How to Reboot Android Phone and Android Tablet

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Jason Ben

Have you ever come across such a situation your android device suddenly hangs while you were using it? How did you feel? Sometimes it may drive you mad, and no matter what you did, it is just in vain. However, in many cases rebooting the device may solve the problems you came across easily to a greater extent.

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How to Soft Reboot Android Phone

In normal circumstances, you can just press the power button for a soft restart, and it only needs a few minutes. Many devices will restart and back to normal operation with a soft restart.

Step 1 Press the power button, which may be on the right side of the device, and hold for a few seconds until the interface comes up. And you will see there would be some choices, like power off, restart airplane mode and etc.

Step 2 Choose the option to restart or power off to reboot your tablet. Remember that when you choose power off instead of restart, you need to go a further operation to press the power button again after the screen turns back and hold it for a few seconds until the device on.

Notice: It is better to choose restart if it is available, but if there is no restart option you can choose to power it off and press the suspend button (which is on the right side of the phone just above the volume buttons)

But what if you have already tried, but the problems still remain. Or sometimes your device is completely frozen. And in such an abnormal circumstance, you can try a hard reboot.

How to Hard Reboot Android Phone

If you are unfortunate enough to find your device completely dead, you can bring your device back to moral by a hard reboot through pressing specific buttons.

Step 1 Press the power button and volume up button at the same time for a few seconds until the screen shut down. ( Notice that if your volume up button doesn’t work, please try the volume down button)

Step 2 Power the device back by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

Remember all these methods are just to do a reboot, aiming at powering your device off and restart it, which is totally different from reset which may lead to a data loss. That is to say, a reboot may not cause data damage or loss, so you don't need to worry about it.

Also, you can try to remove the battery. However, this removing method may be more suitable for some old models. For some new smartphones or tablets, which is impossible to remove the battery so easily you have to try another way or just let the battery drain naturally until the device powers off.

But if all these mentioned above failed, you may try a factory reset which also means to do a hard reset. Remember a factory reset may wipe out all the data in your device, and your system will get back to its original factory setting, so you’d better have your device back up before you have your device hard reset.

How to Factory Reset Android Phone

Before performing a factory reset, you need to keep the following things in mind in case something wrong may happen during the procedure of hard resetting:

  • Make a backup of your android device through Android Data Backup & Restore
  • Have your device fully charge

If your device is in an abnormal situation, which happens to be completely dead, you can try another method by pressing and holding the device-specific button combination while your phone is powered off.

  1. Nexus devices - volume up, volume down and power
  2. Samsung devices - volume up, home and power
  3. Moto X - volume down, home and power
  4. And other devices may generally use volume down and power

Step 1 Press the buttons at the same time for a few seconds until the screen shut down and then you see an interface with options of backup & reset (differs from various brands of the device)

Step 2 Select the backup & reset, and then scroll to wipe data/ factory reset. (You can use volume buttons to scroll through the options, and then select the reset option by pressing the power button)

Step 3 Confirm your selection. And then press the power button to reset

The reset process begins and your Android device will be back to its factory settings

If your device is in a normal situation, which means, it operates flexibly, and you can have a hard reboot through the setting menu with a factory reset

Step 1 Tap the setting icon

Step 2 Find the reset option from the setting menu (usually could be found at the bottom of the reset menu or the management menu, this may vary from different kinds or brands of devices)

Step 3 Choose the factory reset option and erase the data

And your device will reboot and you can go through the initial setup interface as if it were a new device.

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