Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc)

Whatever brand your phone is, Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, or Pixel, you can always find a Recently Deleted album in your Photos or Gallery app. This is where the deleted videos will be saved in the first place, you can go to this app and recover the videos.

If you empty it, the videos will be permanently gone. In this case, you have two options:

So, if you’ve enabled any backup services, like Google Backup, Google Photos, Samsung Cloud, use them to recover your videos. No backup, apply to third-party data recovery software.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Videos on Android Through Recently Deleted Folder

Just delete your videos from your Android? Easy, let’s go to your Gallery app, or Photos app. Tap on Albums from the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and find the Recently Deleted folder.

Tap on it and you will see all the deleted videos on this Android phone. Browse and select the target video, long press on it and choose to recover it.

Method 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Videos on Android through Phone Storage

If the video is permanently deleted:

  • Empty the Recently Deleted folder or;
  • The video is not stored in the Gallery app.

We can download an Android video recovery program to restore it from internal memory. The Android video recovery apps can scan through the storage of your Android, find the caches of the target video, and finally recover it from the caches.

A leading icon of Android video recovery app is the UltData for Android. This is a handy and efficient program that can help you recover any permanently deleted videos from Android.

With it, you don’t need to worry about losing your videos and other data as well. Indeed, UltData for Android can recover more than videos. Photos, audio, documents, notes, contacts, message and message attachments are all supported.

Now, download this program and let’s start to restore videos from your Android, be it Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel, Oppo. Vivo, Xiaomi, or anything.

Steps to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos from Android

To begin with, download and install UltData for Android on your computer. Just follow the installation wizard and finish the process.

Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now

Step 1 Run a scan on your Android phone

Launch UltData for Android on your computer. Choose Recover Lost Data.

Next, it prompts you to connect your Android to the computer. Connect it anyway, and note that you may need to enable USB Debugging on your Android if you’ve never done that before.

Don’t worry, UltData will tell you how, just follow the screenshots on its interface to enable that option.

Once enabled, UltData will display all the supported data types for you, choose Videos and click Start. UltData will start to scan all deleted video files.

Step 2 Recover deleted videos for Android

When the scan is complete, you’re available to browse all the detected videos and select the ones that you need. And click the Recover button to retrieve them back to your Android phone.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Videos on Samsung Through Backup

If you’re using a Samsung phone, be it old models like Galaxy S5/6/7/8, or the latest Galaxy S22 or A53, Samsung Cloud can be a perfect tool to get deleted videos back.

Samsung Cloud is the official and default backup service of all Samsung phones once it’s launched. It backs up your whole gallery app when you activate it on your Samsung. So, you can easily recover deleted videos from it.

Check these out:

On your Galaxy, go to Settings, tap on Accounts and backup, choose Samsung Cloud to proceed.

Then, scroll down and find Restore Data, Next, choose Current device to restore deleted videos on this Samsung. Tap Restore to get them back to your Samsung phone.

Wait for a little while Samsung Cloud will get your videos back soon.


Samsung users can use Samsung Cloud to get the video back from backup. Many other Android brands have their own backup services as well. OnePlus users can use the OnePlus Drive, and Xiaomi users can use the Mi Cloud, etc.

Method 4: Recover Deleted Videos on All Android Through Google Backup

Apart from every phone brand’s official backup service, Google Backup is the recommended data backup and restore tool for all Androids. It has an auto-backup feature that saves your data, especially your videos to the cloud. Now, let’s get the deleted videos back from it.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from Google to Android

Though Google Backup is such an awesome tool for backup, it's definitely not when it comes to restoring data. Because you need to reset your Android first. Otherwise, you can’t get the access to restore data from the Google backup. Of course, a new Android phone that has never been used before will do as well.

Step 1 Reset your Android

On your Android phone, go to Settings - System/Reset/Data&Reset (it differs from devices) - Reset/Factory Reset. Put this Android to factory settings then. If you’re using a new Android, skip this anyway.

Step 2 Set up the Android

Launch the Android after reset. Set it up. Then, go to the Settings app. Find Google. Log in to your Google account there.

Next, Google will prompt you to choose a previous backup to this Android. Choose the one you need and wait for the completion.

Method 5: Fine and Recover Deleted Videos/Photos from Google Photos

Some people will download the Google Photos app on Android and back up all the image files with it. Google Photos is the official photo and video backup and restore tool offered by, of course, Google. With it, all your photos and videos will be saved to the cloud automatically once it’s active. We can restore our videos from it as well!

Step 1

Launch the Google Photos app on your Android.

Step 2

Locate the target videos on Google Photos’ list. You can find them if it hasn’t updated its backup record.

If you can’t find them from the albums. Go to the Trash album. You will find the videos there as long as it’s been deleted for less than 30days.

Step 3

Lastly, long press on the video(s) and download it to your Android. Or it’s in the Trash folder, move it back to the original place and recover it to Android.


1Are permanently deleted photos/videos gone forever?

Not really. It depends on the time and tools you're about to use.

If the videos or photos have been deleted for months or years, then, it's very unlikely to get them back. And you can say they're forever gone.

But if the videos and photos have been deleted for only minutes, hours, days, weeks, we can use a video/photo recovery program and recover them back to the phone.