Best 3 Keylogger Software For Windows & Mac

Last Updated on September 6, 2023 by Rhea Cabalida

One effective way to track a person’s activity on their computer is via keylogger software.

If you're unfamiliar, a keylogger or keystroke logger is software that records a person's keyboard activity. The software will record every typed phrase, sentence, or letter. You can then use the recorded data to monitor them. Like checking their sent messages, seeing visited sites, or knowing their account credentials.

Keylogger software is a friend to all. It can help worried parents check on their kids, suspicious spouses to bust their cheating partner or an employer maintain their staff’s work quality.

Now, maybe you're in a situation where you badly need good keylogger software. Don’t worry, I listed some of the most trusted and effective keylogger software in the market today! Check them out!


1. Flexible Keylogger Software: FlexiSpy

First on the list is FlexiSpy. It is a monitoring tool that aims to protect and monitor the people around them. This tool can work with both Windows and macOS! Now that’s what I call flexible!

It is packed with amazing features and functions including a reliable keylogger! I reviewed them below, check it out!

FLEXISPY for Computers

Revealing secrets from Windows and Mac computers you target

Real-Time Keylogger

Do you want to know what your kid, partner, or employee is doing on their PC while you’re not around? Well, FlexiSpy’s keylogger feature can help you with that.

It runs on hidden mode while effectively penetrating into the target device. Once you install this tool, the feature will then start to record all their keystroke history. You can then use it to track their activities and even know their secrets in real-time.

Which means you can follow their latest activities and even read recently deleted messages! How great is that? As an employer, the keylogger feature is a great tool to check your staff’s efficiency and loyalty. You never know, they might be sharing some company secrets with your rivals!

But wait! Keylogger isn't the only amazing thing about FlexiSpy, it has a lot of helpful features too! I listed some of them below!

App Screenshots

Want to know what your targets are doing on their PC? Well, guess what? FlexiSpy’s app screenshot feature can help you figure it out!

Know if your staff is visiting unrelated apps, if your husband is chatting with someone else, or if your kid is doing nasty things online! You have to enable this feature manually, and then just exit the app. On your next log, you will see a bunch of screenshots of their activities! Pretty cool right?

Search Engine History

You might ask, how can a search engine history help me?

Well, your kids can easily enter pages with malicious and harmful content! And maybe, your spouse goes on a little adventure by visiting dating sites. Or maybe your staff is trying to update his/her FB status during working hours. This feature can help you put a stop to all of that!

With this feature, you can know if your staff has been slacking off or if your spouse is being unfaithful. This can also help when it comes to protecting your kids from harmful sites.

Monitor File Activity

This one is pretty helpful to those who own businesses. Your staff may try to steal or alter some company data. If that happens, you can immediately be alerted and prevent a possible data breach.

FlexiSpy still has a lot of features to offer that can definitely help you! Get it now!

FLEXISPY for Computers

Revealing secrets from Windows and Mac computers you target

2. Easy to Use Keylogger Software: TheOneSpy

If you don’t like programs with complicated interfaces, then you’ll absolutely love OneSpy. It has a clean and user-friendly interface that even those who have little to no tech knowledge. It's pretty convenient if you ask me.

Aside from the interface, its keylogger feature is also something to brag about. Read on!


Just like the program above, OneSpy’s keylogger software can resolve all of your worries regarding your business, kids, and relationship.

It can easily be accessed with one click and you can even import it as an Excel file, CSV, or PDF! Or you can just directly print the whole or select a certain keylog history! How amazing is that? Now you can have a physical copy of your evidence!

You may also filter the app and dates to easily find your target data! It will save you tons of time and it will be easier for you to access them.

If you want keylogger software that is user-friendly and easy to use, better install this one right away.

Of course, the keylogger feature isn't the only feature you should check out on OneSpy. It has a lot of features and functions that can aid your problems. Check them out!

Record Screen Activity

This again is another convenient feature. This will allow you to view your target’s activities like a movie! How?

Well, it records the PC screen activity secretly, letting you see everything that they do without putting in a lot of effort. You may also download the footage on your device and view it anytime and anywhere!

Record Browser Activity

A person’s browsing activity says a lot about them. It can even help you know their secrets. So if you think that your child is doing is visiting porn sites or if your employee is up to no good during working hours, this feature can absolutely help.

On the feature interface, you can even see how many times they have visited a particular site and the date of their last visit. And just like the keylogger feature you may also print and save the data. Very helpful indeed.

Block Websites

Now if you happen to see some malicious websites upon checking their history, you can easily block those sites and stop your targets from visiting them. Yes! It can enhance your employee’s productivity, protect your child from dangerous sites, and stop your cheating spouse!

And to make things even better, TheOneSpy still has a lot of features that you should check out! Get it now!

3. Reliable Keylogger Software: ClevGuard MoniVisor

This may be the last on the list, but I assure you this will absolutely blow your mind. MoniVisor is one of the most trusted PC monitoring programs in the market today. It is packed with a lot of useful features including an amazing keylogger feature.

ClevGuard MoniVisor

Best Choice for Employee Monitoring

View Keystroke Typed

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Track Internet Activity

Record and Capture screen of the target phone

Read all mail


Just like the other two products above, this keylogger software is something that you should check out. You see some people are trying to hide the things they type for example a browser’s incognito mode will not record any of your activity. But with MoniVisor, you can freely see what they’ve searched during the incognito mode. How great is that?

With the use of advanced technology, the keystrokes are recorded with 100% accuracy. It also includes a timestamp filter that helps see your target data easily. Now that is just amazing!

Here are some of MoniVisor’s features, check it out!

Remote Screen Capture

The remote screen capture will help you monitor your targets even if you're really busy. Yes! It captures random screenshots during their usage and on your next log, you will see the screenshots and easily download them on your device! How cool is that?

Read Emails

People do nasty things in emails too. And to catch them you need this feature! It gives you easy access to all their sent and received emails. Now you can catch your employee if he/she sends unrelated work messages or if your spouse is contacting their lover through email. You can even see and download the attachments on the email.

Track Internet Activity

Like I said above, there are a lot of nasty things on the web. This feature will let you see your target’s web activity. Yes! From the sites they visited, the stuff they download, and more!

It's the only feature that will give you a clear view of what your target’s internet behavior is!

These are just 4 of ClevGuard MoniVisor’s features. There’s still a lot more that you should check out! Get it now!

ClevGuard MoniVisor

Best Choice for Employee Monitoring

View Keystroke Typed

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Track Internet Activity

Record and Capture screen of the target phone

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Final Thoughts

The keylogger software is created to protect the things and people we value. Make sure to use this software in good faith and not to harm others.


1Are keyloggers illegal?

It actually depends on the situation. If the device is yours, there’s nothing wrong with installing a keylogger on it. If it's not yours, you have to make sure that the owner of the device is aware of the installation. You also have to pledge not to use the data you gathered to harm the owner.

2Can incognito be tracked by WIFI?

Nope. When you use incognito mode, your device and browser don't keep a log of the sites you're visiting. Yet, the Wi-Fi router can still log that information and the network admin can always retrieve that information later.