Android Audio Recovery: Recover Deleted Audio Files from Android Phone

Last Updated on April 24, 2023 by Ian McEwan

Nowadays, there is no doubt that everyone has at least one smartphone. People use this portable tools to take photos, record audio, and videos to save happy and important memories. Students record audio in their classes in case of missing some important information in the class; Journalists will record news interview then summarize the interviewees’ audio into words; Mothers will record baby’s lovely time or important events during their growing; Fans use this portable platform to download and store their favorite idols’ songs or talking. It is quite annoying and very heartbroken if those precious audio are deleted due to a wrong tap, especially when you find that you didn’t remember the name of the song, or you need to pay the song copyright again, or the audio is the only one which cannot be re-recorded again. So, how to recover deleted audio from Android phone? For Android phone users, using Android Audio Recovery will solve the problem conveniently.

Android Data Recovery is the Professional Software to Help Android Users.

Back up and restore Android data on computers;
Fix black-screen or locked Android phone back to normal without the password;
Recover lost or deleted mp3 files, photos, recorded videos, messages and etc.

No matter what’s wrong with your Android phone, Android Data Recovery is the all-powerful assistant for you.

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How to Recover Deleted Audio files from Android Phone with Android Audio Recovery

  • Step1: Download Android Data Recovery and install it on the computer. Android Data Recovery is available for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.7 or above (macOS Sierra/macOS High Sierra). The 30-day free trial for users can help you unlock your phone without the password and buy the lifetime license can help you recover your audio files, no matter when and how you delete files.
  • Select Android Recovery Module
  • Step2: Connect Android phone to the PC and make sure there is over 20% battery power in your phone. Follow the pop-up detailed instructions and open USB debugging mode. After that click OK.
  • usb debugging
  • Step 3: Choose the file types you want to recover. Tick Audio and any other type you want and click Next.
  • Check Audio to Recover
  • Step 4: Android Data Recovery needs your authorization to read and scan your Android phone’s memories. So when the pop-up window appears on the phone’s screen, choose Allow/Grant/Authorize to authorize it. If the window doesn’t pop up, please tap Retry in the interface to try again.
  • Step 5: All of the chosen type files will be displayed and if you want to find the deleted audio files directly, turn on the button “Only display the deleted items”. Tick the audio files you want to recover and then click “Recover”.
  • Select Deleted audio and Click Recover

After the whole process, the deleted audios will be recovered. If you forget to back up the important data in your Android phone and face the same trouble again, don’t worry, the efficient, safe and easy Android Data Recovery will always help you solve the problem conveniently and quickly.