How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

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Why People Format Their Hard Drives

One of the most important storage solutions available today is the use of a hard drive. We use our hard drives for storing large documents, music, movies, photos, and so on. For example, there is a high chance that you are currently storing your amazing and memorable pictures in your hard drive. They may be photos taken during your graduation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, or even a trip.

Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

While using a hard drive is advantageous in many ways, it is also disadvantageous in that it is susceptible to catastrophic failure or crashing. One of the main causes of hard drive data loss is accidental formatting since we are susceptible to errors as humans. Other times though, you may perform a hard drive formatting because of different reasons as subsequently highlighted below.

  1. Hard disk crash: This often happens if your CPU fan encounters improper ventilation which will result in clicking noises originating from your device.
  2. Corrupted files: If your computer/laptop experiences a sudden shutdown caused by power surges, this may lead to the corrupting of some of your files and hence your hard disk is made to fail.
  3. Internal failure: Mechanical failures usually result in the corruption or inaccessibility of your hard drive files/folders. With an internal failure, after the computer booting screen, a black screen will be displayed.
  4. Unstable power supply: Your hard drive can also fail in case you are relying on too high/low voltages or unreliable power sources to power your power backup in the form of UPS.
  5. Firmware faults: It is a normal occurrence that sometimes your hard drive may not be detected by your system. If your system gets stuck during the booting process, it will be difficult for you to access your stored files.

Any of the reasons highlighted above can lead to your hard drive crashing and failing and thus the need for you to format the hard disk to attempt the fixing of the issue. If you find yourself in a situation whereby you have formatted your hard drive, then you may ask yourself, is it possible to recover data from formatted drive? The simple answer is yes. For that reason, there is no need to panic if you find yourself in such a situation. It is a realistic pursuit to recover data from formatted hard drive whether the formatting was intentional or unintentional.

It is possible for you to recover data from the formatted hard drive because when you format a hard drive, you do not erase the available data. Only the address tables’ data is erased, the stored data in the hard drive will still be available provided that fresh data is not used to overwrite the hard drive.

If you choose to use the service of a data recovery company, just understand that it is often an expensive option. Alternatively, you can recover data from the formatted hard drive using a cheaper and reliable option which involves the use of Data Recovery, a data recovery program.

Lost Data after Formatting Hard Drive?

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

You can use Data Recovery for you to recover data from formatted drive in a safer manner. Using this program, you can recover formatted, deleted, or lost file types such as documents, videos, audios, and photos. Consequently, here are is the process for you to recover data from a formatted drive using Data Recovery.

Step 1 Download, install and launch Data Recovery on your computer. You must connect the particular formatted hard drive to your computer.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Select the file types to be recovered and the hard drive, from where you want to recover data. The options are displayed on the main interface of the program.

Step 3 Click Scan. Two data scanning options are offered which are Quick Scan and Deep Scan. As the name suggests, when you click a Quick Scan, the data on the hard drive selected will be quickly scanned. If you want to find your different deeper file types, then you have to choose a Deep Scan, usually employed if a Quick Scan has not managed to retrieve the files required.

Step 4 Once the scanning process has been completed, all the lost or deleted files will be displayed on the interface of this data recovery software. You can employ the use of the available Filter feature to help you locate the files to be recovered.

Step 5 Recover data. Click the button Recover and you have done recovering data from the formatted hard drive.

In conclusion, the best way to counter any possible hard drive failure or data loss/deletion is for you to have a backup of your precious data. You can employ the use of any of the available data backup methods including Cloud storage(such as Google Drive and Dropbox), a USB stick, and an external hard drive.

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