How To Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Knowing

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jason Ben

Love does grow cold but it will even get colder if you are not going to do something to resolve it. Nowadays, not only husbands are known to cheat, even their wives do. Let’s not be sexist and blame it all on the guy.

Wives do and have the ability to cheat as well. If you are a husband who has got the feeling that your wife might have been playing dirty in your relationship right now. Try to answer these questions to know if your wife really does cheat on you.

Do you ever catch your wife/girlfriend laughing or giggling as she texts on her phone? Somehow, you wonder who could it be she was talking to, right? Are you starting to doubt that it is not “just a friend” as she said?

Does your girlfriend delete text messages? Do you think maybe she is into other guys and she just keeps it from you? How to read my wife’s text messages from my phone? Why a married woman texting another man? Whatever the case is, I know you’re looking for answers on how to read your wife’s text messages without her knowing.

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Here, I will show you how to check your wife’s text messages for free.

In this age of technology, phones are getting smarter and people are getting cleverer. Cheating can now be done digitally. Hiding and deleting secret messages is as easy as 1, 2, 3. But retrieving and exposing those messages are as easy as how they hide it. To Read Your Wife’s Text Messages, I will recommend you to try iOS Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery with which you can retrieve text messages on phone and read them on your computer.

You will find detailed Tutorial on How to Read Your Wife's Text Messages:

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What Else?

If you want to discreetly monitor your wife's phone before confronting her, then gather solid proofs and try this reliable software - eyeZy. This phone monitoring software allows you to monitor all phone's activities including text messages. With eyeZy, you can see all your wife's text messages with someone else. This monitoring software supports most of devices, so, no matter what device your wife is using - you can still see what she's up to.


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What makes eyeZy more amazing is that, it notifies you all the time with the help of its AI (artificial Intelgence). So, constant monitoring is not necessary, as long as your monitoring software is activated on the target phone.


1Can I track a cell phone with just a number?
Contact number alone can't track a cellphone. All you need is a cell phone tracking software or app.
2Can text messages be diverted to another number?
You can divert your incoming SMS by sending DIV [mobile number to divert] and send it to 9010. Activating this service serves as your lifesaver if your phone is dying or you're running out of credit. You can divert your messages to any local Dialog number and IDD number or to any Email address as well.


Best phone monitoring app for parental control

The only monitoring app you will need to solve whatever troubles you have