How to Listen to Phone Calls of Someone With Phone Call Interceptor

Last Updated on April 19, 2023 by Angelos Chronis

In the world of spyware and monitoring software, call interceptors might sound like the most useful thing there is. In a nutshell, what they do is pretty simple; They tap into phone calls in real-time and give the "spy" the ability to listen in and, sometimes, even record entire conversations.

Pretty neat, right? But, you may ask yourself:

As neat as it may sound, who could use a phone call interceptor? The answer is simple. A phone call interceptor would come in handy in various situations. For example:

  • You could be suspicious of your spouse or partner and want to make sure that they are not cheating on you.
  • You may want to check in on your children to ensure that they are not getting bullied or abused.
  • As an employer, you may need to check on your employees.
  • Even police officers or investigators could use a phone call interceptor to monitor potential criminals.

But what is more important than a call interceptor's potential uses, is to see how it works exactly. So, without further ado, let's see how to use a call interceptor.

KidsGuard: our call interceptor of choice

We will show you how a call interceptor works using our tool of choice, KidsGuard.

We use KidsGuard because it is the only call interceptor software that, not only will let you record calls and listen to them at your leisure.

But this is not the only reason why we prefer KidsGuard over all its competitors.

1. Intercept phone calls discreetly

Getting found out while spying on someone is definitely not fun. It could damage your relationship with that person at best, or have you facing serious charges in the worst-case scenario. This is why KidsGuard's developers have managed to make the app you install on the target device completely undetectable. So that you can intercept calls without worrying that you'll get found out.

2. Intercept phone calls on any device

Whether your target owns an iPhone, Android, or almost any other kind of device, if it can make and receive calls, KidsGuard can intercept them.

3. Intercept phone calls even if you are not a tech wizard

KidsGuard requires zero computer knowledge to run. Everything is done behind the scenes and you only get to see the results on a very good-looking UI. What is more, it is so well-designed that navigating to any part of the interface is a breeze.

4. Intercept phone calls with 24/7 expert help

And if there are any kind of issues along the way, a member of KidsGuard's dedicated team of experts will always be there to help you out.

Here is how to use it:

Step one: Subscribe and install

The first thing you have to do is click on the button below:

Then, you create an account for KidsGuard and subscribe to the package that best suits your needs.

After that, you just need a few moments with the target phone in your hands and a quick call to KidsGuard's dedicated team of tech experts. They will walk you through how to install the spyware in a matter of minutes.

Step two: The dashboard

Once you have installed KidsGuard and are comfortably seated in front of your own computer, you can spy. The first thing you'll see is the Dashboard, where you'll have a complete overview of the target phone's activity, including phone calls.

Step three: Intercept your first phone call

Now it is time to start intercepting calls. To do that, go to Remote Control - Record Calls. There, you can record any call and download it to listen to it whenever you want.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Android Phones & Tablets, iPhone & iPad, Windows PC

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Listen to Android surroundings

Record screen of the target phone

No jailbreak or root required

Additional uses that a call interceptor like KidsGuard has

But KidsGuard isn't just a phone call interceptor. It has several more uses that you can take advantage of for better monitoring.

With KidsGuard you can:

  • Monitor text and IM threads.

  • Review visited websites and block access to specific content.

  • Keep track of the target's every keystroke with the keylogger function.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Android Phones & Tablets, iPhone & iPad, Windows PC

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Listen to Android surroundings

Record screen of the target phone

No jailbreak or root required

Physical call interceptor alternatives

Call interceptors like KidsGuard are the best solution in our digital time and age. However, although they may be great at what they do, they cannot help you intercept phone calls on actual landline phones as the latter rely only on their hardware to transmit sound.

So, to intercept phone calls on a landline, you would need a gadget called a landline recorder. Landline recorders can be connected directly to a landline and record entire conversations to be listened to at a later time.

Such devices are not that hard to come by but they may prove tricky when it comes to installing them on the target phone. Especially if it is not a landline you usually have access to.


Phone call tapping is the act of eavesdropping on a phone conversation using a phone call interceptor. Those are either actual devices that you have to install on a target phone, or software to be installed, and they will give you the ability to listen in on phone conversations at will.

These, along with keyloggers, text interceptors, and GPS trackers are some of the most commonly used spy tools there are.


1Can you tell if your phone is being monitored?

Yes. There are several telltale signs that you can keep an eye out for if you have reason to believe that your phone is being monitored:

  • Sudden spikes in data usage.
  • Issues with your device's speed.
  • Sudden erratic behaviour like switching off or freezing.
  • Ghost touch.
  • The screen lights up of its own accord.
2Can someone read my text messages from their phone?
Yes. While it is not as easy as it may sound, reading one's messages remotely is possible. It becomes even easier to do so with the right kind of tools. Namely, a spy app like ClevGuard.