Is She Straight? Signs You Have a Lesbian Wife

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Rhea Cabalida

Unidentified sexuality, is one of the reasons why so many good marriages end. You see, some husbands or wives, tend to realize their partner’s true identity later on in the marriage, causing troubles and it usually ends up in separation.

We usually hear about husbands being gay, but yes, there are cases where the wife is the one who has a secret identity.

Now if you're a husband who thinks that your wife might be a lesbian, stay on this page.We are going to talk about the signs to know if your wife likes girls, and how to bust her secrets.

1. She Checks Out Women

It's common knowledge what a lesbian's sexual preference is. They are attracted to a woman’s every aspect. So if you happen to notice that your wife checks out girls, there’s a chance that she might be attracted to them.

For the record, straight women, also appreciate other girls. But they don't go as far as being sexually attracted to them.

Notice the way your wife compliments other girls. If you see her cat-calling other girls, staring at a girl's legs or boobs, starting to flirt with them, etc. If she does these things, there’s a huge chance that your wife likes girls and that she is a lesbian.


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2. She Prefers Lesbian Porn

Most people have sexual fantasies and for some, the only way to fulfill them is by watching porn. If you catch your wife watching or if she has a collection of lesbian porn. It may be because she’s a lesbian herself.

Being intimate with girls may turn her on, and since she’s married and is keeping her sexuality a secret, lesbian porn may be the only thing that relieves her.

3. She has Masculine Attributes

This does not apply to all lesbians. But most of them have masculine attributes and characteristics. You can see this in the way they dress, how they speak, the way they move, and even how they interact with people.

For example, they don't like wearing feminine clothes, they try to make their voice deeper in front of girls, they don't care about posture, etc. But hey, straight girls can be like this too. Just be more observant and see if your wife is different from other married ladies.

4. She has a Past Relationship with a Girl

Your wife might be a bit adventurous during her single years and started dating girls. And you might think she did it because of curiosity. Well, that can be the case, it can also be the start of her lesbian awakening.


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5. She Installed/Visits Lesbian Dating/Sites

If you're looking for a sign that will tell you straight to the face that your wife is gay, this is it.

Why on earth would a straight person install an app or visit a site that is meant for lesbian dating? Maybe she’s on a search for a lesbian lover. Or maybe just looking for a friend.

Well, you can’t just point your finger and accuse her. What you need to do is see how often she uses/accesses those apps/sites. If she visits them regularly, then maybe she’s been having quite some fun over there.

6. She can Comfortably Hang Out with Guys/Lesbians

There’s a saying that goes “birds with the same feathers flock together” and in some cases this saying is true.

If your wife likes to hang out with lesbians or even men, that may be because they relate to the same things. Like being attracted to the same gender perhaps? Well, we never know.

7. You Don’t Turn Her On

Lesbians like girls, it's common knowledge. So it's not surprising to know if you and your wife’s sexual relationship is not active. You might notice that she’s not engaged in having sexual relations with you. That’s a big yes to the question “is my wife a lesbian.”

Men don't turn her on even her own husband. Just don't try to force yourself, you might end up harassing and hurting her.

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The signs above do not give assurance that your wife is truly a lesbian. Maybe she just acts that way, and she just likes the company of men and lesbians. You can't judge her right away because of that.

But there is one way how you can gather proof and prove that she’s really a lesbian. And that is by installing a monitoring tool on her phone and checking out all her activities.


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Text and Social Media Monitoring

If your wife is hiding her true identity, she can’t keep that secret to herself. Maybe she told a close friend or family about it. Or maybe she’s exchanging flirty messages with her lover.

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See Installed Apps and Visited Websites

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You can also see her browser history. You can then check if she’s visiting lesbian dating sites or if she’s watching lesbian porn.

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My Wife is a Lesbian, How Do I Deal with Her?

Lesbian or not, your wife is still your wife. And if in any case, she has displayed some of the signs we mentioned above, you have to carefully think of a way to approach her.

We understand if you feel furious, but you have to consider that she is still your wife, and any decision you make may affect your family. Here are our suggestions on what to do if your wife goes lesbian.

Talk to Her

Despite all the things you found out about your wife’s sexuality, this doesn't change the fact that you’re still married. Try to calmly talk to her. Ask her your questions and let her answer.

Ask her about her plans for your relationship. Does she still want to be with you? Does she expect you to accept her? What about the kids? You two must talk about whether to tell them the truth now or wait for the right time.

It's good to talk about these things instead of fighting and arguing. It will help both of you and most importantly your children.

Consult a Marriage Counselor

If you decided to still be together, I recommend that you visit a marriage counselor. After knowing all those things, you might end up having trust issues with your wife. A counselor will help you build your trust again and how to make your marriage work.


Marriage is a sacred ceremony and it is meant to last forever. But because of some unexpected things, marriages end. But that doesn't mean that both parties should give up just because of one issue. Bith should talk and know the best way to fix these issues and make things work.


1What are the sexualities in Lgbtqia+?
  1. Straight/heterosexual: People attracted to the opposite sex or gender.
  2. Gay/homosexual: People attracted to the same sex or gender.
  3. Lesbian: Those that are attracted to other women (and you are a woman)
  4. Bisexual: Attracted to more than one gender.
  5. Asexual: Have no or less romantic or sexual attraction to others.
2What is a non-binary person?

These are people who do not identify as male or female. Instead of using the pronounce he/she, nonbinary folks use they/them pronouns.