How to Recover Deleted/Permanent Deleted AOL Emails – AOL Mail Recovery

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

Have you ever deleted emails in AOL? Of course, many people have at one time deleted their emails and started wondering how they could recover them. There are a number of ways which can be used to recover deleted AOL emails and the primary methods are described in this article. Follow the guides provided below to discover how to recover deleted AOL emails.

What is AOL Email

For those who don’t know, AOL is a division of Verizon, the US phone company, it is available in 54 languages and is a free web-based email service similar to Gmail and Hotmail. AOL, which stands for Americas Online, offers unlimited inbox storage so you’ll never have to worry about making room for the odd email. With that being said there really isn’t a need to delete your mail in the first place, however, unfortunately, it does occur so here’s how to recover your deleted email.

recover deleted aol emails


Recover Deleted AOL Emails

In order to retrieve your deleted email on AOL, you must follow these steps thoroughly.

Recovering Recently Deleted AOL Email for a Period of Not More Than 7 Days

If you have only recently deleted your mail, it is incredibly easy to attain your missing mail. Just do this:

1) Open the AOL and click “trash” on the panel on the left

2) A list of emails you have deleted in the last 7 days will appear, click on the one you want to restore

3) On the topmost part of the interface, clack the drop-down on the side of “more”, select “move to”, henceforth, you can save the recovered email to the location of your interest.


Nevertheless, if the emails in the AOL had been deleted more than seven days ago, or the permanent deleting of the emails had been done from the trash, the method depicted below can be of great use.


Restore AOL Emails Which Were Deleted in A Period Exceeding 7 Days Or Permanent From the AOL

Have you permanently deleted an email? Or have you discovered the importance of a certain email long after its deletion? Basically, the probability of email restoration relies on where they have been put in storage. If you have a web-dependent AOL Mail, then the data in your mail is never stored on your PC, following this, your chances of restoring the emails are next to zero. But if the AOL Mail application is loaded in your PC, then a sophisticated data restoration can assist you to scan your drive for the deleted smalls in AOL.

Hands down the software I recommend most highly for its reliability and results is EaseUS and Aiseesoft Email Recovery.

How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails With EaseUS Email Recovery

EaseUS is a file recovery software that works seamlessly with its wizard-like interface. It is the only powerful data recovery solution I would recommend and here is how to use it:

1) Download EaseUS data recovery software wizard.

easeus aol recovery

2) Once you’ve located the place your email was last stored – such as a hard drive- Tap scan to fully scan for lost files and emails.

3) Once the scan is complete look over the newly found files ( to ensure they are the right ones).

4) Once your happy with what you have found click recover to save on a secure computer file.

Overall, when recovering your emails, depending on the time frame (whether or not it’s been 7 days) your method of choice will vary drastically. EaseUS is a fast and reliable way to go. The company has been running and dominating the industry for 14 years. With a total of 72 million clients, you can’t go wrong. If unsure of purchasing their services, I would recommend trying the free trial ( as the name suggests free of charge), which allows you to both scan and preview potentially lost data you can recover, depending or not you are willing to purchase. After all, it does cost a one time purchase of $70 dollars currently on a $20 discount. You should consider purchasing depending on the importance of those emails and think carefully.


How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails With Aiseesoft Email Recovery

Another One of the most popular data recovery tool is Aiseesoft Data Recovery. With the help of this tool, it is possible to restore different types of email files, like PFC, EML, EMLX, PST, and others. After the download of the software, it provides the wizard on how to configure it to restore email.

Win Download Mac Download
Win Download Mac Download

1) Scan the Drives to Look for the Lost or Deleted EmailsData Recovery - Choose Email to Scan

Select the icon Email, in order to scan the lost or deleted AOL emails, select the hard disk where AOL mail is installed, afterward, click Scan, with the quick scan, the software quickly find the deleted or lost emails from the hard disk. You can begin with a quick scan and then afterward do a deep scan to retrieve more emails from the disk.


2) Search the Permanently Eradicated Emails That You Want
Data Recovery - Quick Scan

Visit the PFC folder and have a look at mails. If you cannot tell if a file has the eradicated email that you require, try searching by modified data or date created.


3) Restore Deleted AOL Emails

After identifying your file of interest, choose it and click Restore or Recover, and it will be securely recovered.