Best Lexar SD Card Recovery: Restore Lost Data from Lexar SD Card

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Lexar is a California-based manufacturer of digital products such as SD cards, Flashcards, SSDs and card readers and many more. The company manufactures SD cards of various storage capacities. Recently, they announced the largest capacity SD card with a storage space of 1TB. The release of a massive storage capacity SD card is to cater for the needs of most consumers. Lexar SD cards are commonly used in various devices such as digital camcorders, cameras, Android phones, and other portable devices. All Lexar products undergo extensive lab testing for greater quality, performance, compatibility, and reliability.

Recover Data from Lexar SD Card

As a user of Lexar SD card, there are situations when you erroneously lose the data and files stored in your card. Such an experience can be very frustrating. However, it is still possible to recover the lost data despite how critical it is. But for you to initiate the data recovery process, you need a reliable data recovery software. DataKit Data Recovery is one of the most effective data recovery software that helps in the recovery of lost files like documents, photos, audio, emails, videos, and other critical data. The software is vital in case you encounter data loss due to SD card damage, manual deletion or formatting. It is powerful and supports data recovery from all types of Lexar memory cards such as Lexar Platinum II, Lexar Professional SD card and Lexar microSDHC and many more.

When data or files get lost in your SD card, it doesn’t mean that they no longer exist. It is just that they are inaccessible and can be restored from their hidden locations. This is precisely what Data Recovery Software does. Below are the steps on how to recover lost Lexar SD card data.

Steps on how to use Data Recovery Software in Lexar SD card Recovery

Step 1 Download and install the software

The first step is to download the software, then install and launch. Data Recovery works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can either buy or download the free trial version depending on your needs.

Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download

Step 2 Select the type of data or disk drive to recover data from

With Data Recovery, you can recover multiple types of files including images, audio, documents, emails, videos and many more. Upon launching the program, select the type of data file or files you want to restore. You will also need to choose the disk or storage location where you want the lost files to be stored.

Data Recovery - Select All Scan

Step 3 Scan the lost data

It has the most powerful search function that allows you to find the deleted or hidden data. It has two scanning options, i.e. quick and deep scan. By clicking the scan button, the software will do a quick scan of the chosen disk drive.

Step 4 Select the data

When the scan is completed, it will display all the lost or deleted files in your Lexar SD card. There is also a Filter option that allows you to locate the files you want to recover quickly. If you can’t find the lost files, then use the advanced Deep Scan option. Although it might take quite some time, deep scan offers you all the recoverable data. The software also gives you a detailed preview of every data lost, deleted or hidden in the SD card.

Step 5 Recover Lexar SD Card Data

At the bottom right of the page is a Recover button. After selecting all the files you want to recover, just click on this button to restore the lost data. The data recovery process is quite safe and reliable.

Advantages of our Data Recovery software in SD card data recovery

  • It is user-friendly. You can conveniently recover all deleted and lost files quickly from your Lexar SD card without doing any complicated technical tasks.
  • The software can recover different data formats including audio files, emails, documents, videos and images and many more.
  • The software supports various operating systems including Windows and Mac.
  • It is speedy. With simple clicks, you can quickly scan your SD card and recover lost data fast.
  • You can use it for free by downloading the free version.


Accidental deletion, unexpected damage, crash or drive formatting can lead to loss of critical files and data. In case it happens and you unintentionally lose the data in your Lexar SD card, then Data Recovery can save you. Just download the software and follow the simple data recovery steps. The software is quick, convenient and effective.

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