To-Do List for Those Lost iPhone or Whose iPhone was Stolen

Lost iPhone: How to Recover Data from Lost/Stolen iPhone

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

Lost iPhone

Oh my god, I have lost my iPhone this morning. All my important contents in the phone have gone. What am I supposed to do?”a friend said to me in low spirits. It is quite a common situation that people use their phone to keep precious memory and they must feel upset if those contents lost. Don’t worry.

A useful software named DataKit iOS Data Recovery now comes in handy, which is designed to recover data back from your stolen or lost iPhone easily.

lost iphone

Features of iOS Data Recovery

But you may say why DataKit iOS Data Recovery? Here are some distinctive features of it:

  • Over 22 different file types on all kinds of iOS devices are supported.
  • It is totally compatible with the latest iOS 11.
  • Four different recovery modes are optional. No matter how you lost your iPhone, you can find a proper mode to retrieve your data with 100% security.
  • Preview function is provided so that you can select files according to what you need.
  • It can be tried for free before purchase.

DataKit iOS Data Recovery is quite simple to use since it does not require many complicated processes. In this case, it is perfect for users who have little idea of technology. With it, if you have backed up data to iTunes or iCloud, it is highly possible to recover lost or deleted data. Now let’s learn how to retrieve data from stolen or lost iPhone using it.

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3 Ways To Recover Data From Lost/Stolen iPhone

Part 1 Recover Data From Lost/Stolen iPhone with Smart Recovery

Choose “Smart Recover”after you have downloaded and launched DataKit iOS Data Recovery.

D-Back Smart Recovery

Then tap on “Start”> “iPhone lost, damaged or broken”and move on to next part.

recover stolen iphone data

Part 2 Recover Data From Lost/Stolen iPhone using iTunes Backup

Step 1: Choose Files from iTunes Backup

Click on“Start”at the “Recover from iTunes Backup”tab.

D-Back Recover from iTunes backup

Choose the file types that you need to get back.

Recover from iTunes Backup Select Message WhatsApp Wechat Skype

After that, tap on the exact iTunes backup and scan it.

Recover from iTunes Backup Select iTunes Backup

Step 2: Scan and Recover Data from iTunes Backup

You are able to see hundreds of recoverable files and choose the ones that you wish to get back and then select “Recover”button. Afterwards, you can check the recovered data in the folder that you have created before.

recover data from itunes backup with d-back

Part 3 Recover Data From Lost/Stolen iPhone using iCloud Backup

Step 1: Choose Files from iCloud Backup

Choose “Start”at the “Recover from iCloud Backup”tab.

Recover data from iCloud

Tick the files that you want to recover and tap on “Next”.

D-back selectively Recover from iCloud backup

After logging into your iCloud account, you need to select the exact backup file to download. Please don’t worry that DataKit iOS Data Recovery will record your personal information.

Select iCloud Backup to Recover data

Step 2: Scan and Recover Data from iCloud Backup

You can preview the search results in order and select the files that you need. After that, just with a click of mouse on “Recover”, your lost data can be founded in your computer.

recover data from icloud backup with d-back

The Bottom Line

As a best-performing data recovery software for iPhone, DataKit iOS Data Recovery is compatible with both Windows and Mac, offering you a chance to live more efficiently. With it, you do not need to worry about the lost data in your lost or stolen iPhone. Whether you wish to recover messages, contacts, family photos or even data from third-party apps like WhatsApp, DataKit iOS Data Recovery must be your favorite assistant, which is good at making this process as straightforward as possible. Do not hesitate and go to download DataKit iOS Data Recovery now.

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