[100% Working] 2 Solutions to Recover iPhone or iPad Data

Last Updated on March 1, 2022 by Joanna Lake

iPhone and iPad have become the most popular gadgets in recent years, which have stored many important data such as photos, videos, reminders, etc.

Have you ever accidentally deleted videos, photos or notes on your iPhone/iPad? It is one of the most fraustring issues, and it would be even worse for those who don't regularly back up their device.

You may be wondering: Can I recover deleted videos? Yes, we will show you how to make it happen with iOS Data Recovery and a backup.

The difference between two solutions is recovering from backup requires a backup including lost data, however, iOS Data Recovery is more comprehensive, which is able to directly recover lost data without a backup.

#1Solution 1. How to Recover iPhone/iPad Data with iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery is a reliable and powerful tool that aims to recover iPhone/iPad data even in many difficult situations, because it offer 3 recovering methods:

  • Recover Data from iPhone/iPad is suitable for those who want to directly recover data from their device, since the deleted data is hidden on iPhone/iPad before completely erasing the device.
  • Recover Data from iTunes Backup is applied for those who have backed up their device, it will extract the data from the backup file without the device.
  • Recover Data from iCloud will help you instantly download the data from iCloud involving deleted data, if you have lost a device and without a backup, it would help you to get the data.

Moreover, you’ll be able to complete the whole process after a few clicks with the specific guides. Follow us, and we’ll show 3 steps to recover your iPhone/iPad data.

iOS Data Recovery (Win) iOS Data Recovery (Mac) iOS Data Recovery (Win) iOS Data Recovery (Mac)

Step 1: Open iOS Data Recovery

Open the program and select iOS Data Recovery.

Step 2: Choose a Recovery Resource

Connect the iPhone/iPad to your PC, click Recover from iOS Device/Recover from iTunes Backup File/Recover from iCloud, then select Start or sign to your account.

Step 3: Select and Recover Data

You will see many categories on the left sidebar such as Message & Contacts, Media, Memos & Others, etc. Select one then you will see all the data on the right screen.

Next, choose the data you want and click the Recover button, then select the Recover button on the pop-up window to extract that data to PC.

Once a folder is present on the screen, you will be able to view the lost data, also you can transfer data from the computer to your iPhone/iPad.

#2Solution 2. How to Recover iPhone/iPad by Restoring from Backup

Assuming you already have a backup, now you can restore your iPhone/iPad to recover the accidentally deleted data.

Generally, the device will automatically back up with iCloud, while we’ll also talk about how to restore an iPhone/iPad from iTunes/Finder backup since some users would prefer back up on the iTunes/Finder app.

How to Restore iPhone/iPad from iCloud Backup

If you have turned on iCloud backup then your device will upload data to iCloud when it is connected to WiFi and charging. So, you can restore your iPhone/iPad to recover deleted data with a previous backup.

While you can restore the device from iCloud backup on a new device, hence you should erase your device before restoring your iPhone/iPad.

First: Erase your Device

Go to SettingsGeneralErase All Content and SettingsContinue, enter the password and skip back up.

Second: Restore from iCloud Backup

Swipe up the Hello screen, set the language and region, then you will see the Quick Start screen. Touch Set up Manually, then go through a few settings till the App & Data screen presents.

Next, hit Restore from iCloud Backup, and sign in to your Apple ID. After agreeing to the terms, you can choose a backup to restore. Tap the Continue button and finish setting Apple card and improve Siri and Dictation, recovery will start.

After that, all the deleted data will be downloaded from iCloud to your device.

How to Restore iPhone/iPad from iTunes/Finder Backup

Just connect your device to the desktop, open the iTunes/Finder, then click your device and select Restore Backup….Choose a related one and select the Restore button.


Right now, you are all set to recover iPhone/iPad data with iOS Data Recovery or a backup based on your situation.

Remember, iOS Data Recovery is a professional tool that will help you get the deleted data from your iPhone/iPad. Besides, you can also get data from iCloud with iOS Data Recovery, when your device is damaged or stolen.

No matter which method you choose, recovering your data will prevent data loss.


11. Can I restore my iPhone from iCloud after setting it up as a new phone?
Normally, you can erase your iPhone again and restore the iPhone from iCloud backup. But if you don’t want to skip resetting the iPhone, you need to use iOS Data Recovery to download data from an iCloud backup and transfer data to your iPhone.