Hey Parents! Here Are The Pedophile Warning Signs You Should Know

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Rhea Cabalida

Every day we see reports of child abuse and grooming on television and on the web. It's sad to think about it but it's the truth. Millions of children have been traumatized and had their lives destroyed because of the sex predators who lured them into danger.

And as of today, pedophiles are still everywhere and they can be anyone! They can disguise themselves in front of your kids and act as their friends, they will just wait for the perfect time to attack.

Parents! It's your responsibility to protect your kids from these people! Read this article to know the pedophile warning signs and the most effective way to guard your kids.

Pedophile Warning Signs

Pedophiles are not easy to spot and they can be anyone and anywhere. To keep the children safe, it's the parent's responsibility to know to protect their kids from these people. And the first step to doing that is to know the pedophile signs.


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Sign #1: They have an Unusual Interest in Children and their Activities

A lot of people like the company of children. Once you see a person who’s always around kids, you may think that maybe they just like children. But that’s not the case for everyone. Some people like to surround themselves with children to take advantage of them.

One of the pedophile warning signs is when a person has an odd interest in children. I mean it's normal to like and love children and think of their welfare. But if you notice someone who acts differently in front of kids, beware. That person could be a predator.

We don't recommend attacking the person right away, because you might be misinterpreting his actions. Instead, try to observe the way he treats and interacts with children. If he’s being too touchy and says inappropriate things to them. Some pedophiles even collect their target’s belongings and use them for pleasure.

If you see these things, better get the children away from him and report it to the authorities.

Sign #2: Being too Touchy and Friendly with Kids

As I mentioned above, if a person is too touchy and friendly to a kid, he is definitely a predator. Some people might defend this and say “Oh he’s just taking care of the kids, he makes sure they're okay.” Well, I get that. But being overly touchy and friendly, especially to a child, is never okay. Kids don't know any better, they are not aware if the person is taking advantage of them or not. And because they think it's okay, they don't bother to tell their parents about it. Monitor your kids from time to time, know the person they're intersecting with and see if that person is being too touchy with your child.

Sign #3: Gives Luxurious Gifts to Children for No Apparent Reason

This is one of the top pedophile tricks to get close to their targets. Children love receiving gifts, and they end up being close to the person who spoils them. Well, this is great for family members. But if your kid receives gifts from an unknown person or someone you barely know, be careful. It might be a trap.

It starts with a simple lollipop or candy, snacks, toys, and even items in online games. I’m telling you, they have all the resources to get any child they want.


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Sign #4: Have a Collection of Child Porn

I know it's weird and disgusting, but yes, child porn exists. It's not displayed on the web like other porn content, they get this through other pedophiles and illegal websites. So if one person has a collection of child porn, you already know what their intentions are.

And this one is a really huge red flag and child porn is highly illegal, report to the authorities if you happen to see one.

Sign #5: Stalks Children on Social Media

The easiest way for sex predators to get close to their victims is through Social Media. Some even disguise themselves as kids so they can interact with their targets without being suspected. They usually react to what the kid posts on Social Media, leaving “friendly” comments, and chatting with them. They will try to obtain personal information like your address or your kid’s school. The worst thing they do is ask the kid to do things that please them. It's horrifying.

Ways to Protect your Kids from Pedophiles

As a parent your number one priority should be the safety of your kids. This includes guarding them against sexual predators who want to hurt and take advantage of them. So here are some things you can do to do so.

Method 1: Let your Kids be Aware of this Kind of Issue

The first thing you can do is to let your kids be aware of this situation. Knowing the dangers and risks they can encounter will help them be more cautious. Breaking it down to your kids can be complicated, but make sure you tell them how important it is for them to know this.

Explain to them what a pedophile is, and what these people might do to them. Also, tell them the signs we mentioned above and how to know if a person is taking advantage of them. Teach them how to protect themselves and how to ask for help if they are in danger.

Method 2: Use a Child Monitoring Tool - eyeZy

Pedophiles can be everywhere, and they will use every resource available just to get what they want. So it's not surprising to know that you can nasty people trying to take advantage of your kids using their phones. As I mentioned above, pedophiles are all over Social Media and even on game sites, and other pages.

They can even obtain your child’s phone number and contact them! Don’t wait for these things to happen, you should act right away. Good thing there is a tool that can help you protect your kids from such dangers. And that is no other than eyeZy.


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Monitor and Hack Social Media Accounts

Gain full access to your child’s Social Media inbox and immediately know if they receive nasty messages from pedophiles. You may also take over their accounts, by obtaining their passwords and usernames. Know you get to see their activities and the people they interact with firsthand!

Access their Text Messages, Call History, and Contact List

Your kid could be receiving calls and texts from a stranger without your knowledge. Pedophiles not only attack Social Media, but they are also everywhere! Luckily, eyeZy has a set of features that can help you. You can easily see the texts they send and receive, know the numbers who call them and see if there’s a strange contact saved on their phone.

Block Apps and Websites

There are websites and apps outhere that enable users to anonymously video chat with other users. Now, because of the secrecy they offer, users are free to chat with minors and take advantage of them. Horrifying things happen on these apps and sites. That is why eyeZy’s blocking feature is recommended to stop your kids from accessing nasty sites.

Track their Location

Child kidnapping is a parent's worst nightmare. That is why eyeZy developed a state-of-the-art tracking feature that will help parents know their kids' exact location within seconds! Yes! The GPS Location feature will follow your kids every step and you can see their current location on the live map.

Another helpful feature is the GeoFence. It allows users to create safe and dangerous zones. Once your kid exits or enters that zone, you will be notified immediately. Pretty great right?

Aside from these four helpful functions, eyeZy still has a lot more to offer. So hit the download button and protect your kid 24/7 with eyeZy!


Kids should be able to enjoy their youth with the people they love. And as adults, we should support them and let them grow happy.


1What is psychological grooming?

It is a manipulative behavior that the abuser uses to gain access to a potential victim. They force and coerce them to agree to the abuse, to reduce the risk of being caught.

2How do you know if you're talking to a predator?

A predator will often start asking for pictures of their target and may request to video chat with their target in private. Eventually, the predator will start making sexual comments to its target.