How to Recover Deleted Pages Document on Mac – 3 Methods

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

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Mac users use pages application to create word documents. Pages for Mac is the most utilized program for word processing by Mac users. It offers many outstanding functionalities such as grammar checks, spelling checks, and style sheets among other features. Despite the advanced security features of Mac books that protect your data and information from being lost, sometimes we delete pages documents accidentally due to several reasons. Some reasons are accidental while others are related to technical issues. A technical problem might be a faulty drive volume that has been formatted accidentally. One might also lose the documents after clearing the trash bin containing the vital pages document(s). These are a few of the reasons that can make one lose critical documents. However, one should not panic because the following pro tips on how to recover pages can help you recover deleted pages document.


Recover Pages Using Aiseesoft Data Recovery Software for Mac

Aiseesoft Data Recovery Software for Mac is a handy and powerful program that can be used to restore and recover deleted pages documents. The program is also fast, and this saves you the time you will have to wait for the recovery process to finish.

– Download Aiseesoft Data Recovery Software for Mac and install it in the Mac book computer. If the computer does not permit the installation of the program, go to System Preferences, then Security and Privacy, then General, and Allow Applications Downloaded from Anywhere.

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Interface of Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery

– Launch the program and from the main window where you are prompted to select the type of file, check the Documents option and leave the other options unchecked. Choosing Documents saves you time because only the deleted documents will be scanned.

– Click on Start to initiate the recovery process.

– Select the volume that was containing the missing pages document and click on Scan to retrieve the deleted pages document.

Select Recover Data from Mac Internal Hard Drive

– After the scanning process, select the pages document that you want to restore from the scan results and click Recover to save the document to a drive in your Mac computer.


Recovering a Recently Deleted Pages Document

It is possible to recover a recently deleted pages document or an entire folder with the following steps:

– Launch the pages application on your iPhone.

– Click on the Documents option at the top-left corner to have a look at all your saved documents.

– To see the Location list, tap on the link on the top corner.

– Click on the Recently Deleted option in the Location list.

– To retrieve one pages document, tap and hold the name of the document, lift your finger and click Recover on the menu that pops up.

– To recover more than one pages document, click on Select on the top-right corner and choose the documents you want to recover and tap Recover.

– To get the details of the pages document you wish to retrieve, tap and hold the name of the document, lift your finger and click on info to see the details of the document.

– If you cannot access the deleted files from the Location list, tap on the Browse or Recent options to search for it. If you still cannot access the document, ask the sender to resend another document to you.


Recover Pages Using the Time Machine Backup

The Time Machine Backup can be a real life-saver when you accidentally delete critical documents. Use the Time Backup Machine to retrieve your file(s) as explained below:

– Using the menu bar shortcut, enter the Time Machine. Alternatively, you can tap on System Preferences then Time Machine and click on the Show Time Machine in the menu bar.

– After opening the Time Machine, navigate to the folder that contained the pages document that you want to restore and open it.

– Using the dial navigator on the right, move back through time until you see the pages document(s) in the folder.

– Click on the document to select it and tap on Restore at the bottom of the interface to retrieve it from backup.

– In case you want to restore multiple pages documents, select them by holding down the Command key and tap Restore to recover them.


In conclusion, understanding how to recover deleted pages document on Mac is very important as it ensures that lost critical documents can be restored quickly if need be.