How to Recover Deleted iMessage on iPhone with or without Backup?

iMessage is a free and cool instant message service from Apple that designated to provide Apple devices users a better alternative to other IMs. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac or even iPod touch, you can easily log in iMessage (or signed in to the iTunes & App Store) with your Apple ID, then you are able to use iMessage to contact your friends (You must make sure that your friend is an Apple User and she/he have installed iMessage App on his/her device AND iMessage is activated).

Recover Deleted iMessage on iPhone

With iMessage we can send messages freely instead of using text message via telecom providers, because of which iMessage is quite popular among iPhone users. With iMessage they communicate with each other, they share photos in iMessages and they share interesting Apps with each other. Taking that into our consideration, losing iMessage history is definitely a disaster. We did lose our iMessage for accidental deletion, iOS Error or Factory Resetting iPhone.

When you can’t read and view your iMessage chat history, you lose a lot of things - memories, import work information, evidence or just some recommended items from your friends.

Can I Recover Deleted iMessage? You would ask. The Answer is Yes!

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So How to Recover Deleted iMessage? Today I will introduce three ways for you to restore deleted iMessages and iMessage attachments such as images and documents.

Guide List:

  1. Recover Deleted/Lost iMessages on iPhone/Without Backup
  2. Retrieve Deleted/Lost iMessages from iTunes Backup
  3. Retrieve Deleted/Lost iMessages from iCloud

If you don’t want to see this long article you can check our guide: How to Recover iPhone Data.

1 How to Recover Deleted/Lost iMessages on iPhone Without Backup

Deleted important iMessages careless and you find that you don’t have a valid backup for it? How to recover iPhone iMessages without Backup? No panic, just stop frequently using your iPhone and follow steps as below, you will find back your deleted iMessages in minutes. Now Let’s start our work.

Step 1 Install our iMessage Recovery as above on your computer, Install the latest iTunes or update iTunes to the up-to-date version (We are using iTunes when making this tutorial).

Step 2 Launch dr.fone on your PC with keeping iTunes turned off. Click on Recover Module on the start interface of dr.fone. A new window will pop out where you can choose to recover iOS data or recover Android data (if you haven’t turn off iTunes, you will get an alert pop-up box here, just follow the guide to close iTune and move on). Here we gonna choose Recover iOS Data by click over its box.

Step 3 It is time for your iOS device, just connect your iPhone with PC and Tap to trust this PC on iPhone. Your iPhone will be detected and connected afterwards automatically.

Step 4 Once the connecting process is finished, you will see a form that let you choose data to recover. Just tick Messages & Attachments and keep others un-ticked. Then start to scan.

Step 5 It will take you sometime to analyze the device, and scanning process will start when it is done. Then finally you will have all your deleted messages listed, just select those you want to recover and click Recover. You will also find all lost iMessage attachments including photos, video and audios, XLS and PDF.

Easily you get all your lost iMessages back.

2 How to Retrieve Deleted/Lost iMessages from iTunes Backup

If you have backed up iPhone with iTunes or couldn’t find back iMessage via the method above. You should try to Recover iMessage from Backup. No iTunes backup? Try iCloud Backup instead. Want to Recover iMessage with iTunes Backup you must have installed iTunes and for better recovery rate, you should upgrade iTunes to the latest version.

Please do not plug in your iPhone to computer during the whole process.

Step 1 Install dr.fone, launch it and keep iTunes closed. Select Recover (Recover data from your phone) -> Recover iOS Data (in the pop up window). Choose to Recover from iTunes Backup File.

Step 2 Pick a backup due to date and start scan.

Step 3 Select Messages on the left list and preview all messages, then choose message to recover by click recover button on the right bottom.

3 How to Retrieve Deleted/Lost iMessages from iCloud

Is there a way to recover iMessage when fail to recover from iPhone and iTunes backup? Sure, you have iCloud, the best backup option for iPhone users. Now we will talk about how to recover iMessages from iCloud Backup.

Step 1 Install iPhone Data Recovery, launch it and keep iTunes closed. Select Recover (Recover data from your phone) > Recover iOS Data (in the pop up window). Choose to Recover from iCloud Backup File.

Step 2 Sign In iCloud with your Apple ID. Fail to Login? And get and alert – “Verification failed, the internet connection appears to be off line.” You must turn off the two-factor authentication. Please Note that we take your privacy seriously and we Never keep records of any Apple account information or content during your recovery.

Step 3 Select a backup to download and choose only Message & Attachment to download.

Step 4 After downloading and analyzing backup file, you will see all your messages backed up. Just select those you need and click Recover to computer.

That’s it. I hope that you have get your deleted iMessages conversation back. If you have any further question during the whole process, please do not hesitate to leave me a message as below. I will read all messages that you leave and reply asap.

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