No Android Recycle Bin? - How to Access Recycle Bin on Android

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Jason Ben

Have you ever wondered why there is a recycle bin on your PC but there is no such a ‘bin’ on your Android Phone? Is it because you would never wish to recover deleted data from Android? No! Just imagine your panic and anxiety when you delete something important and regret it for one month. So, do you feel the impulse in the mind to set up a recycle bin on your Android Phone?

Well, if you are looking for recycle bin for photos or videos that filmed by your camera, then you actually have recycle-bin-like folder on your phone. You can find it inside the photo app, view all folders you will see a folder named "Trash Bin" or “Recently Deleted”. In that folder, you will have all photos or videos that you deleted recent, you can tap it and select to restore. While If you have deleted other files, then no Recycle Bin will be there for you.

Although Android phones do not have recycle bins, DataKit Android Recovery toolkit is able to recover deleted data from Android. Yes, it can be your Android recycle bin and with it, you would never worry about the lost data. No worries! We are going to introduce how to access recycle bin – DataKit Android Recovery - on your Android Phones, such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, SONY, OnePlus, Nexus, ZTE and Google Pixel, with Android Recovery step by step. Let’s start!

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How to Access Recycle Bin on Android and Recover Deleted Files

Step 1 Download DataKit Android Recovery toolkit to your PC and install it properly. While the installation is processing, connect your Android Phone to your PC.

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Step 2 Launch the software. Stay on Android Data Recovery panel and wait until the connection is confirmed on the interface. During the period, do not use your phone.

Step 3 Allow USB debugging. To enable USB debugging function, you need to enable the developer mode on your Android Phone first. The path depends on the versions of your Android system and may vary slightly. You may also follow the instructions that are displayed on the interface.

To enable the developer mode, first tap Settings App and then tap About phone / About device option on the menu. There you may find your build number and tap it for 7 times until it states that you are now a developer. Return to the menu of Settings and you would find a new option called Developer options. Then enable USB debugging on the menu list of Developer options. For Android 2.3 or below, USB debugging can be found under Development option which is on the menu list of Application in Settings App.

Step 4 Choose the types of data you wish to recover from Android. Just tick the box ahead of each icon. Data including messages, contacts, call logs, audios, and videos can all be recovered. If you wish to recover all the types, just tick Select all at the bottom. Finally click on Next button to move on.

Step 5 Before the next step, please grant authorization of scanning the data on your Android Phone as there would be a pop-up window. Tap “Allow/Authorize/Grant” to grant permission for scanning your Android Phone.

It may take a few seconds before it completes the scanning. All the files that are deleted are displayed and available for preview, together with those existing files. The list of the types is on the left. If you wish to view the deleted files only, just turn on the button of ‘Only display the deleted item(s)’ at the top. Please note that the deleted files would be marked in red in comparison with the existing files in black.

Choose the files you expect to recover and click on Recover button. You would be asked to decide the saving path. Once it is decided, your deleted files would be saved on your PC. The files can be viewed and transferred to anywhere you like. The steps are also available for Android tablets.

Yes! With just simple clicks, the data you deleted is now back to your PC. This is not magic! This is DataKit Android Recovery toolkit!

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Recover Deleted SMS, Contact, Photos, Call Log, WhatsApp Chat, Videos and more.