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LG Data Recovery

With the vast changes and progression in the world of technology. Phones have become a basic need. People’s entire lives are stored here, including memories, connections, even hobbies. LG manufacturers have produced a series of sleek and unique smartphones. These include the LG Leon, Optimus, G2, G3, G4 and the LG G5 which is the most recent. These have an internal storage ranging from 4gb to as high as 64gb. In addition, they have an expandable memory with a 32gb limit. These properties make it easy to store a lot of personal information in the phone. However, all this can be lost accidentally or on purpose. Given that they are collected over time and irreplaceable, losing photos, contacts, documents, messages, audio files, videos and movies can be extremely frustrating for most, if not all phone owners. Even so, LG data recovery has been made possible with Android Data Recovery Software.

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Recover Deleted Data from LG Phone with a Few Clicks

How To Recover Deleted Data From an LG Phone

This is a very easy process that gives one the chance to choose and recover any data lost from their phone’s internal storage or memory card without incurring any costs. It was designed on the principle that data lost from a device is not necessarily erased. The space it occupied is simply declared empty in order to accommodate more data. It is important that one doesn’t use the device after losing data. This prevents overwriting the old data.

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Below are the steps to follow when using Datakit to recover deleted data from LG phones.

  1. Connect the LG Phone to a Computer.
  2. After downloading the Datakit Data Recovery software to a computer, the user should install it. It will open automatically after the installation process, then select Android Data Recovery. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. The connection should remain uninterrupted during the entire recovery process.

    Select Android Recovery Module
  3. Allow USB Debugging.
  4. The USB debugging mode should be enabled on the phone to allow the software to detect it. Afterward, select the 'ok' option to initiate debugging. The instructions to follow are shown on the computer screen. The procedures vary depending on the Android version.

    Connect Android Phone to Computer with USB Cable
  5. Scan For Lost Data.
  6. A list of the types of data to be recovered will be provided on the computer screen. Only what is required should be selected. On clicking next, a prompt will be sent to the LG phone. Tap on the 'allow' button to enable the computer to scan the phone. In case the notification doesn’t appear, a rooting application will be installed with the help of the program and the process repeated. The scan may take a while.

    Select Deleted Data to Recover
  7. Recover The Data.
  8. All the scanned data will appear on the screen. One should go through it and select what they need. Once done, the 'recover' option is then selected to get them back on your computer.

    Select Deleted Data and Click Recover

This fast and efficient process allows recovery of all types of data, in any format, without alteration. The LG phone can therefore remain a trusted storage device as losing information from it is no longer irreversible.

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Recover Deleted Data from LG Phone with a Few Clicks