Motorola Migrate: Transfer Data from Android/iOS to Motorola

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Motorola migrate is a tool running on motorola phone designed to enable easy transfer of files between the Motorola phone and other types of phones including iPhones, Android phones, and old phones. Sometimes you may need to transfer data from your Android phone or iPhone to a new Motorola phone. This is when you need Motorola Migrate from the Motorola Company for easy and faster transfer of data and files. This app also supports Motorola to Motorola transfer to enhance relocation of data from old to new phones of this kind.
Motorola Migrate Transfer
However you may have notice that you can’t find Totorola Migrate on Google Play since Motorola has retired Migrate application as of DROID Turbo 2, DROID Maxx 2, Moto X Force, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. For users with Android 2.2 to Android 5.1, you may still use the Megrate Android and non-smartphone transfer services, but Motorola does not endorse or warranty third-party apps, some users have reported success using Copy My Data, Phone Copier, ShareIt, etc. read the whole annoucement  .

So I will introduce Switch mobile transfer for you. This is the best Motorola Migrate alternative that allows users to transfer all data and apps from their iPhones, Android, or any other device to the Motorola phone in one click. It allows you to back up your data to your computer. Also, you can extract data from the backup files and restore them to your phone.

This app is suitable for transfer of data between most of the phone models and is fully compatible with any mobile and any OS, including iPhone, Android, and Motorola phones. It allows selective transfer of data and files such as photos, music, videos, apps, call logs, app data, contacts, calendar, and text messages, among others in a fast and efficient way.

With a military-grade eraser it enhances the protection of your privacy, so you don’t have to fear any loss of data. It is flexible and straightforward to use, hence preferred by most worldwide users.

Switch Mobile Transfer software is available for Mac OS and Windows. The processor needs to be 1G Hz Intel or above and a RAM not less than 512MB.

Below I will show you how to transfer data between iPhone or any Android phone to Motorola phone. While please remember that you are free to transfer data from any phone to any phone, and the steps are similar.

User Guide

How to Transfer Data from Old Motorola phone to iPhone

Step 1: Download and install the Switch Mobile Transfer software on your PC or Mac computer.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 2: Start the software and then attach both the old Motorola and the iPhone using USB cables to the computer.

Step 3: On the software’s homepage, select “Phone to Phone Transfer” and let it detect the connected devices. Ensure that the source phone is your old Motorola and the destination is the iPhone. The “Flip” button in the middle of the page will help you switch the sides of your phones.

Step 4: Once the phones are detected, select the data that you want to transfer.  After picking everything, click on the  – “Start Transfer” at the bottom-right.

Step 5: All data you selected will be transferred in minutes. After the process has completed, detach your phones from your computer.

How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to Motorola Phone

Here Android Phone stands for almost all brands of Android devices including Huawei, Samsung, Oneplus, Nexus, SONY, Nokia, Honor, LG, BlackBerry, Mi etc. This process resembles the preceding guide of transferring data from Android phone to Motorola phone in most parts.

Step 1: Download and install the Switch Mobile Transfer software on your computer.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 2: Launch the software and connect both phones using USB cables.

Step 3: Select “Phone to Phone transfer” from the platform and use the “Flip” button to ensure that the source phone is your old android phone, and the destination is the Motorola phone.

Step 4: Choose the specific data that you want to migrate and hit the button at the bottom to start the transfer.

Step 5: Once the process is over, disconnect the phones from your computer.

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