Best Kingston SD Card Recovery Tool to Restore Data on Kingston Memory Card, USB Drive or SSD

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Every device either it is a mobile phone or a camera, it needs to have the memory device to store data. The latest technology has gifted SD cards to us. The top recommended company name for SD cards is the Kingston. The company was founded in 1987 when it introduced the chip with a memory of one megabyte. Now the company has come a long way. Kingston SD cards are an essential part of all the devices and recommended by top companies like Canon. Well, I got to say that Kingston is one my favorite brands of desktop memory and SD cards. I think its logo gives a very robust image to customers, seems to tell people that he remembers anything.

Kingston SD Card Data Recovery Tool

There are three latest models of Kingston SD cards named as Canvas Select, Canvas Go, and Canvas react. The Canvas Select is used for the small cameras as it has a memory of 128 GBs and a speed of 80 MBs/s read and 10 MBs/s write. Canvas Go is for DSLRs, Drone and other small devices. It is available in 512 GBs also having 90 MBs/s read and 45 MBs/s write speed. The Canvas react is the most efficient model as it is recommended for advanced DSLRs and 4K video making devices. It has a memory of 256 G also 100 MBs/s reading and 80MBs/s writing speed. Maybe I have run so fast away from our topic today. Let’s get done the point – How to do Kingston SD Card Recovery easily. Yes, we will only talk about recovery of Kingston SD Card only. If you want to recover data from other devices, you can read articles as below:

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How to Do Kingston SD Card Recovery

There are many reasons which can trigger the loss of data from your Kingston SD card. Some of them are given below.

  1. Handling the card with care is really important as it is very small and delicate. If not handled with care, the card can get damaged and the data will be lost.
  2. Viruses are one of the leading cause of data loss. If the system is not fully protected by the antivirus, the viruses can enter your card and delete the data.
  3. Removing the SD card from the device without turning off the device.
  4. Accidentally deleting the pictures while viewing.
  5. Accidentally formatting or improper formatting of the SD card.

Best Kingston SD Card Recovery Tool for You

Once you have lost the data from your SD card, it is not gone forever, even you have formatted the card. While, please note that Kingston won’t help you with the data recovery from their SD cards since it is your duty to take care of your data. But don’t be frustrated, there are ways you can get your deleted data back by Kingston SD card recovery tools.

Which one is the best Kingston SD Card Recovery Tool

There are many types of software in the market which will allow you to recover files from Kingston SD card like Recoverit, Easeus Data Recovery Software and MediaRECOVER (recommended by Kingston). We have tested these tools, found out that MediaRECOVER is no longer under maintenance since 2007. And, Recoverit and Easeus Data Recovery Software works well on Kingston SD Card Recovery. While, my best suggestion will be DataKit Data Recovery which do a really good job on Kingston SD card recovery.

Note: no matter your card is in a camera, GoPro, drone or phone, you must take it out and connect it to your computer with an SD card reader before you start to recover data.

Explicit Guide to use DataKit Data Recovery to Recover Kingston SD Card Data

Step 1: Install recovery software and plug your card

You will need to install the software in your PC or laptop. Just double click the downloaded setup file and go through the installation wizard.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

Step 2: Scan your Kingston SD card

You need to attach the Kingston SD card to your PC with SD card reader and select it in the software interface. You may need to click the Scan button. It will start scanning. The scanning time will be dependent upon the amount of data you had in your SD card.

Data Recovery Select Kingston SD Card to Recover

Step 3: Preview and Recover Kingston SD card Data

After scanning, you will need to select the data you want to recover. It can be pictures, videos, documents or any other type of files. After the selection, you will need to click the recover button.

Step 4: Location Selection

You will be asked to select the location where the data should be stored after recovery. You can select any location in your PC. It is better to update your antivirus software as if some viral files are recovered, they are detected before causing harm to your computer.

Last Word

DataKit Data Recovery is a reliable tool to turn to when you want to recover lost data from Kingston SD card or from any other memory device from Kingston. It is truly powerful and affordable. And of course I have to admit that Recoverit and EaseUs Data Recovery Software will do the same good job in this case, just like what I mentioned above. So you can pick one among these three tools due to your needs.

Finally, you should handle your data in Kinston card with care but if you face data loss, you should not worry as there are ways to recover your data.

If you have any further questions, please leave a message, if you have trouble using tools I mentioned in this post, lease a message.

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