How to Read My Boyfriend's Text Messages Without His Phone(Update)

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My boyfriend is weird recently! He was hiding his phone from me in a flurry every time when I stepped out of the bathroom. His phone rang continuously in the last two weeks, especially at night, and it was always messages from the same number. Last night, I finally made up my mind to look into it and was surprised that my boyfriend deleted all the text messages. There must be something! Help me! -- Grace

Why do guys delete their text messages pretending as if nothing special occurred? That is because those stupid guys assume that you would never be able to see those text messages forever once they delete all the evidence. But they are too naïve! A competent girlfriend is capable of recovering deleted text messages on smartphones, just like a detective. But there is no need to worry about it even if you do not know how to do it. You may attempt to recover deleted text messages from iTunes or iCloud if he is an iPhone user. What if he uses Android Phone? You may first backup the messages on his smartphone and read them later with Android Data Backup & Restore. Unfortunately, the deleted messages could only be recovered with his Android Phone.

If He Use iPhone (You can read his text messages without his phone):

If He Use Android Phone:

  • You can try to back up his phone to PC with Android Data Backup & Restore, then extract sms from the backup file;
  • If he has deleted some text messages, you can follow the steps as below to recover deleted sms.

How to see my boyfriend’s deleted text messages with Android Message Recovery

We are going to introduce how to see my boyfriend’s text messages with Android Message Recovery. The method is also applicable to anyone who loses their text messages on their Android Phone, (such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, SONY, OnePlus, Nexus, ZTE and Google Pixel) and is eager to get them back.

Step 1 Download Android Message Recovery and install it properly on your PC.

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Step 2 Launch the software and connect the Android phone to your PC with a USB cable.

Step 3 Once the connection is confirmed, enable USB debugging function on the Android Phone.

To enable USB debugging, you should enable the developer mode on your Android Phone first. Go to Settings App and find About phone option. Tap About phone and find the build number on the menu. Tap Build number for 7 times until it suggests that you are now a developer. The USB debugging can be enabled under the menu list of the developer options which may appear after you enable the developer mode. The steps may vary depending on the versions of the Android system. You may also refer to the instruction provided by the program.

Step 4 Select the type of data you wish to recover by ticking the little boxes ahead of the icons. If you wish to recover the deleted messages, please tick Messages and Message Attachments. Then click on Next button at the bottom. Before starting the scanning of the deleted messages, your Android Phone would pop up a dialogue box to ask you for authorization. Tap OK to continue the processing. If no such a pop-up window appears, retry it until it pops up.

Step 5 Android Message Recovery would start automatic scanning on the Android Phone, looking for the deleted messages and attachments. The results would be displayed on the interface after several minutes. It is able to preview all the text messages, including those that are deleted and still saved on the phone. The messages can be shown in conversations if you click on the name. In addition, the deleted messages are displayed in red while the existing messages are in black. If you wish to read the deleted items only, please turn on Only display the deleted item(s) button at the top.

If you wish to recover those text messages, please tick the messages you need and click on Recover button at the bottom. The messages would be retrieved and saved on your PC. You can transfer it to anywhere you like.

How to read the retrieved text messages on PC

The retrieved text messages are saved in the format of CSV and HTML. The CSV file can be opened by Excel and is small and easy to print out. The HTML organizes the text messages in a more convenient way.

Got it? Yes, it is so easy! With DataKit Android Message Recovery, you are no longer afraid of the secrets on your boyfriend’s Android Phone. No matter it is still saved or already deleted, you can always find out the truth.

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