Switch to LG V40 | 3 Great LG Transfer Tools to Transfer Data from Old Mobile to LG Phone

Last Updated on February 11, 2022 by Ian McEwan


LG phones may no longer want to play second or third fiddle to the iPhone and Galaxy brands. The latest LG V40 ThinQ, which is unveiled at a New York launch event in Oct 2018, has shown their ambition with Five camera lenses, dedicated to taking more creative photos than the Newest handset of iPhone or Samsung.

If you have got this new LG V40 during the shopping season recently, and want to transfer data from any device to the new LG phone. Here are 3 different, great and easy LG Transfer Tools to help.

 LG Transfer Tools to Transfer Data from Old Mobile to LG Phone

A lot of files accumulate in your phone when you use it over a long period. Once you get a new LG phone,transferring data from the old device to the new one seems to be the best action to take.

During the old times, transferring files from one device to the other is a hard nut to crack. But, with the technological advancements evident in our today’s world, applications, software, and other data transfer methods have surfaced.

However, there are so many different Apps that most people have no idea which LG mobile transfer is the best to help them out.

In this article, you can pick the right LG transfer tools to move your data and files without any hassle.

The following are the 3 best LG transfer tools used in LG transfer.


LG Transfer Tool 1: Use LG Smart Switch to Transfer Old Android to LG V40

LG Smart Switch, also known as LG Mobile Switch, is the official LG Transfer app that can move data via cable or Wi-Fi.


What You Will Need:

  1. Your old mobile which runs Android 4.1 or higher and New LG phone. (If your old device is a non-LG handset and does not run Android or iOS, you should turn to LG Transfer Tool 2)
  2. Install LG Smart Switch on the old mobile. (Download LG Smart Switch)
  3. The same Wi-Fi enabled on both phones.
  4. Your Verizon PIN.


What Data Types you can transfer with the LG Smart Switch: Music, Photos, Documents, Videos, Contacts, Call Logs, Text Messages, installed Apps, Calendar, Notes, and Voice Memo among others.



Although there are many types of data you can transfer with LG Smart Switch, but there are only three options during the process of LG transfer, which are “Personal data”, ”Media data” and “Downloaded apps”.

That means you cannot import photos or contacts SEPARATELY from an old handset to a new LG phone in this method.

Turn to LG Transfer Tool 2 to transfer data separately.


The following are the steps for LG transfer using the LG Smart Switch wirelessly.

  1. On your new LG V40 device select Menu then move to Settings, System, and then tap on the LG Mobile switch on the backup list.
  2. Review the terms of the application of use on the new device if prompted then tap AGREE button on the bottom-right corner.
  3. Tap Wireless as the preferred transfer method from your new device.
  4. Tap the Receive button on your new LG V40 device.
  5. On the lower-right side of your new device tap START to commence the transfer.
  6. Open the LG Smart Switch application on your old device and select AGREE to review the terms of use if prompted.
  7. Select Wireless as the preferred transfer method on your old phone.
  8. Tap the Start option on your old device to commence the transfer process. Your old device automatically begins to search for the new one.
  9. Select your data’s destination by tapping YES on both phones to confirm the transfer.
  10. On your old device, highlight the items to transfer then click Next to continue.
  11. Give the transfer process time to complete as it moves in percentages.
  12. Tap on the DONE option once the new device displays “Complete“.
  13. After completing the transfer turn off your old device and reboot the new one for the changes to take effect.


LG Transfer Tool 2: Use Switch Mobile Transfer to Copy Data from iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or any other phone to LG V40

Switch Mobile Transfer is a 4 in 1 LG mobile transfer that offers a simple click-through data transfer processes. With this software, you can quickly move data between devices integrated with diverse operating systems, i.e. iOS to Android


Why choose Switch Mobile Transfer:

  • Not only Android to Android, but you can also transfer iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and any other phone to Android or vice versa with a few clicks.
  • Unlike LG Smart Transfer, you can transfer data selectively.
  • Switch Mobile Transfer helps you backup and restore your phone on PC.
  • Erase your Old Phone before the process of LG transfer.


What you can transfer with Switch Mobile Transfer:

Files such as Text messages, Photos, Contacts, Calendars, Call logs, Music, Videos, Apps, App Data, and other many file formats are easily transferable.


The following are the simple procedures for moving data from one device to the other.

  • Download, install and run Switch Mobile Transfer on your PC to start the transfer process.

Win Download Switch Mobile Transfer

Mac Download Switch Mobile Transfer

  • Connect both your new and the old LG devices to the PC via USB cable.
  • Select the “Phone to Phone Transfer” option.
  • Select your desired files and folder and start the transfer process.
  • Wait until the transfer is over then close the application and safely unplug your LG V40 devices.
  • Restart the new LG V40 device for the changes made to take effect.


LG Transfer Tool 3: Use LG Bridge to Transfer Data from PC to LG V40

If you had had your data of old phone kept on the PC, then you can easily drag and drop files to and from your LG phone with LG Bridge.


LG Bridge 101:

LG Bridge is a desktop software, which can connect all your LG devices ranging from phones to tablets. You can conveniently backup, update, and manage all your gadgets in one place.


LG Bridge can be used:

  1. To manage content on your devices wirelessly.
  2. To Restore, or backup your mobile device content via USB.
  3. To update your LG V40 mobile firmware through a USB connection.


Here come the steps to Transfer Data from PC to LG V40 with LG bridge:

  • On your PC, download, install and run LG Bridge.

Win Download LG bridge

Mac Download LG bridge

Win Download LG bridge Alternative

Mac Download LG bridge Alternative

  • On your new LG phone move to Settings and tap the Networks tab, select Share & Connect.
  • On the Share & Connect menu tap LG Air Drive then tap the sign in option. You can either sign in using a Google account or any other authenticated account.
  • After selecting the preferred login method key in the required credentials to access the platform.
  • Click LG Air Drive at the top menu of the LG Bridge window on your computer, then click connect for your PC to search your mobile phone automatically.
  • Click on view files for a new window to open. On the new window double-click on the internal storage option.
  • You can now start dragging and dropping files from your PC to the phone and vice versa.


Bottom Line

With these three LG transfer tools, transferring data from an old device to LG device becomes much easier, no matter with a USB cable, or in some cases, with Wi-Fi connection.

However, using Switch Mobile Transfer seems to be the most convenient and easiest way to maneuver.