[5 Methods] How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android in 2023

Last Updated on April 21, 2023 by Joanna Lake

Besides messages and chat history, photos and videos that are shot on our phone can be the most important data that we would want to lose. What if a photo loss did happen to you? You will be depressed and eager for those photos back.

Luckly, all android phones have a trash folder in your gallery where you can get those photos that were trashed recently. However, if you could not find the photos, then it could be a little tough to get those lost images back.

Here are several possible ways to get the deleted photos from your Android phone:

Now, go with us, we will show those methods one by one.

Method 1 Recover Deleted Android Photos from Device

Android Data Recovery will be the best option for you to retrieve your lost or deleted photos, Actually you don’t have many choices. It can help you recover deleted or lost data (including photos) from your Android phones by scanning the storage hardware. Meanwhile, it offers great speed of analysis and searching with the ability to scan 1000+ photos on your phone in a few seconds.

Moreover, besides photos, you are able to recover the lost WhatsApp messages, contacts, videos, audios, and documents from your Android devices. What’s more, it supports most Android versions including Android 12 and most Android phone models.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos with Android Data Recovery:

Step 1: Download and Install the Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery (Win)
Android Data Recovery (Mac)
iOS Data Recovery (Win)
iOS Data Recovery (Mac)

Step 2: Open the program, and select Recover Lost Data.

Step 3: Connect your Android phone to the computer with a cable, if you find the USB debugging sign showing on your phone, touch Allow.

Suppose you haven’t find the prompt, then you need to manually turn on USB Debugging:

Step 4: Then choose Photos as the type of the data you want to recover, select the Start button.

Step 5: It will scan all the photos on your Android phone including the deleted photos.

Step 6: Select those you want and click the Recover button. There is a window prompt, choose a location for it and click the OK button.

Step 7: After that, choose the Recover button, the deleted photos will be stored on your PC, then you can transfer them to your Android phones.

Once it is done, you will be able to view deleted photos on your Android phone.

Method 2 Recover Deleted Android Photos from Cloud Backup

Similar to iCloud for iPhone, you can see Samsung Cloud, OnePlus Cloud and Xiaomi Cloud, they all give you the function to make a backup for your phone data, including photos of course. If you have once backed up your phone to the cloud service, lucky you, you have a big chance to restore those deleted photos from your online backup file.

The steps will be different between phone brands. Let's take Samsung, for instance, to show you the steps to restore deleted photos from a cloud backup.

1. Open the Settings app, touch your name on the top. Hit Samsung CloudRestore Data.

2. Hit a backup, then choose photos and press the Restore button.

3. Tap Install when you see a window pop-up. Then the backup will begin to download, you will see Done when it ends, hit it. After that, the deleted photos will be stored in the Gallery app.

You can also login to Samsung Cloud on a browser and download the photos that you want.

Method 3 Recover Deleted Android Photos from SD Card

There are still many android phones that have a microSD card slot, allowing you to expand your phone’s storage. It would be so lucky for you to have a SD card in your phone that stores photos, since recovering lost photos from a SD card is much easier than from an android device, after all, you don’t have to deal with the USB Mode and Rooting stuff.

SD Card Data Recovery is a disk recovery tool that aims to recover the deleted data (such as photos, files, songs, etc) on your computer, including the connected USB drive and SD card.

No matter what accident leads to the data loss, SD card Data Recovery will help you get back data. Meanwhile, it will help you organize those data in categories, so it will be easy to find lost photos and recover them at a time.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos with SD card Recovery:

Step 1: Take out the SD card from your Android Phone, insert it to an SD card reader and connect it to your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Install SD Card Data Recovery, the application will be open automatically afterward.

Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download

Step 3: On the main screen, tick the checkbox of USB devices/SD Card. Then select Image and click Next.

Step 4: Check your reader in the Removable Drives column and select the Scan button

Step 5: It may take some time to scan the SD card, please be patient and you will be shown with all deleted or lost pictures. Select those you need and click the Recovery button to get them back.

Method 4 Recover Deleted Android Photos from Cloud Storage

Assuming that you have uploaded your Android phone photos to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, then you can download the relevant app to get the photos or download the Photos to your PC, and then drag them to your Android devices.

Let’s see how we can get the photos back from Google Drive.

Step 1: Open Google Drive on a browser, and sign in to your Google account. Then go to the folder that contains your Android phone photos.

Step 2: Select the photos you want, click the three dot button and choose Download. After setting a folder location, the photos will be instantly downloaded.

Method 5 Recover Deleted Android Photos from Social Media Apps

Another possible way to recover deleted photos from an Android phone is to download them from your social media since we may have shared some photos as a post on instagram story, and it will be a good way to save those pictures.(While the quality will be lower than before.)

Take a screenshot on your post, or maybe you can install an instagram photos downloader app and save the posts.

What’s more, you can download photos on Facebook by selecting the photos and clicking the three dot icon ⟶ Download. After that, the deleted photos will be stored on PC, you can 1-click to import to Android phone with Android Transfer.


Accidentally deleted photos are a common threat for us. It will be worse when it’s unable to restore in the deleted folder.

However, it is still possible to get the photos. For example, you can still get those photos from a backup, cloud drive, social media apps.

To recover deleted data, Android Data Recovery, a data recovery program, is useful and helpful. I have already used it to get back my photos. I want to recommend it to all of you. If your android phone is broken or lost, you can plug your SD card to a PC and retrieve photos from the SD card with Data Recovery.


11. Where deleted photos will go on Android?

The deleted photos will be stored in the Recently deleted folder for 30 days: Open the Photos app and you will see them. Hence, you can get the deleted photos in 30 days by yourself.

If you have deleted the photos in the Recently folder or the photos have been permanently removed after 30 days, deleted photos will be hidden on your device before it is replaced by other data.