[Solved]How to Recover CHKDSK Orphaned Files on Windows

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What is Orphaned file

Orphaned files are in all file type they can be with any extension name. in the majority of cases, orphaned files are not generated but left behind by parent programs. For instance, your game is deleted by third-party anti-virus tool and the game record files are left and those files will be marked as orphaned files and may result to recovering orphaned file status. This also applies to free trial program that leave files to identify users. However, if you uninstall your program properly and carefully you can keep the recovering orphaned file away from you.

What is CHKDSK command

CHKDSK command is a built-in feature of Microsoft Windows system which is the abbreviation of check disk. CHKDSK can verifies the file system integrity of a volume and solve logical file system errors. You can use CHKDSK to check and fix file or disk error manually with Command Prompt and every time you boot up your system CHKDSK checks through the disk routinely to ensure that the disk and all system needed files are working well.

When we launch a program, windows will try to read the according orphaned files, if fails, you are not able to launch the program and recovering orphaned file mode occurs.

CHKDSK Orphaned Files problem drastically reduce your experiences when utilize Windows for work or entertainment.

Recover CHKDSK orphaned files

So, How to Recover CHKDSK Orphaned file on Windows?

The major edge of CHKDSK is that it is built-in and quite powerful. Apart from the time-consuming recovery, it fails at times. You should appeal to a more reliable counterpart to deal with this problem.

Data Recovery will be the one.

How to Recover CHKDSK Orphaned files with Data Recovery on Windows

Data Recovery is a cutting-edge tool for people who want to recover data from computer, hard disk drive, SD card or Flash USB drive. To restore orphaned files is one little functionality of it, you can recover technically speaking all files including audios, documents, videos, project files etc.

First, you should download and install data recovery on your computer. You can download the version below according to your operation system.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Launch the program afterwards and select file types and location of lost data, and click Scan. You should opt to only check those file types that you want by doing which will reduce the scanning time. In this case, you should keep Documents and Others checked only. As for the locations, you will see all internal and external hard disk drives, all storage devices that plugged in and recycle bin. You can only scan one location at a time, so, just select the one that you think your lost data more likely in. if you fail to find out your data, you should scan the locations one after another. I will select the Local Disk which is my system disk by the way.

Data Recovery Choose Documents and Others to Scan

There are two modes of scanning data – Quick Scan and Deep Scan. To distinguish them, you just need to remember that you can find more data with Deep Scan which may take a much longer time. I suggest you to start with Quick Scan and then Deep Scan.

After the scan competed, locate the orphaned files by searching with name or path list if you know the exact directories.

Tick those orphaned files that you need and click recover to get them back to your computer.

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