How to Recover Data from External Hard Disk which is not Detected

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Whether you’re using them for backup, getting additional storage space, or sharing files between multiple computers, external hard drives are an irreplaceable piece of hardware. As with any other PC-related equipment, they can run into problems. One of them is your external hard drive not being recognized by the PC when plugged in.

Recover data from external hard drive that not detected

Why is my external hard disk not detected?

There are many causes to this problem, and these are some of the more common ones:

  • Dead USB port
  • Driver – caused issues (when a corrupted/outdated driver is installed, or when it is completely missing)
  • Partition issues/using the wrong file system
  • Virus attacks (usually occurs on unprotected systems)
  • Sudden power outage/system shutdown
  • Physical damage to the disk
  • Complete drive failure

These problems can seem scary at first sight, especially if your external hard drive contains important files. In some situations, you might receive no signals (sound, autoplay pop-up) that the hard drive has been successfully plugged in. If this is the case, it is most likely a problem on the hardware side, such as a dead USB port or physical damage.

Partition issue or a wrong file system might cause a prompt asking you to format your hard drive. Do not do this, as it will erase all the files on it. This happens most often if the hard drive is using a RAW file system (which is at a raw, binary level and unreadable) instead of NTFS or FAT. Fortunately, there are some common fixes that you can try.

How to fix an external hard disk that is not detected

First of all, try plugging in your hard drive into a different USB port, or ideally into another PC. Switch up the cables connecting your hard disk. To make sure it is actually recognized by the computer, check the disk management tool. If it is shown there, make sure to update the drivers either from Device Manager or by manually downloading them from your hard drive manufacturer’s website. In case none of these methods work, Data Recovery comes to your rescue.

How to recover external hard disk data when it is not detected?

Recovering data from a problematic, unrecognized hard disk is made easy by Data Recovery tool. Safe and easy-to-use, this data recovery software is an all-in-one powerhouse that can recover almost all deleted files of any type. Whether you’re looking to recover nostalgic family images, important work e-mails or documents Data Recovery comes with a robust search function that makes filtering data a breeze. It is also not manufacturer specific, which means it works with any hard drive brand.

Steps to recover external hard disk data that is not detected

Step 1. Run the program after downloading and installing it.

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Step 2. You will be greeted by a friendly and simple to use GUI, select the file types that you are looking for.

Step 3. Choose the hard drive from which you want to recover data and run a scan.

Step 4. The program will give you the ability to preview found files, and by clicking a single Recover button your files are available for use.

While many tools have unnecessarily complex user interfaces, Data Recovery can be used by both a beginner and a more experienced person. It works on a PC as well as a Mac, and is not limited to hard disks but also flash drives, memory cards etc. External hard drive failures can happen at any time, which is why it is important to have a reliable and easy-to-use piece of software.

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