How to Recover Lost CCTV Footage from DVR or Security Camera

Last Updated on April 19, 2023 by Jason Ben
I found my motorbike fell down, when I was out for a short trip, so when I came back, I want to check my Hikvision security camera's footage, while the bad news is the footage has been overwritten. Is there a way to recover those CCTV video clips?


Video surveillance system plays import role in many places, like your house, office, super mall, school or even swimming pool. With it, you can record all movements and activities in video files and store them into DVR (a type of hard drive that used to store video) automatically, which you can view them later for finding out what has happened, and you can even check out what is happening right now remotely.

The mechanism of a CCTV is simple, the security camera will record the videos and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) save them into storage, while when time goes, the storage device will be full and the new recorder video footage will overwrite the oldest one. Typically, security cameras keep footages over 48 hours even over months, of course, it depends on the storage capacity and the size of the footage, so when things happen and you need to check the recorded CCTV footage from DVR, you'd better do it fast.

The fear of losing footage is one huge threat to either home or company security. It can be a big disaster when there is no footage. There are many reasons to losing footages on a DVR or a Hard drive that stores your CCTV videos, such as power off, broken device, intended deletion by bad guys, or video files overwritten by new ones.

It is impossible for us to get those footage that never been recorded, while as for those had been in the storage device, you can find a way to restore lost or deleted footages back. Below, we are going to introduce a way to recover CCTV video clips from your Security Camera, DVR, or the hard drive that you used to store surveillance videos.

How to Recover Video Files from a Security Camera/DVR/Hard Drive

Our method needs to use computer (Windows or macOS) to get lost footage back, To recover files from a DVR or security camera, you need to find a way to connect the storage device with your company directly. Usually, security use hard drive or SSD drive to store footages, you just need to get a USB cable to connect it to your computer.

Let's get start.

Step 1 Download and install this data recovery program on your computer (only Windows and macOS supported).

Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Connect your storage device to your computer with a USB cable (the official one will be the best).

Step 3 On the interface of the program, select the drive that you just plug into your computer.

Select External Hard Disk Drive to Recover file

Step 4 Click Scan to make the program start to analyze your drive and get back the lost video surveillance recording videos.

Data Recovery - Choose Video to Scan

There are lots of distinctive security camera and DVRs in the market, you can see products from Bunker, Zosi, Cobra, Lorex, Annke, Swann, Dmms, Hikvision, and more. No matter which brand and which model you are using, you can find their storage device and use the program that I just introduce to recover lost footages. While before you do that, I suggest you to check the instruction of your CCTV and see if there is an official method of restoring cctv video clips.