How to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive – Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop won’t turn on? System Crash? Broken Hard Drive? Laptop suddenly died? Here’s a rundown on how laptop hard drive recovery work.

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

If you are experiencing the aforementioned nightmare and loss all/some data on your laptop hard drive, don’t worry. Although the chance of recovering all lost data from your laptop is low, it is not impossible.

As long as you stop using that laptop in case of overwriting the file, and strictly follow the methods below, we still have a great chance to get those data back.

laptop data recovery

Here’s the fine print About Laptop Hard Drive Recovery:

  • If you are the user who always remembers to back up your file on your Laptop, the first method shall be your optimal choice, which is based on the built-in backup capability of the Windows/ macOS.
  • If you do not back up your data often manually, you may still be able to restore those data with the help of some Cloud-based file storage service, like OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.
  • However, when neither of the above situations applies to you, you can use the Third one, Aiseesoft Laptop Data Recovery.

You can choose the best way based on your situation to finish the recovery work.


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Method 1 Restore Laptop Data with the Built-in Backup feature

Either Windows or macOS has its built-in backup and restore feature to protect your important file.

For Windows, it can be easily found under System and Maintenance (Windows 7/ 8.1) or Update & Security (Windows 10). For macOS, it’s called Time Machine.

If you have ever activated or configure this Backup and Restore function beforehand and have a working computer right beside you, nor necessary to be your laptop, then you can so easily get your lost data back from the backup file. For Win 7 /8.1 and macOS Users, they can even restore from a backup made on a different computer it was made on a different computer.

More detailed steps here:

◆ Windows 7 /8.1

Restore laptop data: Start> Control Panel> System and Maintenance> Backup and Restore> Restore my files/ Restore all users’ files.

Restore from a backup made on another computer: Start> Control Panel >System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore> Select another backup to restore files from

◆ Windows 10: Restore your files with File History

Type restore files in the search box > choose Restore your files with File History > browse and pick up the version you need then click Restore.

◆ On macOS: Restoring data Using Time Machine

Connect your Time Machine backup drive and turn on your MacBook, then go to Finder > open Migration Assistant > click Continue >select your Time Machine backup > click continue > select a backup file then click Continue.

If your MacBook can not boot, click here to learn how to restore both macOS and your files.


Method 2 Recover Laptop Data with Online Backup File

There are many secure and useful online Cloud storage services on the market now, and most people may use one or two before, like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, IDrive, etc. Especially for those Chrome book user, most of them will leverage the Google Cloud ecosystem for services and storage due to the small hard drive.

One of the biggest advantages of these Cloud Backup Services is that they can automatically sync all your data over the internet with your permission, so you do not have to worry the integrity and safety of your data, even though your Laptop experienced crashes or malfunctions. You can either restore that data on another Laptop or share your files to other servers, since the Cloud Backup Services are independent on an external drive or local networks.

If your laptop died, files got lost, and you happen to upload a copy to your Dropbox or Google Drive before, then you can easily get it back with just a few clicks. The operation steps are quite easy. If you don’t know how to download your files, you can get into its official website or desktop app.


Method 3 Recover Data with Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

After trying both of the above methods, and still unable to recover those laptop data, you can try Laptop Hard Drive Recovery. There are many effective recovery tools that can help you recover lost laptop data without a backup.

One of these is the well-tested Aiseesoft Laptop Hard Drive Recovery, a reliable and efficient Laptop Recovery. This tool can recover any type of data from its Laptop Hard Drive, recycle bin, flash drive, memory card, digital cameras and so on. Even if your laptop fails to boot, you can still remove the laptop hard drive and install it in another pc and use the Laptop Hard Drive Recovery to recover.

Whether the data loss is caused by accidental deletion, emptying recycle bin, RAW hard drive, RAW partition, partition loss, operating system crashed, bootable problems or other reasons, you can easily get them back with this powerful hard drive data recovery tool. If you are not sure about its effects, you may use its free trial version. Here are the specific steps.

Step 1 Download, install and run this Hard Drive Recovery on your Laptop

If your Laptop is not bootable, you need another pc to scan the old hard drive with this Data Recovery Software.

Step 2 Select the data types and disk drive

Initially, you can choose the data type that you want to recover, Image, Audio, Video, Email, Document, or any other file type.

Next, you can choose the hard disk drive where you may find the lost files.

Data Recovery - Select All Scan

Lastly, you can click the Scan button to give a quick scan on your chosen disk drive.

Data Recovery - Quick Scan

But if you cannot see the file you are searching, you can click the Deep Scan for a more and complete examination.

Data Recovery - Deep Scan


Step 3 Choose and Recover data

After the Scanning process finish, all the data shall be presented on the main interface.

You can also enter the file name into the Filter column and click it, then click the “Recover

Tips: Since your previous data have been lost before, it might be better and safer to create a new disk for the storage of your files.


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