How to Recover Deleted Google Chrome Bookmark on Mac – 3 Methods

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

recover deleted bookmarks chrome mac

A bookmark is an address of a website or online site that helps you access the website/site faster in the future. To bookmark a site is to save the URL of that site in your browser so that you can access it later without much trouble. The bookmark option has been integrated into most browsers to allow us to organize, sort, and give preference to specific sites that we frequently visit. However, we sometimes lose our bookmarks through accidental deletion, unresponsive browser pages, and removing Google accounts that were associated with the saved bookmarks. Read on to learn how to restore bookmarks in Chrome Mac.


Method 1- Restoring Deleted Bookmark on Mac Using the Time Machine Backup

– Time Machine is very essential in ensuring that all your data is saved in case of accidental loss.

– The advantage of the Time Machine is that it allows you to restore your documents down to individual files, bookmarks, and extensions.

– The steps below explain how to recover deleted bookmarks Chrome Mac.

  1. Click on the Time Machine from the menu bar to launch it.
  2. Open Finder and navigate to the location of Chrome Bookmarks on Mac: Users>*User Name*>Library>Application Support>Google>Chrome>Default>Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak.  

Note: If you cannot find Library in Finder, you can use the shortcut: CMD(⌘) + Shift + . (Dot)  to show the hidden Library folder.

  1. Click on the Bookmark file.
  2. Using the Time Machine dial on the right side of the bookmarks file window, click back through time to the time when you deleted the Google Chrome bookmark.
  3. When you reach the time you deleted the bookmark, tap on the Restore option at the bottom of the interface to recover it.
  4. Close Finder and relaunch the Google Chrome application. All the lost bookmarks will be restored.


Method 2- Recovering Bookmarks Using Aiseesoft Data Recovery Software

Aiseesoft Data Recovery tool enables you to recover Chrome bookmarks that have been removed from the Mac computer without backup. The software is a powerful and useful tool for recovering lost bookmarks. Besides bookmarks, the tool can be used to recover other deleted/corrupted/lost files, documents, videos, and audios.

  1. Download the Aiseesoft Data Recovery Program for Mac and install it on your computer.
  2. Mac DownloadMac Download
  3. Launch the program.Interface of Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery
  4. In the default interface of the recovery tool, specify the location that was containing the lost Google Chrome bookmarks.Select Recover Data from Mac Internal Hard Drive
  5. Click on the Scan option. The program will scan the selected disk volume and display the results of the scan in the scan results page.
  6. Browse through the results and select the bookmark(s) you want to recover.
  7. Click on the Recover Now option to restore the bookmarks.
  8. Copy and paste the recovered Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak to the original bookmark location:  ~/User/*user name */Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default
  9. Relaunch Google Chrome, and the bookmarks will be seen in the browser again.


Method 3- Recovering Accidentally Deleted Chrome Bookmarks folder Using Recoverit Data Recovery

The Recoverit Data Recovery is a powerful and useful tool that helps Mac users recover lost and deleted files and documents. The program is compatible with Mac computers. The application is used to recover files of different formats. Follow the following simple steps to recover lost bookmarks using the recovery program:

  1. Download the Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery program from its official page.
    Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
  2. Install the software.
  3. Launch Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery by clicking on its shortcut on the desktop.
  4. On the default window of the program, select the types of files to scan. Since you want to recover deleted Google Chrome bookmarks, check the Other Files option.
  5. Click on Start.
  6. In the new interface, specify the location that you want to scan for the lost bookmarks. In this case, select the location that contained the Google Chrome bookmarks before they were deleted.
  7. Click on Scan to initiate the scanning process. The recovery program will scan and search for the lost files including the deleted bookmarks and display them on the scan results page.
  8. Browse through the items and locate items you want to recover.
  9. Select the bookmarks(s) you wish to recover by clicking on their checkboxes on the left pane.
  10. Click on Recover to restore the bookmarks to your Mac computer.

The retrieved bookmarks will be seen in the Google Chrome application when the program is launched next.


In a nutshell, deleted Google Chrome bookmarks can be restored using the Mac Time Machine or by using third-party tools such as Aiseesoft Data Recovery tool and Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery tool. The above procedures are crucial in ensuring that you can recover bookmarks in Chrome Mac in case you accidentally lose them.