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Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

OnePlus Phone did great in the market for the strong capacity and cost performance, as one of the users, I really enjoy using it, as it is smart and fast. The mode I have is the OnePlus 3T. Though good it is, I face OnePlus Data Recovery problem once as well, but that is totally my fault: I accidentally deleted my whole steams of files stored on the phone!! That’s indeed very frustrating, I was expected to present the files at work, thanks to my friend who introduced me a smart software - OnePlus Data Recovery, I finally Recovered Deleted Data from OnePlus Phone.

OnePlus Data Recovery is rated 4.5 out of 5 on the market, it does have an interface which is very friendly to users and anyone can apply it very easily.

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Outstanding features OnePlus Data Recovery equips:

  1. The data OnePlus Data Recovery recovers ranging from media data (gallery, picture library, music, video, etc.), all kinds of messages (messaging attachment) to call logs, documents and more.
  2. OnePlus Data Recovery is easy to use and 100% safe.
  3. It recovers the whole file at once rather than chip the file into pieces to recover.
  4. OnePlus Data Recovery provides a free trial; you can use that to recover the data without paying.
  5. OnePlus Data Recovery can get the lost data back, no matter the data is damaged by water, by virus attack or accidental deletion like what happened to me, as long as OnePlus Data Recovery can detect it.
  6. OnePlus Data Recovery works well for all OnePlus phone models, whether it is an older model or it is a newly launched model, it can help with the data recover very well.

Step by Step Tutorial to Recover Deleted Data from OnePlus Phone:

Step 1 Download and install OnePlus Data Recovery on your computer, the icon looks like a medical box (see the right corner of the picture below). You do not need to click anything; the software will start to run as soon as the installation is finished.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2 Connect your OnePlus device with the USB cable, the one you can use it for charging.

Step 3 Enable your OnePlus Device to USB debugging in advance. If this is the first time for you to do so, please follow instructions on screen. When it’s settled, please simply click Ok button. The authorization is done.

Step 4 Select the data type you wish to recover by ticking the box in front of specific data type. It does provide recovery for most of the data types, so simple tick the one(s) you wish to recover, tick all the boxes may slow down the process.

Step 5 Allow OnePlus Data Recovery to scan your data, so it knows which data you wish to recover. Please click Retry if there is no pop-up window, it helps OnePlus Data Recovery to help you. It happens from time to time due to different computer models, you don’t have to worry about it.

Step 6 You will be asked to root your Oneplus phone so that the program will get the privilege to scan your phone. If it fails to root your phone, please learn more about how to root android phone here.

Step 7 Wait for several minutes (this depends on how much data you wish to recover). Click the items listed on the left to see more details.

Simple, isn’t it? I wish you won’t come across data losing problem, but if somehow it happens, try OnePlus Data Recovery, it helps. More importantly, don’t forget to back up data to your computer regularly, it prevented lots of trouble from happening.

If you have more questions about using OnePlus Phone, you can go to their OnePlus Community for help.

Download OnePlus Phone Data Recovery FREE Now!

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Recover Deleted SMS, Contact, Photos, Call Log, WhatsApp Chat, Videos and more.