(New Update)How to Root Android Device with KingoRoot

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Jason Ben

If you are wondering how you can root your Android device using KingoRoot app, then you have come to the right place. I would like to demonstrate why you should choose KingoRoot and how to use it to root Android device.

Why Choose KingoRoot?

Let us start this rooting tutorial by describing the application and its features. This application is obviously designed to root Android phones easily. Like other rooting apps, the main goal of it is to gain “Super User” access.

This rooting tool was created way back 2011, and compatible with a lot of brands offering Android phones like Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony, ZTE, Lenovo and many more. It supports a wide range of Android version from Android Version 1.5 up to the newest Android 8.0.

KingoRoot claims that after rooting the Android phone with this app, it will give the phone better performance. This application also offers One-Click Root feature for easier rooting of devices. KingoRoot can root Android phones in two ways: with or without a personal computer.

We already have done with the introduction of history and features of KingoRoot app, now let’s continue learning how to root your Android phone. Since KingoRoot has One - Click Root feature, rooting will be as easy as pie. You actually don’t need a person with expertise in this field, you just need to follow the instruction I am going to indicate below.

How to Root Using KingoRoot with A Computer

Check the steps in rooting your Android phone using KingoRoot with a computer:

Before starting on the rooting process, be sure you’ve already prepared these:

  • Device power on.
  • At least 50 percent battery life.
  • Internet connection.
  • USB cable (An original one is required).

Step 1 Download and Install the KingoRoot PC version application on your computer.

You can have the PC version of KingoRoot app in this link for free: kingoapp.com

Step 2 Double-click the icon of the downloaded app to launch it. You will see an interface asking to connect your device to the computer.

Step 3 Plug in your device using a USB Cable. If your device driver is not installed on your computer, the KingoRoot will download it for you automatically.

Enable USB debugging mode on your Android device. This is a necessary step to root your Android device.

After that be focused on your device’ screen for a prompt window. Click Always allow from this Computer to avoid being offline and after that click OK to authorize USB debugging.

Step 4 Also, pay attention to the notification and read it carefully as rooting is not risk-free, so you need to read first of the notification before continuing.

Step 5 If you agree to the terms, click the Root button to start rooting. Kingo will reboot your device several times. Do not panic because it is normal. When rooting percent showed up, don’t do anything on your device such as unplugging, touching or moving to avoid any other problems.

Step 6 Once the device is rooted successfully, it will reboot again automatically.

How to Root Android without PC using Kingo Android Root

If you don’t have a personal computer to root your phone, KingoRoot also has the APK version where you can root your phone without the aid of computers. Rooting using KingoRoot without a computer is much easier than the PC version. Here are the steps in rooting your Android phone without the computer.

Step 1 Download the KingoRoot APK version on your Android device.

Step 2 Install and launch it.

Step 3 Press the one-click ROOT button.

Step 4 Wait until it succeeds.

The success rate of the APK version is not as high as the PC version, so it may probably fail. Repeat and repeat until it works, but if not just continue using the PC version.